PWO – Season 4 – Episode 5

Guess who got pushed even more this week? The key is the picture above. I'm so tricky.

Shima Xion returned to PWO for the first time since July. Xion ran down the crowd then went over his blinding by Michael Facade, who was just returning the favor (Go back and check the PWO archives from last year for the whole history). Xion challenged Facade to a match at Pressure Rising, which is scheduled for February 20th now. Jason Gory was Xion’s opponent.  Dombrowski notes that these two have tagged together and feuded against one another in other leagues around the area. Gory took control with some arm drags early. Gory head scissored Xion onto the ramp.  Gory hit a flip dive over the top rope onto the outside. Xion kicked Gory in the face from his back. Dombrowski pimped Wrestlezone while Maguire pimped Stunt Granny. Nice. Xion slapped on a reverse chin lock. Dombrowski was harping on Gory wanting to go to the top in PWO quickly.  Gory gave Xion a springboard Code Breaker. He followed it up with a sunset flip for a two count. Xion flipped Gory and gave him a face buster. Xion super kicked Gory then gave him a snapmare driver. They abruptly cut to commercials.

Analysis: Evidently Facade was one of the gentlemen who couldn’t make it because of the snow storm that made this taping a little funky. It’s fine for them to pus the match up until later because it seemed like it was happening too soon anyway since they have a long history against each other. I’m not sure why Dombrowski was pushing Gory as much as he was. He better be sticking around for the rest of the season or else it’s wasted effort. The match was well wrestled. Score: +1.

Nicki (I’ve been spelling it wrong for 2 years now) Valentino came to the ring wearing a Superman shirt, a fanny pack and zebra striped trunks. That’s a really strange combination. Matthew Justice was his opponent. Valentino was going over his move list. Justice clamped on a headlock. Valentino tossed Justice out of the ring. Valentino got thrown into the outside railing. Justice hit a suicide dive. Justice clotheslined Valentino hard. Valentino gave Justice a Russian Leg Sweep and flipped into a two count. Valentino high kneed Justice then gave him a rear chin lock.  Justice assaulted Valentino power offense ending with a power slam. Valentino gave Justice a double underhook suplex. Justice got both his boots into Valentino’s face when he came off the top rope. Justice shoulder blocked Valentino into the corner. Valentino pulled Justice down by the hair after he had been lifted up on Justice’s shoulders. Justice got a three count from a Jack Hammer.

Analysis: Justice was more ground based in his attack which made his offense look better. He was a little sloppy with the high spots. Valentino backed off too much a reverse hand spring elbow which looked really bad. More good stuff in the match than bad though. Score: +1.

Krimson said that we’d witness a family reunion. He then pulled away from the camera and was holding a burning picture of Raven. Analysis: The reveal didn’t take long. Raven has more to offer PWO than most of the older guys they bring in. I think the guys in the angle can learn from him. Score: 0.

Krimson came to the ring with Kirst. Dombrowski introduced Benjamin Boone. He told him it was wrong of Boone to berate Fruith (New spelling for that one). Boone said Fruith was under contract and needed to pay his dues. Fruith got in a roll up but quickly got his ass handed to him. Krimson inflicted lots of damage then finally hit the Witches Wheel for the victory. Boone left the announce booth angry. Krimson & Kirst surrounded Fruith. Winters attacked Kirst. He got beat down. Jason Gory came out but got handled quickly. Justice double top rope drop kicked Krimson & Kirst. Dombrowski said that it’s possible that Winters, Justice & Gory will take on Raven, Krimson & Kirst at Pressure Rising.

Analysis: During both of these episodes, they’ve done a good job of making Matthew Justice a bigger deal. The match itself was what it should have been but it continues to make no sense why Mattson & Boone would allow Fruith in their group. Someone carrying your bags isn’t worth the frustration that Boone is showing. Talk someone else good into your group. Dummies. Score: +1.

Nicky Valentino (still wearing the goofy get up) welcomed Bobby Shields back into Sex Appeal. Valentino claimed to know why they lost to Aeroform and then rattled off a bunch of ridiculous move names. He then told Shields that they needed to get back to the basics. Valentino showed Shields his move sheet. Bobby Beverly came in and said that Sex Appeal needed to be serious. Bobby Beverly challenged Aaron Draven so that he could bring gold back to Sex Appeal.

Analysis: The first part of the skit was a bit too hokey for me but they needed a goofy set up to make Beverly sound right about the situation. It worked. Score: 0.

Vic Travgliante was standing with Winters, Justice & Gory. He wondered why they thought they could beat Raven, Krimson & Kirst at Pressure Rising. Gory said he waited a long time to come to PWO and he wanted to go after the most sadistic group in PWO. Vic asked Winters about Eric Ryan being fully consumed as Kirst. Winters said that the only way to get Ryan back was to stop Kirst before he becomes any stronger. Justice said that he was looked for a war (last week) and he’s found his war. He ended by saying “Quote the Justice Nevermore” to mock Raven.

Analysis: Gory’s line of thinking didn’t make much sense. Winters is fully invested in this angle and they did do a good job of putting Justice into it. Score: +1.

They showed the some of the match of Johnny Gargano versus “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross from Wrestlelution 3. Matt Cross came out from the back wearing a sweet Social Distortion shirt. Cross claimed that he has defeated Gargano physically and mentally. Cross said he’s been better than Gargano for a year and Gargano was only better than him for one second. Aaron Maguire came out with Mr. Brinks. Maguire said that he may be the best here except for Marion Fontaine. Maguire said that Fontaine will be the champion. Cross said that he was going to leave with the title. Maguire said that Jason Bane is a non factor because he’s only worried about being the most dominant man in PWO. Cross said the only thing he agreed with was that Gargano will not be the champion. Gargano’s music started to play. Gargano (with a new hairdo which is a better look) waved away Brinks. Dombrowski explained that Gargano is burnt out from wrestling in other promotions. Gargano bragged about kicking Cross in the mouth. He told Maguire he kicked Fontaine right in the face last time they met. Gargano said that he had one last person to kick in the face. He asked Maguire if he wanted a broken nose to go with the injured right arm. Maguire said that Gargano needed to go through Mr. Brinks. Gargano gave Brinks a plancha on the outside. He grabbed Maguire but Cross interfered. The show went off the air with Cross & Gargano rolling on the mat punching each other.

Analysis: They did a good job of hyping Pressure Rising even with a limited cast of wrestlers because of the snow storms (mentioned in Episode 4). They also flashed a graphic up on the screen with the rescheduled date of Feb. 20th every time the event got mentioned. This segment was the icing on the cake for the hype. They represented Fontaine through Maguire who has been pimping “The Megastar” so 3 out of the 4 participants in the title match were represented. They probably planned on a four man brawl to end it but it works just as well with Gargano & Cross since they have a long history against one another. Score: +2.

Final Score: 7/7. Final Analysis: The final score is higher than it should be because of the quality of the final segment and my own habit of not going lower than a full point. I could have knocked things more (See Bad commercial break after the 1st match, the Jason Gory part of his group interview & Sex Appeal skit) but I don’t feel like going into a fractional point system for rating PWO. I think I’ve gotten my opinion down for the other skits and the positive feel for this show (Episodes 4 & 5) even though they were short handed because of the travel problems. Definitely better than the “They” storyline from TNA.

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