Stunt Granny Audio: ECW Nostalgia Special (Part 1)

Dusty and Eric join forces with Stunt Granny nostalgia expert Dan “Zourah” Kuester to discuss the glory days of the once-great ECW. This two-part audio, which comprises part one of a two-part audio (yep, that made about as much sense as Tommy Dreamer and TNA bringing back the ECW originals for one last one-last-stand PPV), focuses on the guys’ top 20 original ECW wrestlers. What were their criteria? How similar or different were their top fives? Tens? Who did Dusty vehemently hate enough to keep off his list entirely? Who did Eric love that the other two could have done without? All this and a hell of a lot more in this excellent nostalgic discussion. (Part two, if you’ll bear with me, will feature talk on ECW’s history as a whole: the company, its booking, its angles, its matches, etc.)

Stunt Granny Audio: ECW Nostalgia (Part 1, 78 min)

Stunt Granny Audio: ECW Nostalgia (Part 2, 41 min)

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