PWO – Season 3 – Episode 25


Is that Michael "The Bomber" Facade? Find out after the jump.

The show started with Johnny Gargano coming into the arena. Jason Bane stopped him and told him he wasn’t welcome. Bane said at least the people that are coming after him are at least doing it without attacking him from behind. Gargano pleaded that he wasn’t the guilty party. Bane threw Gargano’s luggage and told him to dress in the hallway. Gargano looked mad but composed himself quickly.

Analysis: Great way to start the show. Not right into a match or a replay as has been the case recently. Good work from both guys especially Bane who is the locker room leader. Score: +1.

The first match was for the number one contender status for the TV Title held by “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Michael “The Bomber” Facade took on “Omega” Aaron Draven. Facade missed a charge into the corner. Draven walked the ropes and executed a head scissors. Facade was outside the ring and Draven gave him a huracanrana.  Facade took out Draven’s legs while he was on the apron. Facade hit a spinning heel kick for a two count.  Facade gripped Draven in a chin lock.  Facade got in a standing shooting star press. Facade missed on an Arabian Moonsault. Draven hit a spring board leg drop but couldn’t capitalize. Draven enziguiried Facade. Facade got a two count from a German suplex. Facade took off his gi (More smoothly than normal). Facade went to the top rope but was stopped by Draven. “Omega” took control and hit a Flux Capacitor for the victory.

Analysis: Normally, both of these guys are smooth in the ring but their execution seemed off in this match. There was no flow to the match because they were just going for bigger moves. Good clean win for Draven though that helps give him credibility since Facade was his opponent. Score: 0.

Joe Dombrowski said that some cameras were following Super Hentai who just caught up with Krimson. Hentai drop kicked him into some chairs. Hentai grabbed Krimson’s vest and said “Feel the threat.” Krimson laughed at the threat after Hentai had left like he enjoyed it.

Analysis: Hentai was ambushed so the baby face doing it didn’t feel so strange. The line he gave Krimson was lame. Krimson’s reaction was the correct one since he likes pain. Score: 0.

Aaron Maguire was talking to Virgil and asked him about collecting $50,000 by taking out Jason Bane. Virgil asked him if it was $100,000. Maguire said no. Dawn Decadence came by and Virgil said he needed to catch his flight as he walked away from Maguire.

Analysis: It makes sense to personally make the offer to the former WWF/E star. Nice of PWO to tie in Dawn leaving with another angle. Score: +1.

Ben Fruth came to the ring to collect the bounty against Jason Bane. Bane came to the ring smiling. Fruth tried to go for the Fruth roll up but couldn’t budge Bane. Jason tripled power bombed him and got the victory. Corey Winters tried to sneak attack Bane ut got tossed around including a nice T-bone suplex. Isaac Montana tried to collect and was F5ed for his punishment.

Analysis: Keep on chugging for the bounty money. Score: +1.

Michael Facade was in the back and gave his congratulations to Aaron Draven. Facade said if it weren’t for Shima Xion showing up during his match with N8 Mattson, he’d be TV Champion already. Xion clocked Facade with his hair spray can. Xion said he hasn’t accomplished anything yet. Xion said Facade isn’t going to make a name for himself by beating him. Xion then used Facade’s spray paint in Facade’s eyes. Facade screamed in agony and rolled around the floor.

Analysis: People do seem to get attacked while doing their promos. Good segment to get this feud rolling better. Score: +1.

PWO showed a “Wrestlelution Rewind” with Sex Appeal taking on Fontaine’s Freaks. (I hope that somehow ties into the rest of the show. It does make my reviewing go quicker since I FF thru these segments.)

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross said he should have known that it was Johnny Gargano from the beginning. Cross said he learned from the foot of Josh Prohibition for two years and can’t break the old habits. Cross told him to admit his role in the attacks and give him the title shot that he deserves. Cross said that everyone knows Gargano keeps on coming up with cheap excuses to not give him his rematch. Cross said that he takes on all challengers and that Gargano should stop complaining about the number of challengers he has. Gargano came into the shot and said he didn’t do it. Gargano asked what is Cross’ deal and wondered why he’s trying to frame him. Cross shook his head and said “You never beat me.” as Gargano was taken away.

Analysis: Much better out of Cross. He made several good points. Gargano should stop complaining about the number of challengers he has. Score: +1.

Dombrowski said that the evidence points to Gargano. Maguire crowed that he has been right about Gargano being the perpetrator all along. “Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with his Wrestlerama Championship for his title bout against Gargano. Dombrowski threw it to a commercial break. (Good way to get some of the talk out of the way about Gargano’s role in the sneak attacks while hopefully concentrating on what should be a good match between Mattson & Gargano.)

Johnny Gargano came to the ring. Dombrowski said that the Sons of Michigan have been banned from ring side. Pedro DeLucca did full introductions with both competitors in the ring. (Nice change of pace which helped to give it a bigger feel.) They started off with some chain wrestling. Mattson ducked out of the ring for a breather. Gargano cinched in a head lock. (Gargano’s tights are too busy. Mattson still cracks me up that he has OSU colors. He can’t even make the excuse that they’re Red Wings colors since they don’t use silver. Yes, the head lock has been on for this long.) Mattson bounced to ringside again but Gargano followed this time. Gargano whacked him with a pair of lefts (Gargano is left handed.) Gargano missed Mattson and hung his ribs on the guard rail. Mattson attacked the ribs afterwards and slid him into the ring. Gargano got a two count from a crucifix. Mattson clotheslined Gargano in the ribs then locked on the abdominal stretch. Mattson kneed Gargano in the stomach. Mattson Samoan dropped Gargano after he went for another crucifix. Mattson applied a body scissors. Gargano elbowed out of it. Gargano then missed a senton. Gargano drop kicked Mattson in between punching him. Gargano jumping kneed Mattson in the clinch (like a Muay Thai type move.) Mattson back dropped Gargano onto the ring apron. When Mattson charged at Gargano, he sling shot speared him. Gargano only got a two count. Mattson gave him a spine buster. Ben Fruth came to ringside but Aaron Draven quickly followed and took away the TV title from him. Mattson yelled at Draven. Gargano counter the Big Blue Buster and jack knife pinned Mattson for the win. Jason Bane came to ring side, pointed at Gargano and motioned for the belt.

Analysis: The beginning of the match was really slow. The end delivered and got the story lines tied together. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/8. Final Analysis: The show was a “Moving things along” type of a show. Nothing big happened. The rewind from Wrestlelution was useless after watching the end of the show. The main event was predictable because there’s not reason to give Mattson the belt since he has the TV Title already. No need to try and have a Triple Crown Winner in PWO.

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