PWO – Season 4 – Episode 3

My best writing ever may be in the Final Analysis. Find out why below the jump.

Jason Bane mentioned that he was banned from ring side by PWO management for the match tonight between Johnny Gargano and Marion Fontaine for the PWO Heavyweight Championship. Bane said that Fontaine was a great athlete but he is sadly mistaken if Fontaine thinks he has no brain. Bane finished by saying he doesn’t care who wins the match because whoever he faces will be the first to lose to PWO’s most dominant champion ever.

Analysis: Short and to the point. He has been focusing on Fontaine so I imagine in the future that Fontaine will cost him his shot at Johnny Gargano later this year. I like that they had this on before the introduction music. They mix it up just enough not to be predictable. Score: +1.

Brian Bender took on Matthew Justice in the opening match. Bender took Justice down early with a head lock take over. Justice took over Bender with an arm drag. Bender retaliated with arm drags of his own. Justice got tossed to the ring apron. Bender got low bridged though when he charged at Justice. Bender caught Justice on the top rope with a press slam. Bender got a two count after a back breaker.  Justice caught fire and hit some high impact moves. Bender gave Justice a urinogi but only got a two count. Bender was dismayed which allowed Justice to recover and give him a Death Valley Driver. Bender reversed a roll up and appeared to have a hand full of trunks when he got the three count. Bender acted like he didn’t mean to do it while Justice acted mildly upset.

Analysis: I know they taped these first three shows at the same place but feel like the lighting was a bit better last week for some reason or another. It looked really dark during this match which made it difficult to follow sometimes. Solid match but I’m not sure why they went with the finish. Bender isn’t a big enough name to play, is he a heel or is he a face? Score: 0.

Benjamin Boone and Ben Fruth were in the back. Boone couldn’t believe that Fruth cost him both the PWO TV Title and the PWO Tag Team Titles last week. Boone warned Fruth that N Mattson was coming home soon and they’d be one big happy family. Boone told him to listen . Boone told him when they found him, he was a piece of crap. Boone said now he’s an even bigger piece of crap. Boone continued to berate him and finish by saying he was nothing. Then they abruptly cut to commercial.

Analysis: It really makes no sense that you’d keep someone in your group if they were clearly holding them back. Just get rid of him and pick someone more capable like Corey Winters so that you could have a singles champion leader in Mattson and tag champs in Boone & Winters. Boone delivered his material well and Fruth is perfect looking for the coward who you want to see get his revenge on bully Boone. Score: +1.

Aeroform, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick, were in the back along with Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Linden said that the Ninja Elite Squad was going to bring eight bits of destruction. Facade said they sent the Gambinos packing last year and already beat Sex Appeal in tag team and singles matches. Flip finished and said they were going to flip the script, son.

Analysis: Why would you want to flip that script? You’d start losing instead of winning. I’m all for catch phrases but this one is (and was) bad and made no sense in this context. Score: -1.

Joe Dombrowski pimped PWO’s website and what can be purchased there while he read from a teleprompter. He then threw it to the PWO Video Vault with Jason Bane signing a contract against Cronus with Aaron Maguire for the first Wrestlelution.

Analysis: I suppose they think they have more viewers and would like to pimp their merchandise, especially for the storyline aspect since they pimped the old videos. I did like this segment a bit better since it featured all of their own performers, not old timers like the Dream Team. I still don’t think it’s worth the time. Maybe they’ll stop pimping it as the season goes on. Score: 0.

Kirst, formerly Eric Ryan, was made to say that Eric Ryan was a lost man. He said that he has followed Earnie Ballz who misled him. Kirst said Krimson knows what’s best for him. Kirst kept asking what would Krimson do? Krimson closed by saying “Crimson, like the mask.”

Analysis: That catch phrase didn’t fit in well either. Not as bad as the previous one though. He didn’t answer Kirst’s question. It established Kirst’s new mind set and how loyal he is to Krimson. Score: +1.

They replayed the promo by Marion Fontaine from week one. Analysis: These kind of replays I can live with but they could have made it shorter. They were pimping the main event. Score: 0.

They showed the crowd and highlighted some schmuck (Justin LaBar from and how you can read reviews of PWO’s shows there. Analysis: Um, grrr, rats and frats, mother, I tried to get press passes 2 years ago for Stunt Granny for Wrestlelution. I started doing this review on the Pro Wrestling Torch back in the first season. Damn.

