Eric’s blog: On a slow news day like today…

lanny poffo

"I hear tonight I'm teaming with the Honky Tonk Man, I'll be surprised if we get paid; I only see 8 fans!"

… is it sad that Jeremy says, “someone needs to die already”?

… is it wrong to wish for 7-8 WWE “superstars” to get canned?

… would it help if a major financial backer (read: money mark) for an upstart wrestling promotion (read: crock of shit) ended up dead, naked and face down in a hotel bathtub, covered in Vaseline, with a hooker sobbing uncontrollably on the bed?

(Would the hooker really still be there, or would she have taken the money and ran?)

(And who’s to say the hooker would have been a “she”?)

(Speaking of which, any Mexican midgets die lately?)

… is it sad that Samoa Joe yelling at Jeremy Borash would be a welcome piece of news?

… would it be too much for Shawn Michaels to tweet something on that Twitter account that he savvily ended with an underscore?

… could John Cena accidentally call Stephanie McMahon a “cunt” on the radio? Now *that* would be legendary.

… could Lanny Poffo and Honky Tonk Man at least team up to DVDA that hooker from earlier?

… could Spike TV announce that it’s pre-empting TNA iMPACT! for the duration of the show’s contract in favor of showing two-hour marathons of “That’s My Bush” and old episodes of “Police Squad”?

… could Dixie Carter just come to her fucking senses?

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