What TNA Did Right This Week


My fellow Italian descendant J-Woww on the right if you have somehow avoided the virus known as Jersey Shore brought to the world by MTV.


I’m stealing an old Jeremy bit and mentioning what TNA actually did right this week. After reading the spoilers, I’m positive TNA is doing 2 (more like 4) things right. TNA is finally using a reality TV star that still has some power with J-Woww from the Jersey Shore. The second (set of) thing(s) TNA is doing right is bringing in the hotness known as Cookie aka Becky Bayless. It has scored TNA publicity on TMZ (according to our news source Prowrestling.net).

Unfortunately,  everyone that visits TMZ.com and watches this train wreck of a program (just read these because they are sure to create an extra rant or two during the TNA roster game spoilers), they’re going to realize it’s a bigger pile of trash than Jersey Shore is because Bayless can’t act like a Guidette and whatever the fuck his name is isn’t a proper Guido. Can we all agree that whatever fate South Park has in mind for the cast of the Jersey Shore should be executed? TNA is going to run itself into the ground sooner rather than later so I’ll enjoy the slow motion crash of their demise. – Kevin


What, do you think I'd skip a chance to post a picture of the other good set of things TNA is doing?


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