PWO – Season 4 – Episode 2

I say we celebrate twins for episode 2.

They started off with a new highlight reel and also a nice big fat stamp that says they’re approved by the Ohio Athletic Commission. To open the show, Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why he was sporting a mustache. Maguire responded by saying you need to be fair to Mare (as in Marion Fontaine). Jack Verville debuted against Jason Bane. Dombrowski noted that Eric Ryan will debut as Cursed tonight. Poor Verville is getting squashed. Verville begged the referee to stop the match. Bane gave Verville a fall away fan. Maguire said that his “Aar head” fans wanted him back as a commentator and not as an agent so he was retiring that part of his life. Bane rammed Verville into 2 corners in a power slam position then gave him and F5. Bane said that was a reminder as to why he’s the most dominant man in PWO. Bane said he’s done with Maguire and he’s focused on the PWO Heavyweight Title. Bane admitted that Gargano was a good guy but he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bane challenged Fontaine to a match to see if he truly deserved a title shot. Fontaine did not come out.

Analysis: Exactly what should have happened during and after the match. Let’s see if PWO throws him off his title hunt again. Score: +1.

Dombrowski threw us to the tape that Krimson gave them. Krimson asked Eric Ryan to state his name. Ryan said his name but was slapped. This question, answer and reaction were repeated. Krimson said it wasn’t enough to break a man physically, but he had to do it mentally like he did to Super Hentai. Krimson mentioned that he and Ryan are a breed apart from other people. Krimson provided many examples of how they’d be more violent. He ended the promo by saying people would be wearing crimson, like the mask.

Analysis: Well, your boy isn’t quite broken Krimson so he isn’t a breed apart yet. It does help get some heat on Krimson for brain washing Ryan into his new persona. He made his point and established the new character Cursed so… Score: +1.

Hobo Joe, Gregory Iron, Vic Travgliante and the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew were celebrating the Homeless Handicapped Connection’s win as Tag Team Champions and PWO’s third birthday (Hey, they know the difference between birthdays and anniversaries. It might be a first in sports.) Iron asked Joe wear he was getting all the money to pay for shots. Joe said someone left him a million dollar bill. Iron informed him it was fake. Ben Fruth and Benjamin Boone showed up. Boone told him that their party is going to end when they take their Tag Team Championships back to Michigan. Iron said that Boone was going to cover for all of the drinks. The baby faces then left.

Analysis: The promos were fine but not much more. Considering that Boone was directly beside Iron when he told the bartender about the tab situation, wouldn’t Boone refuse to pay? It’s a preview for the title match later. Score: 0.

Dombrowski asked how Krimson could have Ryan under his control already (He didn’t, Ryan was still stating his real name.) Pedro DeLucca then introduced Kirst. (Fucking seriously? You can’t just spell it like a normal person? I’m not changing what I typed earlier.) Luis Diamante was the opponent. Dombrowski said that he had a number of run ins with Krimson last year. Diamante was taking to Kirst but the announcers noted how the pain didn’t seem to be phasing Kirst. After a failed back slide, Kirst gave Diamante a low drop kick to the face. Krimson assaulted Diamante while Kirst distracted the referee. The announcers noted Kirst’s new more aggressive in ring style. Kirst got hung up in a Tree of Woe. Diamante drop kicked Kirst. Diamante gave a suplex then a fisherman’s driver but couldn’t put away Kirst. Kirst gave Diamante a running DVD into the corner turnbuckles. Kirst finished off Diamante with a double stomp off the top rope.

Analysis: They did their best to not make Diamante look like a jobber, but at this point, he is. Ryan looks like he’ll finally get a chance to move up the ladder without Corey Winters. Hey, tag team wrestling could be dead in this league too. Well wrestled match and a good way for Kirst to debut. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine said that next week he was going to take on Johnny Gargano for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Fontaine said that Bane wasn’t on his band wagon. Fontaine said that he was the most worthy opponent for Gargano. He noted Bane’s muscles but said it also takes brains to be a champion and he has mastered that part of wrestling.Fontaine said he will stand up to Bane because he will outsmart him like Aaron Maguire did the last three years. Fontaine said that there will be no interference from anyone due to a clause put into his contract by Maguire. Fontaine said that Gargano is beaten and battered. Fontaine said that Gargano’s time is up.

