PWO – Season 4 – Episode 17

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Joe Dombrowski & Vic Travagliante introduced the show. The main event if Gregory Iron vs. “Amazing” N8 Mattson for the WrestleRama trophy. Johnny Gargano is back in action against Benjamin Boone. The announcers talked up Gargano being out for 11 weeks and what affects Boone had from a big Baneline from last week. Boone won the collar and elbow tie up. They ruin my viewing by saying that Justin LaBar gets air time. Don’t ruin the viewing of this match. A leg sweep sends Gargano crashing onto ring apron. Boone worked on Gargano’s recently injured neck. Mattson strangled Gargano while Boone distracted the referee. A leg drop didn’t get the pin for Boone. Gargano gave Boone an enziguri to change the tide. Gargano low bridged Boone then hit Mattson & Boone with a suicide dive. Sling shot spear by Gargano only gets a near fall. Boone folds up Gargano with an overhead suplex. Boone missed a splash, Gargano gave a Cutter then kicked Boone with a low thrust kick. Gargano turned a Bear Trap DDT into a small package for the victory.

Analysis: They had a tough road to go with this match because Boone losing twice in a row isn’t good. They made him look good for stretches in both matches and the cheapish win with the small package helps keep that theme going and still gets Gargano a win over a bigger name. Gargano could fight Dan Arkhum in his return but everyone would know he’s going to win. You’ve got to have a little peril for a return match. Score: +1.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade said that he can’t get a fair fight whether it’s with Bobby Beverly & Sex Appeal or Jason Gory & Krimson. He added Shiima Xion but just talked bad about him. Facade told Beverly he only needed one more shot so that the fans could have a champion to look up to. He walked away and showed spray painted card board that read Facade in the upper left, then Next TV Champion cascading down to the right.

Analysis: I like the idea of the card board and spray paint but I think you need to go all in and have multiple colors, minimum. It should also be a nicer design that what he does for fans during his ring entrance. His theory fell apart with Xion. Facade talked well but the log jam of opponents made me feel like he couldn’t concentrate on one person to run down and get a good theory on. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino had professionalism because of his sport coat, which didn’t have sleeves. Valentino talked like he grew up in the territory days. He challenged PWO to wrestle for 3 days, like he did. He said he’s a better wrestler than anyone they can find.

Analysis: The gimmick is killing me. When he wrapped up, there was no comic character just straight emphasis on being the best and it was the best part of the promo. Even got me to change it to… Score: 0.

Bobby Shields came to the ring to take on Flip Kendrick. Shields attacked Kendrick when he slid into the ring. Kendrick tried to head scissor Shields into the turn buckle but air balled so Shields had to do it to himself. Kendrick ran the ropes and was caught with a funky looking clothes line. Shields tossed Kendrick to the outside. A back breaker by Shields garnered a two count. Shields body slammed Kendrick a couple of times. Shields taunted Kendrick by doing push ups. Shields locked in a neck vice. A Super Kick only got Shields a two count. He missed a moonsault. Kendrick recovered and fore armed Shields. A double spring board moonsault got Kendrick two. Kendrick reversed Shields’ Gory Special into a roll up. Shields gave Kendrick a running boot to the stomach. A Falcon Arrow by Shields only got two. Kendrick got out of super-plex then gave Shields a 450 with a twist for the victory.

Analysis: The match evened out after the bad start. Kendrick’s twist on the 450 made it look like a really fancy elbow drop. Score: +1.

Jason Bane said that was two down and a hell of a lot more to go so that he can secure his place in wrestling as the most dominant man. Analysis: Super short but really good. It set his sights larger than just the PWO which makes him look like he’s working toward a bigger goal on top of just winning the championship. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski interviewed Justin LaBar. He said he loved the wrestling business. LaBar just said he wanted to enjoy the show and Fontaine ruined it for him. LaBar admitted that he could never wrestle but he can defend himself. LaBar told him he wanted a face to face. Pussy Joe says they can’t do that. LaBar signed a waiver liability so he was going to tell Fontaine face to face that he was a mega-jack ass.

Analysis: He’s got good delivery. I said it the first time around. Just like making fun of Dombowski first time around. He’s just such a sissy. Score: +1.

“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone. Mattson yelled at the trophy presenter. Gregory Iron came out with Ben Fruith & Hobo Joe. (Hey, a face was smart!) Pedro De Lucca did the formal introductions. They exchanged head locks and arm bars. They arm dragged each other too. A huracanrana tossed Mattson to the outside. Iron hit a plancha on the outside.Mattson raked the eyes to gain control. A knee to the sternum standing and laying down by Mattson. He locked in a sleeper. Iron battled out only to get a high knee. Mattson whipped Iron into the corner. A Sunset Flip by Iron got a two count. Mattson came back with a clothesline. Mattson chopped Iron in the corner. Iron caught Mattson charging in then hit a Code Breaker for a two. Iron punched Mattson. N8 sky highed Iron, who kicked out. Mattson missed a second rope leg drop. Iron hit Handicapped Parking (Pay Dirt if you actually remember Shelton Benjamin doing it. Like a jumping Downward Spiral.) Mattson kicked out at two. Iron gave Mattson a Destabiller but went to the top rope. Mattson pulled the referee in front of him when Iron went for a top rope cross body. Boone tried to interfere but was given a spring board back elbow by Iron. Boone recovered and tossed powder into Iron’s eyes. M80 Neckbreaker, swinging sit down neck breaker, did in Iron. The trophy presenter was shaking his head as he got ready to give Mattson the trophy.

Analysis: Good match. You’ve got to suspend your disbelief more for Iron matches because of his disability but he executes what he does very well for essentially a one handed man.The match was back and forth enough that no one looked bad which could have happened easily. The use of the powder makes me think Fruith vs. The Sons will continue for a while now. Score: +1.

Mattson was in the ring with his trophy.  He said he’d won two straight years. Mattson told Fruith he aligned with losers, he got what he deserved. Mattson told him to look at Iron & Joe who Mattson had beaten already. Mattson said he’d put up his trophy to get Fruith in the ring. Mattson attacked Fruith from behind. A cross body only got a two count. Boone taunted from the outside.  Fruith with the Fruith Roll Up for the victory. Fruith looked shocked. Dombrowski kept screaming Fruith’s name. Everyone celebrated that were faces. Gargano was helping to hold him up even.

Analysis: Not exactly what I envisioned as come uppance. The revenge that PWO had been building for Fruith evaporated in an unadvertised match. He got the WrestleRama Trophy, which Mattson had only been pimping for a month or so, but who cares. It means next to nothing.  If Mattson had been showing it off since he won it, I’d buy the importance more. On top of the trophy being garbage and the timing being terrible, Fruith showed no skill or emotion winning. He didn’t get to beat down Mattson or Boone. Just a cheap roll up since it’s his “finisher”. Score: -1.

Final Score: 4/8. Final Analysis: This episode just felt like a lot of filler.  I’m glad to see Gargano back but after Boone suffered a defeat last week, it wasn’t a surprise to see him losing to your biggest star. Shields lost to Kendrick to give Aeroform reasons to continue their feud with Shields who isn’t really in a group any more. Sex Appeal never broke up but they all have separate agendas and nothing unifying them right now. Valentino is doing the “Old School” wrestler gimmick which doesn’t fit with Shields or TV Title Champ Bobby Beverly who are both more serious. They don’t even have a woman valet to keep them tied together. Facade, Bane & LaBar all had filler promos because the first 2 don’t have opponents and the last one  isn’t a wrestler. The main event wasn’t filler but it didn’t punch up the show as already noted. -Kevin

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