Ventura for President, Foley for publicity, TNA throws away more money

This belt screams "Best wrestler in the whole wide world."

According to (hey, wait, aren’t Wade and Jason from Minneapolis?), Jesse Ventura would not only be interested in running for U.S. President in 2012, he’s pretty sure he’d win.

“If Bloomberg could finance me for the Presidency, I would win it,” Ventura said. “So, if he doesn’t want it, he could hire me to do it for him.”

How long before Hulk Hogan announces he’s running for Prime Minister of Jupiter?

According to, Mick Foley will appear on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night at 11/10 CT. Foley is a favorite guest of “The Daily Show,” which boggles my mind, since Jon Stewart’s show is supposed to be a forum for important people. Like the Prime Minister of Jupiter.

Finally, also according to, TNA trotted out a new championship belt its “World” Champion. Apparently their world champion is Michelle McCool, because that thing is a diva’s belt. It’s the shape of a butterfly. Oh, that’s supposed to be Jeff Hardy’s face paint? Yeah, like I said, diva butterfly McCool. Keep flushing money down the toilet, Dixie; that belt will pop a 1.6 rating and 31,000 PPV buys, right? -Eric

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