Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Smackdown

Christian turning retrospective starts the show. Orton gets a nice reception. Orton doesn’t care about his concussion and wants to take on Christian. Teddy Long tells Orton sit. Christian comes out. Christian tells him his concussion will be a good excuse for when Orton losses. It’s a real bummer to know Orton went in for concussion tests. These two are great in the ring.  Sheamus comes out. Sheamus puts himself over. Christian shouldn’t call Sheamus Strawberry Shortcake. Cole goes off, Booker defends him.

Priceless & Barrett vs. Bryan, Zeke & Sin Cara. Seriously, a commercial? Hella too soon.

Wow, that was a weird pin. Bryan gets what looks like a botched victory. Stryker’s hairdo is ridiculous. I wonder wht Sheamus using yellow in the background color of his shirt. He’s going to look Jamaican. Sheamus puts himself over again.

Kozlov gets to put over Jinder Mahal. No one seems to care. Kozlov gets some offense.  Khali chops Kozlov so that Mahal can get a cheap one.

Big Show talks to Josh Matthews who wonders why Big Show is on SD. Show heard Del Rio was going to be there. That promo was weird. Teddy Long helps smooth things over. Oh no, he tells Big Show he’s being sued for the attack on Rich Rod. Mark Henry gets to take on Show.

Big Show houses Mark Henry. So much for Smackdown’s heel count. Henry is officiallyt a joke. I get to FF. Stryker still looks like a douceh. The Shirt and tie combo are doing him no favors. Christian bitches. What women are coming to the ring? I was guessing another commercial. Booker talks about the vacuum left by Kharma. He’s right, they have had more TV time since then. Tamina Samoa Drops AJ for the victory. No wonder they waited to take the break.

Johnny Curtis gets another promo. He’s an Ace in a Hole. They’ve got a theme. More than most people. I get to FF thru the press conference skit. Wow, 45 minutess left on my DVR and I’ve only been watching for 37 minutes. Smackdown is more filler than Impact Wrestling.

The Usos take on Slater & Gabriel. The Usos showing some personality by popping and locking. The Usos shoulder tattoos are different too. Crowd reacted well to them for some reason. They looked sharp and had some personality.

Alberto Del Rio comes out. A Broski of the Week sgin at Smackdown. Zach Ryder, you need to advocate more posters at Smackdown. Del Rio talks about how close he is to Rich Rod. Del Rio said he would spit in his face. Big Show scaes off Del Rio. I could FF again. Big Show starts destroying the set. They’re putting the Show over. Del Rio looks concerned.

Sheamus takes on Christian. Damn, another quick commercial break.

Sheamus has stepped it back up on offense. Seems to look rougher and smoother all at the same time. Cole making sense when he talks about Orton wanting Christian to win tonight.  Sheamus gets a nice near fall. Wow, nice finish to give Christian a cheap yet clean victory. He bounces his head off the ring post because he was too aggressive. Orton punts Sheamus. Have fun taking time off kid. Smackdown finished in an hour & 2 minutes. I could have FF more and faster. Wow, shit ton of filler Batman.-Kevin

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