The Shane Douglas Manifesto


Former ECW Champion Shane Douglas posted a message on his website stating that he won’t appear at TNA Hardcore Justice unless Ric Flair  agrees to work a match with him. “Firstly, MOST organizations would NOT wish to mislead any potential customer(s),” Douglas wrote regarding a TNA Hardcore Justice commercial that included him.

“CLEARLY, this video intended to mislead wrestling fans, most certainly ECW fans! That said, I have to question TNA’s motive(s) in placing ANY shot of me in their promotional pieces?! TNA is overly aware that we have NOT come to terms for any participation by ECW’s centerpiece “Franchise” in “Hardcore Justice”! So, either they are trying to deceive potential PPV buyers (namely ECW fans), or they must be willing to meet my only demand for the event- Dic Flair on a silver platter!

“This was the biggest angle, teased to our loyal fanbase, that never came ‘to a head’ in ECW. Unless I’m missing the mark, I feel VERY STRONGLY that this IS a match our fanbase, and TNA’s, would tune in to see. Too bad, thus far, TNA seems to be following their now-tired trend of ignoring their fans’ desires!!!” To read the full message, visit

It’s getting to the point where if TNA does something right, it’s an accident. (Actually, we’ve probably long since past that point.) But anyway, I remember in the late ’90s when Bischoff was being a douche and not using Flair, there were some rumblings that he would come in for a one shot on a PPV and wrestle Douglas. The logistics were probably a nightmare, however, due in part to pay and who was going to put who over, so it was really only a pipe dream, but it sure would have been awesome. I guess the point I am trying to make here is that it would have been awesome, 800 years ago. It’s really just sad now. The whole thing is just really sad. – Dusty
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