PWO – Season 3 – Episode 26

Guess who I get to see wrestle in Cleveland? Find out who and why after the jump.

Johnny Gargano was coming to the arena again. He tried to talk to people but they all ignored him. Matt Cross (with some killer side burns) was the last guy to stare him down.

Analysis: Established how much everyone thinks Gargano perpetrated the surprise attacks. It’s still a little strange that all of the baby faces are standing there along a wall like drug dealers at a convenience store. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski said that they were officially starting the road to Wrestlelution 3. Johnny Gargano was set to take on Jason Bane in the main event. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring for a match against Super Hentai. Dombrowski introduced Aaron Maguire and his security, Mr. Brinks. They exchanged head locks. Maguire pointed out that Cross is less easy going because he hasn’t gotten his title shot yet against Gargano. Cross hit a snap suplex. “M-Dogg” gave Hentai an atomic drop then turned it into a modified bow and arrow. Cross hit a rolling senton but only got a two count. The announcers took up much time convicting Gargano of the sneak attacks without having a shred of evidence other than Cross’ accusations. Hentai got hit with a spring board back elbow. Cross put on a reverse chin lock. Hentai got the knees up when Cross went for a split legged moonsault. Hentai caught Cross with a jumping back elbow. Cross sling shot stomped on Hentai’s back then did a standing moonsault. Super Hentai hit a double running knee in the corner. Hentai was going to the top rope when Krimson came out and distracted him. Cross capitalized with a bicycle kick and shooting star press for the win.

Analysis: Well wrestled match. Lots of yapping from the announcers about Gargano again. I’m not sure why Dombrowski is such a flake on defending Gargano. That’s his job since there’s no evidence. Score: +1.

Flip Kendrick and Louis Linden, Aeroform, thanked the fans for all of their support. They said they weren’t here last week when their boy Facade was attacked by Shima Xion. Facade told them not to go after him Linden said that when Facade his healed the Ninja Elite Squad will strike. Kendrick said that the script will be flipped on Xion.

Analysis: Reasonable reason for them not to kick Xion’s ass. The “flip” used by Flip all the time is quite cheesy. Score: 0.

“Omega” Aaron Draven said that the time for talking is almost over. He listed the actual amount of time until their bout. He said there’s no more time for cute jokes. Draven was fine with the stipulation that this was his last chance at “Amazing” N8 Mattson for the PWO TV Title. Draven is going to unleash orange fury on him. He said that if Boone gets involved, he’ll hurt him too. He concluded that “Orange will be the new gold.”

Analysis: I liked the promo despite the level of cheese of the ending line. Score: +1.

“The Big Bear” Benjamin Boone came to the ring accompanied by Mattson & Ben Fruth. Tim Horner Jr. was his opponent. evidently, he’s been in PWO before but I don’t remember him. Horner got the “O-H” “I-O” chant going in the crowd to irritate the Sons of Michigan.  Horner hit a pair of drop kicks but was pushed away on the third attempt. Boone started working over Horner’s left leg. Dombrowski noted that the Homeless & Handicapped Connection and Sex Appeal will be heard from after the match because they are fighting for the Tag Team Titles next week. Boone hit a short armed clothesline.  Boone splashed Horner for a two count.  Horner got a boot when Boone charged. Horner charged at Boone but was caught in the bear hug which Boone turned into the Bear Trap DDT for the win.

Analysis: Horner is a pretty big guy so this was a nice victory for Boone over a jobber. Score: +1.

Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe were up first. Iron said they were supposed to talk about Sex Appeal but wondered what was in the bag Hobo was holding. Joe said he had saved up his begging money and bought Iron a surprise. Joe revealed his new tights that were spray painted with Iron’s face (a la Rick Rude’s old tights). Iron acted concerned in a bad way. Joe then revealed a pair of trunks for Iron that had Joe’s likeness on them.  Iron had a  great look of dismay. Iron said that as awkward as it is, he’ll do it for the sake of unity. Iron got serious and said that they’re ready to be the Tag Team Champions.

Analysis: Well done segment even though it was as awkward as you think. I’m glad Iron got serious at the end or else this segment would have bombed. Score: +1.

Corey Winters & Eric Ryan came to the ring with Earnie Ballz. Dombrowski & Maguire noted that Winters & Ryan have been on a losing streak since they teamed up with Ballz. Shima Xion came to the ring and grabbed the mic. He said the crowd shouldnt be heckling an international superstar such as himself. Xion said that Winters & Ryan remind him of Michael “The Bomber” Facade because like him, they’re only one of the best in the area. Xion proclaimed he’s one of the best in the World. He said that Facade’s win over him was a fluke.  Xion said that the brief moment of victory will earn Facade a life time of pain. He went on to mention that he knows Aerform has Facade’s back and that he’s got some people watching his back. Xion hired Marshall “The Bull” Gambino.

