Aloisia out of NXT?

Damn near perfection.

This better be an angle or a fucking joke cause NXT season three was setting up to be a disaster until my new fantasy woman debuted. Straight from, my ultimate stroke fantasy apparently is not going to be participating on the show. Yes; that’s right, Aloisia, was “fired” by Vickie Guerrero.

Two things, and I’ll start with the less personal. It makes no sense Vickie Guerrero can fire her. She is a pro not her boss. Of course they have never defined Vickie’s role so maybe she could but whatever. They could have had Michael Cole bark out McMahon’s lines on the debut show and say she couldn’t cut it and the internet darling is back in front of fifity people a night.

On to the second issue; she is the only reason people even talked about Season Three of NXT. With that out of the way, this chick is a living goddess on this planet. Has anyone put any thought in to the wonderful nasty shit you can get in to with a perfectly proportioned six foot nine inch tall woman? If you haven’t you are gay, dead below the waste or both. When she first appeared on screen my eyes widened and I repeatedly said, in front of my live in girlfriend “Look at her. Look at her. Look at her!”

This wasn’t some beanpole flat-chested Betty. This was a fully proportioned woman with curves. Who cares if she will mimic Eli Cottonwood in the ring?  The woman is a real life Valkyrie or Greek/Roman goddess. This is what an Amazon woman is supposed to be like. Hell, this is what every woman is supposed to be like. So leave it to WWE to go and fuck it all up. It doesn’t matter if it is her fault. WWE should have been bending over backwards to keep her happy. God damn this may ruin my weekend. OK, I will accept this move if it means they signed Kong or Cheerleader Melissa but no chance that is the case. -Jeremy

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    This might be the reason

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