PWO – Season 4 – Episode 18

Kevin Nash will take on someone who kind of stole his nick name. find out who it is by clicking the read more button.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire pop on the creen first. dombrowski reminds us that Kevin Nash will be appearing at Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. He also reminds us that Johnny Gargano is going to call out his mystery attacker. N8 Mattson versus Jason Bane is up first for the PWO title. This entrance is taking too long for Mattson. Dombrowski informs us that Bobby Beverly will face three challengers (Shiima Xion, Jason Gory & Michael “The Bomber” Facade) at Wrestlelution for his TV Title. Pedro De Lucca does the formal introductions. Dombrowski points out that Krimson and Bane haven’t come face to face yet as Mattson stalls at the beginning of the match. Bane dominates with power early. Mattson takes over with cheap shots and rope chokes. Mattson went for a suplex but Bane reversed it. Krimson stood at the top of the ramp. Bane started yelling at him. Mattson blasted him from behind which sent him to the floor. Krimson came down, said something to him then walked to the back. Mattson went outside the ring. Bane stops a head slam on the ring apron then does it to Mattson. The action moved back into the ring. After a choke, Mattson locked in a sleeper. The referee does the arm dop routine.  Mattson got caught by Bane doing a spring board cross body. Bane lifted him into F5 position. Mattson wiggled out and ran the ropes and got caught with a spine buster. That scored Bane the victory.

Analysis: Solid match but I thought Mattson got the short end of the stick. He should have been able to hang in there longer. I’m not sure why he couldn’t kick out of something most people do in a Bane match. You knew he was a high end jobber in this situation either way. Score: +1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine mocked the Kevin Nash announcement. He said that Justin LaBar still has a worthless opinion. Fontaine is actually in the wrestling business so he has friends who that will stand up for him. Fontaine said he has an ace up his sleeve and “It’s going to be a big one.” Analysis: Solid short promo. A Good tease and better set up for announcement than last week. Score: +1.

Shiima Xion was dressed like a B-Boy and held the mic upside down. He talked about last week’s match. He talked about the four way match at Wrestlelution. He said Facade & Gory are like fan boys who can’t get away from him. He said Beverly tries to be exactly like him. He said he demands his destiny at Wrestlelution and will capture the PWO TV Title. Analysis: Wow, did he look like a douche bag. The conviction was fine but he needed more time to elaborate on the opponents a bit more. Score: 0.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring with Mattson in tow. He is taking on Brian Castle. He high fived everyone at ring side. Dombrowski & Maguire argue about the importance of Castle’s bandana. Boone with a cross body knocked down Castle. He punched him then dropped a leg on him. Boone drove fore arms into his face. Castle caught Boone charging in with a big boot. Castle missed with a clothes line. Boone gave Castle a neck breaker. Castle fought back when Boone taunted him with his bandana. A knee to the stomach then a running palm thrust to the temple of Castle by Boone knocks him down. Boone splashes Castle for the three count. Mattson taunts Castle with the bandana. He kicked Boone in the nuts then tossed Matton over the top rope. Castle laid fore arms into Boone. He then drop kicked Boone out of the ring.

Analysis: The match was good. It continued the weird finish night since Boone didn’t use the Bear Trap DDT but Castle is too big for that. They’re slowly giving Castle a reason to not be a tool but the bandana bit is killing me. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed “Late Night” Nicki Valentino. He took Vic’s tie and put it on. Vic asked about being out of the PWO Tag Team Title picture. Nicki said that they’ll bounce back as a team just like a bunch of ’80s team did. Valentino said that real wrestling happened in the ’80s so that’s why he’s embraced it. Valentino said that he’s going to write a book after his career is over. Valentino said that he’ll beat any of the legends that PWO could put in front of him. Vic informed Valentino that he’ll be taking on Tito Santana. Valentino threw a fit. Analysis: The information conveyed in the interview was good but I still think it’s such a stretch. Valentino isn’t quite acting crazy enough for the delusions he’s having. PWO also should not have advertised Tito Santana directly before this interview because it ruined the suprise. Run the commercial after this interview. Score: -1.

