Goldust and Tara Injured

Oh yeah it’s injury time.

First we have Goldust who said posted on his Twitter account that his shoulder is messed up. He then came back and said he had bad news and surgery is required. I could do more research but it is Goldust and he hasn’t been relevant in years. So here’s a link to

Next up is Stunt Granny, or just my, favorite, Tara. In between complimenting TNA on its lack of politics and saying more women are joining TNA she goes and tears a ligament in her elbow. I got this from so it is probably true. Oh and it came from her twitter account which is useless since you can’t post nude pics of yourself on it.

So lets hop they both have a speedy recovery. The Tara/Mickie James feud is about the only watchable part of TNA these days so the possibility of this being interrupted is sad. Goldust on the other hand has a new book he can freely promote after surgery so this isn’t all bad. Even though traveling for book signings in a sling will be horrible. Maybe WWE will do right by him and put him in first class for the extra room? Doubt it but whatever. -Jeremy

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