Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Smackdown

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I started watching Smackdown at9:38 EST so there’s not a chance in hell I’m going to catch up. I made myself some killer cheese sauce for my hot dogs tonight. If you go to our forum (which is free!) you’ll be able to hunt down the recipe. You’ll also get my reviews for the multitude of different Flying Dog beers.

They start with a review of what has happened in the Kane/Undertaker saga. I might have to FF already. I got through it. Fine enough for what it was. Oh goody, Kane has a special announcement. He’s been good on the mic lately so it should be good at least.

Smackdown kicks it in a different direction by having Del Rio interrupt the story. Wow, he’s really getting the treatment. He needs to deliver. He’s getting some heat. It seems lukewarm enough not to constitute sweetener. Christian going to do another high class job. He’s stuck at this level the rest of his career. It’s still a better gig than TNA. When Christian turned it on, he got much better. Then he goes for the cheap pop. Del Rio closed out only OK. I wouldn’t call that a full delivery. Christian gets ambushed by his opponent McIntyre which was a smart move on his part.

McIntyre got in another cheap shot by tossing Christian into the steps.  Grisham got in a good shot at Striker about never being a champ. McIntyre is a fine enough wrestler, not great but just OK. That can improve. I still think he has a bland look about him.  Christian gets in some offense. McIntyre gets tossed against the announce table. Cristian gets in a jackknife cover for the quick pin. Good for him. Bad for Drew. Are they souring on him too?

Fantastic, women’s wrestling. Boy, Melina versus McCool is the battle of terrible, negative charisma. Kelly Kelly is the sacrificial lamb. Layla gets some mic time. I’m guessing McCool will be the unified champ. That’s for the terrible blight Calloway. Layla wasn’t very good on the mic.

The nifty video package from the China trip. Good pimping. Still haven’t asked my roomie if he knew anyone who went to the events over there.

Hornswoggle might be able to talk. Please, it’d help his character. So did Hornswoggle just murder someone?

Nice of Chris Masters to job for someone useful. Vickie is still a heat monster.They showed last week’s match between Ziggler and Kofi. The mandatory Kent State reference for Dolph. I love it. Dolph dispatches of Masters in an appopriate amount of time to make him look good.

Even though I din’t mention it earlier, the WWE did a good job of hyping their mid main event on this episode well. Gallows gets to be the big rag doll early. They’re moving through this match quickly.  OK, this match just got extended longer than I expected after they ran through most of the tricks in a two on one match with an extra at ringside. Gallows gets to look OK against Show now. Of course Big Show turned it around quickly and tapped out Gallows. Punk gives Gallows the GTS. Nice. He looks like a dick for turning on Gallows. Plus if he gets rid of the Society he can tweek his character if they want to.

Jack Swagger is trying to reclimb the ladder after the big depush. Swagger made me get a second beer. That’s bad for him.Nice of Swagger to bring back his injured father. The push ups got boring. MVP didn’t improve the segment at all.

Dashing Cody against Matt Hardy who appears to have officially lost his little push because he’s going to lose this one. Damn Cody was calling that a little too real. Match played out the way I expected it to.

Kane did OK on the mic; I wouldn’t call it one of his better jobs. I’d have to say that was an OK enough ending. Not the ideal way to end a show in my book. – Kevin

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