PWO – Season 4 – Episode 13

PWO is getting "Hammered" again.

Joe Dombrowski points to someone who ends up being Aaron Maguire who is wearing a neck brace. Dombrowski wonders if Maguire is on drugs. (I sure hope so after a neck injury) Krimson versus Gregory Iron is the main event. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is going to be interviewed by Dombrowski. N8 Mattson takes on Ben Fruith.

Bobby Beverly came out to defend the TV Title against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Both Aeroform and Sex Appeal are banned from ring side. Exchanges of mat moves started things. They exchanged kicks to the gut. Beverly got a two after a suplex. Botched move where the opponents barely bummed shoulders then Beverly had to punch Facade. Facade twirled multiple time for a head scissors take over. Pescado onto Beverly on the outside sends us to commercial.

Analysis: The opening to this match was terrible. Not only was that incident botched, Facade looked to be going 50% in the ring. Not his usual speed. Beverly looked fine. Score: -1.

Facade missed a spring board moonsault but got a two count out of it. Beverly drop kicked Facade’s knee then gave him an enziguri. Crisp looking snap driver from Beverly.  Beverly danced like he was going for a thrust kick. When he went for it, Facade grabbed his leg and turned into an ankle lock. Jason Gory came from nowhere and jumped up on the ring apron, Facade shoulder blocked him to the guard rail and looked at him. Beverly caught Facade with the thrust kick when he turned around. Beverly got the victory. Dombrowski blamed the loss on Gory. Gory came back into the ring and got into Beverly’s face. Beverly swung at Gory who locked in a choke hold and covered his mouth. Gory put the TV Title on Beverly’s chest then stomped on it. Gory left the ring. Maguire sided with Gory’s blatant choke.

Analysis: I made sure I noted Maguire’s stance because that would seem to tell me (along with Dombrowski complaining about Gory) that they’re positioning Beverly as a face. They’d have to turn the rest of Sex Appeal or have Beverly go out on his own and let Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino as heels. That’s early speculation though, nothing wrong about doing it this way. I mentioned the TV Title log jam in the last episode, turning one of the heels face is another way to solve that log jam. Same song as the first half of this match in terms of execution.

Beverly was the better performer by far in the ring. His style lends to less mistakes but he’s really refined his work this year. Not a big Facade fan. I understand the appeal but he seems to have gone down hill. Score +1.

Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron were ready to teach Ben Fruith his next lesson in toughness. Iron said Fruith needed to push him & Joe on the cart that they were standing on. Fruith tried but to no avail. Iron then told him to lift them up. Fruith pulled the handle off the cart and whacked himself in the face.Iron & joe helped him fix his bleeding off camera.

Analysis: It was better than the week before in terms of comedy, but still wasn’t great. Score: 0.

“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone and his Wrestle-Rama trophy. Ben Fruith came to the ring with Hobo Joe. Mattson grabbed the mic and ran down Joe & Fruith. Mattson told Fruith he couldn’t beat him in his wildest dreams. (That was direct and correct.) A flying back elbow got Mattson a two. He’s dominated the match, as he should be. Mattson even made a hip toss look rough, in a good way. Mattson stomped away. Fruith got a two on a surprise cross body. Fruith gave Mattson a running high knee.  Fruith roll up gets the Dombrowski scream. Swinging Sit Down Neck Breaker does in Fruith.

Analysis: The match was good. Fruith did show some offense but they’re still playing him right. Mattson’s finisher was a new from him. Better than whatever else he did because that looked cool. Score: +1.

They did a whole lot of pimping again. It’s gotten ridiculous. I couldn’t decide recently but it’s officially over board now. Aeroform gets talk before Greg “The Hammer” does. Louis Linden talks about the three way Tag Team Title Match between Sex Appeal, The Sons of Michigan & themselves. Linden said they get it done and with a new style. He went on to say that the Sons of Michigan disgrace Michigan. Flip said “You know you’re in trouble, when they’re so sincere, son.”

Analysis: Linden is usually the one in the back ground so the fact that he got the lead in the promo was interesting. I liked his style but it could be refined. Flip busted out a new catch phrase and it’s an improvement. Still not great. Score: +1.