Analysis: Aside from being annoyed that Fontaine took the time out to give a little “Heah, heah” between nearly every line, it was a good promo. Brains versus brawn for Bane and playing on Gargano’s vulnerability established last week. Score: +1.

They took the time out to show video footage from the PWO vault of Team Clash (Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender) taking on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. Analysis: They took out five minutes of their programming for this rewind. You’re not the WWE or TNA with 3 or more hours of weekly TV, save highlight material for weeks that you’re off. Score: -1.

Bobby Beverly told Nicky Valentino said that they were screwed over at Wrestlelution. Beverly said that Shields was so stressed out from the situation that he was in the hospital (I think the announcers noted that last week. PWO generally does a good job of covering for people who are absent regardless of reason.) Valentino said he was bringing back his present from last week, Frisky. Beverly told her to just go. Beverly said that she screwed us last week. Valentino said that they could give her some training classes to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Beverly said he wasn’t so sure about that. Valentino assured him they’d be like four peas in a pod.

Analysis: Oh no, it could be the end of Sex Appeal. I was joking about them getting rid of tag team wrestling earlier. It could come true if these three break apart. Frisky would add sex appeal to the group if they keep her on. They stayed on point and made good cases for their line of thinking. Sex Appeal has been around for a bit over a season (I believe they started at the end of season 2) so breaking them up wouldn’t be as hasty as any team in TNA. Score: +1.

The Homeless Handicapped Connection (Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron) were set to take on the Sons of Michigan (Ben Fruth & Benjamin Boone) in the main event. Pedro DeLucca did formal introductions for the second week in a row. Fruth started the match against Hobo Joe. They did some “comedy” moves like Three Stooges. (How many people are left that know who they are? I’m raising my hand but it’s an antiquated reference.) They did a criss cross (At least Dombrowski noted that he hadn’t seen it in a couple of decades.) when Boone tagged himself in. Iron came in and helped to double team Boone. It ended with a low bridge of Boone. Iron was in against Boone but he tagged Fruth again. Boone tagged in and started the assault on Iron. Fruth slapped on a reverse chin lock. Boone got a two count on Iron after a running palm strike. Boone side walk slammed Iron.  Fruth tried to slam Iron but Iron slipped out of it and gave Fruth a reverse DDT. Joe and Boone came in. Joe took it to Boone. Boone double clotheslined Iron & Joe. Fruth hit Boone with a top rope drop kick because Iron got out of Boone’s hold. The Homeless Handicapped Connection gave Fruth a Full Nelson Face Buster for the victory. Boone and Fruth exchanged slaps to end the show.

Analysis: You could see the ending coming last week when they announced the match. The match was well wrestled executuion wise but it was the second straight week that the hot tag was luke warm at best. Plus, it was a bit unbelievable for Boone to take that much punishment from Joe even after a hot tag. Boone has man handled them previously. Getting Fruth out of the Sons of Michigan wouldn’t be a bad thing. Granted, I have no idea where you put a guy who doesn’t seem to have wrestling or mic skills and have him blend in. Score: 0.

Final Score: 4/8. Final Analysis: I tried to rethink the renaming of Kirst and almost got over it but then realized that all they did for Krimson was change one letter. They really should have went with Kursed to keep the theme going for that faction. The tag team division is in a real state of chaos. It’d be odd to see the Homeless Handicapped Connection go up against Aeroform since they’re both baby face teams. PWO made sure to pimp the Fontaine versus Gargano main event for next week. I just hope Gargano gets a chance to respond before the match. It’s not much of a surprise that Bane wants the belt so it’ll be interesting to see how he factors into the main event even though there’s no outside interference. I smell referee bump. PWO didn’t seem to spread the wealth like they did last week in setting up story lines for the season. That situation is a bit of a surprise to me.

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