Stunt Granny Audio #105: Rob Van Sandman Edition

Jeff Hardy

"Whew... huh... huh... got winded... listening to that audio, guys!"

Eric and Kevin join forces to discuss TNA Victory Road and the Russoesque booking that followed two surprisingly decent editions of iMPACT! How overbooked were the finishes to pretty much, well, every match? Ask Dixie. Oh wait, she has her head too far up her own ass to tell. The guys switch to discussing the Hardees and each of their recent weight gain, as well as Matt’s latest YouTube video. He’s a real viral sensation, kinda like HIV. The boys recap the big happenings on Raw, including the human Scrabble game, Nexus, and its beatdown of all things babyface, such as John “My Mom Got Me a Subscription to National Geographic for my Birthday” Morrison. Oh, and a special guest calls into the show! We won’t tell you who or when; you’ll have to click to listen! (82 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #105

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