Fat Matt Hardy is Clearly Fibbin!

Double fisting fried chicken is healthy.

Ok so just to dispute what Dusty reported over the weekend. Matt Hardy did not get sent home from England. As you will see from the vid below he is still in England. You know, because people are driving on the wrong side of the road, there is a lift instead f an elevator and he is still ridiculously fat. Oh, he also had his entire intestine explode and this caused the doctors to find that he can’t eat red meat.

So real quick, he was not sent home because he is still in England and is leaving on the same date he was scheduled. I don’t; want to sound like a negative Nancy in this but if you get sent home from the arena and scratched from the card, didn’t you get sent home? Then to not be scheduled the next day…..um….just sayin. But I know Matt Hardy couldn’t possibly be fibbing to all of us. I mean why else go through the expense of changing plane tickets and making accommodation changes when you can just stay one more day and not have to deal with the airlines, right?

Now here is a personal observation; Did someone hit this idiot in the right side of the head with a shovel? Why the hell is his face drooping. Stroke victims have less facial paralysis then this bloated idiot. Did eating red meat cause your face to bloat so bad that your eye went crooked? Fuck, look at me when I am talking to you. Maybe, just maybe, Vince and company know what the hell they are doing with this guy after all.

Imagine a Summerslam poster with Matt Hardy’s giant face with, as Kevin pointed out to me, too well manicured eye brows, and lazy eye staring back at you. It screams county fair and not a multi-million dollar company funded program. Matt isn’t marketable for major promotions. He has a horrible drawl that makes me sound intelligent and is clearly annoying to other wrestlers. Just look at the following video. -Jeremy

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