Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

A better looking version of what I was doing today.

I’m starting late today because of clean up after dinner (mmm, smoked, dry rubbed catfish) and watching the Virginia Tech versus Boise State game. I’m going to start watching Raw when I catch up. I have a shot riding on this game so it’s important. My ass clown of a buddy thinks the ACC is good simply because he went to The  U aka Miami. Even though I go to a lot of Ohio State events, I’m not really a fan. Who am I to turn down a big party and free beer every Saturday? I’d feel like a communist. I’m going to laugh if VT continues to get blown out and Miami does this coming weekend in the Horseshoe. Fuck, VT made it a game right before half time.

On to Raw. And flipping back to the game when I get a chance.Wade is taking his grand, old time starting this promo. They’re in DC just like the game? How would you decide? This crowd has a right to be restless. What a slow start to the show.  Otunga was better than he has been since the show ended.  Tarver is just good. I’m still baffled by his awful performances on NXT. Slater annoys me in a bad way.  I’m still surprised that Cena got pinned. Gabriel is doing pretty well on the mic. ice topper with Barrett.Orton gets the crowd to wake up. Orton has a nice goal for the PPV. I’ve got to admit when I read the story Dusty posted, I started to wonder more seriously on the fact that the GM really could be HHH. The mid-main event and the main event sound like they could be good. Nexus might get more help from others outside the group.

The GM has developed into someone that is fairly even keeled. They show up less than anyone who would be on TV even if the emails are sillyess personified. At least Morrison still has one fan in the crowd.  They head to commercial so that I can come close to catching up before half time is over.

Cole and Lawler are trying to put Morrison over but we all know he doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance of winning this match. Jericho looked a little too close t kissing Morrison in the ring corner. Wow, Morrison got the break. What the hell just happened? Seriously? Morrison gets a huge win. They need to reinvest some time in him. He needs mic time. Jericho has an awesome look on his face. It’s rough to watch this. I mean, he had to OK this story line, right? One last babyface run maybe?

Melina has her belt on the line for some random reason. Are they actually doing something to give this unification match a purpose and a little more push than normal for a woman’s match. Nice of Melina to bust out her other finisher. Too bad I have no interest in either of the women that will be in the unification match.

The Miz is dressed real sharp. Good set up segment. VT is still down 20-14. Nice hold by the Broncos. Back to Raw.

A former Edge head is back with him? Nice of Edge to completely rip on Ryder right in front of him. What stupid threat from Edge to smash the comuter.

Ted is not as sharply dressed as Miz. What is this segment? They’ve barely been on TV lately. Weird direction to go with Maryse doubting herself.

Gabriel seems to have aborted Bourne’s push. Not sure why there isn’t room for both of them to be pushed.

Barrett called him ne word…Exciting. What a let down for an adjective.  Cena busting out a new move with the head scissors. Quite a back and forth chant we got going on here. Gabriel is looking good on offense here. If they did build up a match between him and Bourne, it could be huge. Gabriel misses a big moonsault to get in Cena’s spots. Cena botches the take off of the Attitude Adjustment but still gets the win. Gabriel still looked good. Guess who hit FF through the movie segment? This guy!

The Miz starting off strong. The cover of WWE magazine? At least Miz is explaining himself. It’s still a let down. The Miz doesn’t seem to be getting much heat on this topic. Maybe people are realizing how hard he did work. I admitted I was wrong a long time ago. People chanting awesome. Bryan is killing himself and it might work.  Bryan is doing a solid job of mentioning the championship.Good way to end the segment. It’s weird to see Miz turn though only to be interrupted by humble, regular guy Bryan. A shit, VT is up by one. I’m not quite caught up on wrestling. Still only the 3rd quarter so I’m OK.

I hope the WWE is geig paid for the Blackbery plug. Please don’t let the Great Khali win. Nice cheap win by Edge. Why are they restarting this match with these silly stipulations?

Another cheap win for Edge. I guess they wanted more comedy on the show. Haha. I’m amused.

Have to watch a little bit of the game now that I’m caught up on Raw.

Josh Matthews asking the hard questions. Good reaction by Jericho. Morrison is a dick. Seriously. Giant douche bag.

Went to picture in picture with the game. Sweetness.

Damn you Tyrod Taylor. Orton is putting a beating on Barrett. What is Cole doing calling out Sheamus and why he won the championship? Edge joins in the mayo jokes. Cena gives props to Barrett? Nice work Cena. Edge talks about the pain of an Orton move. Nice work by him. Interesting part with Young. It gives Orton a bit of a cheap win. Orton RKO’s Young to no one’s surprise. The Viper is RKO happy. They are making him look like a complete badass. VT up by 4. Damn you Boise State, don’t let me down! Cena and Orton face off. Good for what they were going for. – Kevin

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