Whoa, even more WWE cuts: Shad, Gallows, jobber, jobber, greasy writer (UPDATE: Ref, too)


Lance Hoyt

"Aw, c'mon, why me?" (Yes, that's Vance Archer as Lance Hoyt, and yes, TNA wasted time licensing his action figure.)

According to Prowrestling.net, even more wrestlers have been released today (don’t pick up your phone, Yoshi Tatsu):

Shad Gaspard: A shock to Jeremy, but I think he looked too much like a sweetheart to really be “Da Beast” he was marketed as in OVW. Good wrestler, though, but likely to have been miscast as a monster heel. (Whereas Ezekiel Jackson — who apparently allows WWE to meet its “big black guy” quota — is miscast as a giant babyface.) He would be smart to send a resume to TNA.

Luke Gallows: The Fake Kane, the Freakin’ Deacon, Festus… and now fired. Boy, that’s a lot of Fs.

Fake Kane

"F my life."

Caylen Croft: I liked the Dudebusters, but they were going nowhere. WWE’s tag team division is in shambles just like it’s been for the past eight years, and even though (I think) I like Croft more than Baretta, to WWE they’re the same warm body. Cut one, let the other one dangle. Go to Chikara and be a Ghostbuster instead.

Vance Archer: The former Lance… what the fuck was his name? Lance… Hoyt, that’s right, the former Lance Hoyt from TNA couldn’t find his niche in WWE. Then again his niche is being a smaller, boring version of Diesel with no charisma and a tramp stamp. So long, stinktown.

Big Dick Johnson: Whatever. Go start the next Major League Wrestling and wow us Court Bauer-style into realizing your fat dancer gimmick was untapped brilliance. Gross. -Eric

UPDATE: Aaron “Goose” Mahoney: I at least know who that is, which might be impressive in an era where referees’ names never get mentioned. But then again, I’m obsessed with professional wrestling, so it only makes sense that I sit outside Goosey’s house every night waiting for him to come home know who he is.

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