TNA/ECW angle continues to take shape, Dreamer still *out* of shape (INJURY UPDATE)

simpsons did it

"Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!"

According to, Tommy Dreamer has reached out to even more former ECW wrestlers to take part in TNA’s invasion angle. (Is it just me, or in 2010 do these guys look more like an antsy unemployment line than a group of rebellious extremists?) Dixie Carter also took part in an angle at the latest TV tapings, an angle which apparently featured Tommy Dreamer crying. I assume that means Carter told him TNA doesn’t serve catering to invaders.

In perhaps the only intriguing and fun part of this whole disgusting mess, Bill Alfonzo was backstage at the Orlando tapings, which isn’t the biggest surprise since he lives in Florida. The main reason I like this move: We haven’t seen Alfonzo in years, and the last time we saw him at length (as Sabu and Rob Van Dam’s manager) he was brilliantly entertaining as a methed-out ball of energy, screaming and shouting and spitting into the camera about how awesome his silent Sabu and laid-back RVD were. I also loved his anti-hardcore official gimmick in the original ECW, and he would be great as a niche referee a la Danny Davis, where he favors certain wrestlers over others. It’s too bad those wrestlers are fat, lazy pieces of shit like Dreamer and Raven, who haven’t meant anything to wrestling in almost a decade.

(SPOILERZ!!) One last note from The ECW faction as of the TV tapings are RVD, Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Rhino, Raven, Brother Devon, Al Snow, and Pat Kenney (using a different first name; you’ll remember him as Simon Diamond from the original ECW). Boy, if I were world-class wrestlers like AJ Styles, Homicide, Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle, or up-and-comers like D’Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal or Hernandez, or even a guy like Kevin Nash, who was about to get a singles push but can in no way wrestle the ECW style… well, I’d be fucking pissed. Say goodbye to your TV time, all for no return on this investment! -Eric

(P.S. How strange is it that TNA headlines Victory Road with a four-way match a month after WWE’s Fatal Four-Way, and then they book this invasion angle after WWE gets the ball rolling with Nexus? I guess the best thing to do with manure is spread it; recycle angles from 15 years ago AND 15 minutes ago! Dummies.)

INJURY UPDATE: Hahahahaha! Are you kidding me? According to (and first reported to me by Jeremy Maes over IM at about 3 p.m. thanks to his Wrestling Online newsletter), Tommy Dreamer tore his MCL during the taping of TNA’s ECW invasion angle. Dreamer posted on his Twitter:

“I did tear my MCL in knee Monday night. I must keep my no surgery streak alive. Need brace, tape, gum, and peanut butter to keep it together.”

Yeah, you need peanut butter.

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