Xion got double teamed off the bat. Xion tagged out and Gambino took over. Gambino slammed and leg dropped Winters. Gambino Samoan dropped Winters.  Ryan made the save after a power slam. Winters took a big clothesline. Ryan attacked Gambino from behind again. Winters caught Gambino with an enziguri.  Ryan & Xion mixed it up but neither had tagged in. Gambino cleared out Ryan then hit the swinging rock bottom for the win. Xion then sprayed Winters in the eyes with his hair spray for a message to Aeroform & Facade.

Analysis: Great promo by Xion. Solid match that was another squash. Score: +2.

The Sons of Michigan were interviewed by a blonde woman (who didn’t identify herself). She asked N8 Mattson his thoughts on Aaron Draven but he said he’d get to him in a minute because Boone has something on his mind. Boone said he’s the dominant man in PWO. Mattson said that the Sons of Michigan are on a roll. He said he’ll squash that orange fish next week. Mattson concluded by saying “Do you got that Charise?!?”

Analysis: I take that Boone was meaning to refer to Jason Bane as the PWO’s “most dominant wrestler” but he didn’t mention him specifically. If they were going to build up to this I wouldn’t have had them wrestle early in the year. Bane had the match clearly in hand before some interference. Mattson has a right not to be too concerned with Draven since he has beaten him a couple of times. The only bad part of the segment was the new back stage reporter. Someone should have told her to introduce herself since she’s never been on before. I also have no idea if I’m spelling her name is correct since she’s not listed on the website. Score: +0.

Aaron Maguire was in the ring during the commercial break. He said that Jason Bane has been a thorn in his side for years and that he wouldn’t be around PWO for long. Mr. Brinks was walking around the ring. Maguire said that he’ll be damned if Jason Bane makes it to Wrestlelution. Maguire said that he was raising the bounty to $100,000. He said that Bane has gotten in the best shape of his life because of Maguire but he wants him in the worst shape of his life.

Analysis: The next logical step was to increase the bounty so that someone bigger would take on Bane. Maguire got good boos from the crowd so he’s doing his job. Score: +1.

Mr. Brinks and Jason Bane had a stare down as Bane came to the ring for his PWO Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Gargano. Dombrowski noted that both men were marked for different reasons. Dombrowski noted that Bane was one of the people angry with Gargano because of the sneak attacks. Gargano tried to keep his distance from Bane and strike quickly. Bane hit a running reverse elbow. Maguire said that the bounty is nul and void if Bane wins the championship tonight. Sex Appeal came out to ring side. Bane slammed Gargano. Matt Cross was show back stage looking happy while watching the match. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to ring side. Dombrowski & Maguire wondered whether the people around the ring were scouting for future matches against Gargano or the bounty on Bane’s head. Bane whipped Bane hard into the corner. Tim Horner Jr. and Bryant Castle were the next people to come to ring side. Bane hit his shoulder on the post when Gargano moved out of a corner. Corey Winters & Eric Ryan along with the Sons of Michigan came to ring side.  Bane went for the “Baneline” but Gargano fell to his back and rolled him up.  Gargano slipped out of an F5 but Bane pulled him off the mat back into position. Gargano turned it into a swinging DDT. Gargano hit three thrust kicks. They cut back stage to Cross again.  Gargano hit another thrust kick. Gargano came off the ropes and Bane turned the move into a spine buster. Bane only got a two count though.  Bane went for the F5 but clipped the referee. Everyone from the outside started to attack Bane. Gargano saved Bane as Boone was ready to hit him with a chair.  Gargano & Bane stood back to back and fought off everyone.  Cross looked dismayed back stage. The referee ruled the match a no contest. Maguire said “Pardon the interruption” then said he needed to go to the bowels of the universe to take out Bane. Maguire pulled out his cell phone and said that Raven will be his opponent at Wrestlelution 3.

Analysis: Even though you could see this ending coming a mile away, it was well executed. It should help out Gargano’s case for not being the attacker. Bane should really get a rematch at some point. I thought Gargano looked a little weak against him though. I know there’s a big size difference but Gargano needed to look more than the practically helpless he was. He’s your champ, your main guy. Gargano has been near the top of the card for three years. Make him look a little better. Score: +1.

Final Score: 7/8. Final Analysis: Jason Bane’s storyline with the bounty has been in the background a bit with the Wrestlerama tournament and him winning the chance at Johnny Gargano’s PWO Heavyweight Title. They tied Bane into the surprise attacker story by having him boot Gargano out of the locker room area last week so having Gargano help him had more impact for that storyline. Since Bane is bringing in one of the attractions to Wrestlelution, it was good to have an episode centering on him.

Even though Shima Xion is not a world renowned talent, he delivered his promo perfectly and helped to execute a good match that helped demoralize Ryan, Winters & Ballz even more while showing off his new hired thug that will help to take out Aeroform.

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