As Marion Fontaine came to the ring, Aaron Maguire said that he needed to step out for a bit. He went and shook Fontaine’s hand. Maguire came back on mic and said Fontaine was going to be the next PWO Heavyweight Champions. They then went to commercial. Dombrowski ran over the plot points of the match while Gargano made his way to the ring. Maguire compared Fontaine to legendary wrestlers like Danny Hodge. Pedro DeLucca did formal introductions again. They had a graphic with Fontaine’s height, weight, Hometown and Trademark Finisher (You can trademark them? How about a patent number?). They did the same for Gargano along with listing his twitter account: johnnygargano. (Guess I’ll have to follow him.) Gargano came out on the attack. Fontaine rested on the outside, goaded Gargano into coming out but still had his head slammed on the mat. Gargano gave Fontaine a cutter while Fontaine was on his knees.  Gargano low drop kicked Fontaine. Gargano played up a neck injury. Fontaine pulled Gargano’s legs out from under him while he stood on the apron. Gargano botched a second attempt at a head scissors take over but it was enough to flip Fontaine onto the stage. which was only on one side of the ring. Gargano clotheslined Fontaine back into the ring. Fontaine reversed a whip and sent Gargano tumbling into the turnbuckles. Gargano got a two count off a small package but was clotheslined after it. Dombrowski accused Maguire of having a financial stake in Fontaine. Fontaine was jawing at LaBar. (Gritting my teeth.) Gargano was rammed into the column I mention back in week one. Fontaine stood over Gargano with his foot on his neck. Gargano sling shot speared  Fontaine when they came back inside. Gargano caught Fontaine with a spinning back kick. Gargano acted like his left side of his body was numb. The two lefties slugged it out. Gargano airballed on a drop kick. Fontaine gave Gargano a Randy Orton style DDT with the feet on the second rope. Fontaine only got a two count. Fontaine locked in a camel clutch. Gargano grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Gargano gave Fontaine a super kick. Fontaine DDTed Gargano. Fontaine went for a tombstone but Gargano slipped out and went for Uniquely You. Fontaine slipped out but was still pinned while Gargano sat on his face and pulled his leg back. Fontaine grabbed the belt from the referee and slammed it into the back of Gargano’s head.

Analysis: Despite the gratuitous pimping of a site that isn’t as good as our own, the match was a very good one despite the obvious botches by Gargano, which is unusual. They played up the Gargano injury angle while making Fontaine look quite credible in the match. PWO needed for Fontaine to get some heat back after losing to Duggan at Wrestlelution 3 and this match accomplished that. Too bad he’s about to cost Jason Bane his title shot and probably get his ass kicked at Wrestlelution 4. Score: +1.

Final Score: 3/8. Final Analysis: I’m so pissed. Still. I went to just to check out the competition and I’m not too worried that you’ll be going back. LaBar’s idea of being creative is making an argument as to why John Cena shouldn’t be a heel. Great, fantastic. I’ll use my background in art to pump out columns on t-shirts, architecture and every now and again bang out a an article making fun of some dumb wrestler for being dumb. That, my friends, is being creative. My cohorts in crime are more adept at making fun of the dumb wrestlers so I leave that up to them. I’m sure they’d wipe the writing floor with any tool on that other site. One might ask, well, don’t they have Pro Wrestling Ohio in a prominent spot on their site, similarly to the side tool bar like we have? Nope. Do they make a PWO review front page news every week like I do? Nope. Is there a backlog of reviews? Nope. Did they do interviews of Aaron Maguire and have another one slated for “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine? Not that I can tell. Of course, I wouldn’t stop covering Pro Wrestling Ohio despite the slight; in fact, I’ll just work harder and better to show them they picked the wrong horse in this raceo.

As for the show itself, it’s another lack luster effort to start the season off. Aerofrom continues to make no sense during promos because they’re shoe horning in a catch phrase that’s bad. Just because your name is Flip, doesn’t mean you have to use it for a catch phrase. Krimson also closed out his promo with a catch phrase that didn’t fit in. You have to make the catch phrase fit in. Watch the Miz on Monday. They’re doing a good job of establishing Kirst as a new character, but neglecting people like Matthew Justice and Brian Bender. They are establishing Gargano, Fontaine and Bane’s story lines for the year so it’s not been a complete miss. – Kevin

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