Matthew Justice said that next week he goes one on one against Bobby Beverly. Justice said he has wanted the gold in PWO and he’s going to get it. He then said that this will be the last time he’s one STO, but he’s going to go out in a blaze of glory. He’s young, metal and ready to attack.

Analysis: That catch phrase stayed and it still stinks even if he is all of those things. I’ve already reported his signing to a WWE Developmental deal but it was solid of them to mention it on screen without making a big deal out of it. The promo was good if you take out he ending. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski, while standing at ring side, introduces Greg Valentine. He looked so uninterested. Valentine said he loves wrestling in Cleveland because of great crowds (You could have fooled me.) Dombrowski listed a bunch of his accomplishments then asked Valentine what his favorites were. Valentine mentioned “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in a dog collar match and Bob Backlund. Valentino interrupted Valentine. Valentino said he thought they had a lot in common because they were old school but Valentine wasn’t wearing zubaz pants, a fanny pack or aviator sun glasses. Valentino said Valentine couldn’t hang with him. “The Hammer” told him to talk to him after Valentino got into the Hall of Fame. Valentine then chopped him and went for he figure four. Valentino wiggled  out of “The Hammer’s” grip and went to the back.

Analysis: Well, so much for my turn Beverly option of turning all of Sex Appeal face. I can’t imagine this is the last run in Valentino or Sex Appeal is going to have with “The Hammer”. You’re always the heel when you go against a Hall of Famer. Valentino was solid on his end, maybe a little nervous but I like the old school rant. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski interviewed Justin LaBar backstage. LaBar explained the backstory of his feud with MarionFontaine. LaBar talked about being called out by Fontaine after he won the PWO Title. Dombrowski apologized multiple times for the company. LaBar said that he wants to see the whole clip of the attack because he didn’t back down from Fontaine. They showed more of LaBar’s reaction after the incident. The crowd chanted “Let them fight.” You couldn’t hear anything Dombrowski or LaBar were saying though. LaBar tried to walk to the backstage area but they stopped him. Fontaine came out swinging but got drug away. Back to the interview. LaBar talked about his freedom of press. He told Fontaine to leave him alone and do his job.

Analysis: I’m probably going to meet LaBar at Wrestlelution. He’s got friends in much higher places than me even though he has only been covering wrestling for three years (He mentioned this during the interview). Five for me if you count when I officially worked for the Torch. Longer if you count my reviews of the old Audio Experience shows. I can goof on his wardrobe (black suit jacket, lime shirt and lime & grey diagonally striped tie. Bring the tie up to the collar, don’t leave some goofy gap and tone down the colors.) but I’ve got to admit, he held up his end of the bargain better than Dombrowski who always acts so indignant that I laugh, in a bad way. Consdering LaBar did the bulk of the talking, I’m fine with Score: +1.

Krimson came to the ring escorted by Jason Gory. Gregory Iron came to the ring by himself. (Dummy) Iron had a good look of concern on his face before the match. Iron got in a little bit of offense but it stopped when he leapt off the middle rope into an atomic drop. Krimson gave him a rough clothesline after that. Gory strangled Iron on a rope while Krimson distracted the referee. An arogant pin only got two for Krimson. Iron downward spiraled Krimson. Iron went for it again but got caught in a back breaker. Krimson gave him the Witch’s Wheel for the victory.

Analysis: What I expected out of this match. Iron got in a decent amount of offense, could have been a little bit more, but it was enough to not make him look bad. Krimson gets a victory over a name and not some jobber. Positives all around. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/10. Final Analysis: Maybe it was because I did this review over 3 different nights, but it didn’t feel rushed with 10 segments. 2 of the segments were the match at the top of the show between Beverly & Facade but that still leaves 9 parts of the show. The pacing seemed appropriate and not rushed like TNA so often does. 7 parts were good with 2 so-so and 1 bad. I’d say that’s a good show, even if I had to give props to a guy I’ve been ripping on for most of this season. -Kevin 

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