Gregory Iron came out. Dombrowski questioned where Hobo Joe was. They flipped to cameras outside. Joe was being beaten up by “Big Rig” Brodie Lee. Joe was finished by a big boot. Fontaine told Lee to take it to the ring. Wouldn’t Iron think something was wrong before Dombrowski? Brian Bender was supposed to wrestle Iron. Fontaine came out and said a lot of hurt was coming his way. Lee slipped into the ring whule Iron stared at Fontaine. “The Megastar” said this was the only the beginning of what they’ll do to the PWO. Fontaine issued a challenge to Kevin Nash & “Omega” Aaron Draven. Lee gave Iron a big boot in the corner then gave him a power bomb. Dombrowski didn’t know how big Lee was.

Analysis: Well done segment. Hobo Joe didn’t sell the big boot very well. Iron was the king of the sell on the other hand. The other problem with this segment was Dombrowski said last week that Bender would be out until Wrestlelution. Why would he have a match this week? Score: +1.

Justin LaBar wondered why Aaron Draven had his back last week. He said he watched old DVDs of PWO and heard chatter on the internet about Draven. LaBar reached out to him. He put over how much Draven respected the businees, unlike Fontaine. LaBar accepted Fontaine’s challenge. Analysis: He ended strong but started out slowly. If he would have watched PWO from the beginning like someone I know, he wouldn’t have needed to go back and watch those old DVDs to know how good Draven is. Score: 0.

Vic Travagliante previewed Wrestlelution. Lots of talking on this episode. They should have given some of this time to Xion.

Jason Gory told Beverly that he was taking the coward’s way out. Gory said they’re all going to be victims. He said that their hopes and dreams will come to an end at Wrestlelution. Analysis: Gory did more in his short time than Xion did because he lumped all of his opponents together rather than individualizing them. He lacked the conviction and smoothness of Xion though. I’m not sure if this is the first time playing this charater, but Xion has been doing his schtick for a while. It’s an experience thing. Gory needs to grow into his character more. Score: 0.

Johnny Gargano came out and said he lost his PWO Title to Marion Fontaine a couple of months back then was attacked by a masked man which kept him out of action for the time he’s been away from PWO. Matt Cross came out. Dombrowski said he was taping Tough Enough when Gargano was attacked. Cross said he wasn’t the masked man even though he’d have loved to put Gargano out of action for that long. The crowd chanted that he was robbed on Tough Enough. He wants to show everyone in the WWE that they let a one time talent slip through their hands. Cross said he wanted to finish what he started and end Gargano’s career. Cross wanted the match to happen now. They acted like they were going to fight when Josh Prohibition interrupted them. He said he stepped away from wrestling two years ago. Prohibition said he has enjoyed watching them beat the hell out of each other since then. Prohibition called both of them ungrateful punks. Prohibition tells them they never would have succeeded if it weren’t for him getting their careers started. He said he still has what it takes to get the job done against both of them. Gargano grabs the mic from him and told him to shut up. Gargano suggested that the first three PWO Title holders fight each other at Wrestlelution 4. Cross nodded in agreement. Prohibition accepted but said he wasn’t the guy in the ski mask who attacked him. Prohibition said he did hire him. They beat down Cross and Gargano. Prohibition said they wouldn’t make it to Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Cross showed as much personality as I’ve ever seen him do. I guess he took the criticism to heart. Gargano was good. Prohibition over used the word “Punk” but did a good job of establishing himself for those that forgot who he was and carried more of the talking which was needed. Having the masked man on his side gies the match up a nice twist but it also sort of makes a third 4 way match. They did a good job of covering up the masked man. Well, I hope it’s a man because Gargano would feel pretty bad if it was a woman that took him out twice. Score: +1.

Final Score: 4/9. Final Analysis: Pro Wrestling Ohio is bringing out the big guns for Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. “Big Rig” Brodie Lee is the first to join the cast of names. He was in ring of Honor from 2008 until 2009 which is where the most of his noteriety comes from. Vic Travagliante said in the update center that he was 6′-9″ so he matches up size wise well with Nash. He looks like he works out too and doesn’t just depend on his mass like the Big Show. Next up was the given away Tito Santana. My buddy Sean traveled to Cleveland with me to see “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan wrestle. People will come to see Tito even though it’s going to be a shell of his glory days. Nicki Valentino hopefully gets some pointers and listens to the old man. Last and biggest addition to me, Josh Prohibition. Having the first three champs and the first three main eventers from the prior three years of Wrestlelution in one match. Prohibition can bring it in the ring. That has never been what has held Cross back. Gargano has really upped his game the last couple of years. It has the best potential for quality but will not be the main event, which is fine. -Kevin

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