Stunt Granny Audio: Favorite WrestleMania, Part One


Inspired by a post on the VIP Forum asking what everyone’s favorite WrestleMania is, Dusty and Eric discuss the merits of WrestleManias 1 through 13. The overarching question: If Joe Blow had to recommend that Jim Blim watch any particular WrestleMania because it’s his favorite, why would that be the one Mr. Blow recommends? Is it Roddy Piper’s excellent promos? Lord Alfred Hayes’ awful introductions? The atmosphere? The multiple excellent matches? The multiple stinktown matches, bolstered by a couple of incredible main events? See what the boys think of the first baker’s dozen WrestleManias, then stay tuned for the rest!

Stunt Granny Audio E&D’s Favorite WrestleMania’s pt1

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