PWO – Season 5 – Episode 5

The battle of Michigan is the main event. Wolverines fighting is so much cooler than seeing two dumb mascots fight.

As Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire, I can’t stop staring at the woman in the background not paying attention and tugging on her beer bottle label. The main event is going to be for the PWO Tag Team Title Match between the Sons of Michigan (“Amazing” N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) and Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick). Jason Gory defends the PWO Televison Championship against Brian Bender to start the program. Maguire is acting dejected because Marion Fontaine did not win back the PWO Title. Bender knocked down Gory and clamped on a headlock. Bender slammed him then he rolled outside. Gory suckered in Bender and pulled him onto the second rope. They fought back and forth with Gory getting in more offense. Gory hit a Miz like corner clothesline. Gory sling shotted back in and drop kicked Bender. Gory put Bender in a reverse chin lock. Bender clubbed his way out of an attempted back breaker. A running jaw jacker by Gory got the momentum back for him. Bender caught Gory coming off the second rope with a urinogi. Bender back dropped Gory. Bender got a two count after an implant DDT. Gory slapped on a key lock submission attempt. (It kind of looked like an Anaconda Vice around Bender’s head.) Gory double stomped Bender off the top rope. Krimson came to ringside and threw a chair into the ring. Matthew Justice made the save.

Analysis: Maguire ended up selling the submission after the fact but they needed to get to mentioning it earlier since it was new. I had no idea it was a finisher and expected Bender to easily get out. Bender got in much more offense than I expected. Gory used too many big man moves in my book. He’s gone from high flyer to punch and kick offense. It’s less sloopy but doesn’t suit his slight frame. He needs to use his speed more still. The corner clothesline was a perfect example of using his speed because he almost made it look like a combination with a 619 he came in so hot. Score: +1.

Gregory Iron said that in one week he has a match up against Johnny Gargano. He vowed to bring everything he’s got. Iron said that this will be good for practice for taking on the Dead Wrestling Society, Kirst, Gory & Krimson. He said he’ll fight back even if he has to do it alone. Analysis: It was a nice little promo that got tied in his history with Gargano and his present with the DWS. Score: +1.

“Mr. RBI” Isaiah Bonds made his debut. (Oh boy. I just don’t like these types of gimmicks when it’s pegged to a profession. Even worse when it’s geared to one person. They billed him as being from McCovey Cove to boot. Yikes.) His opponent is Daniel Arkham. Maguire knocks it out of the park when asked what the wrestlers strategies would be in this match. He said “RBI is going to try and win the match.” Dombrowski quipped back “I couldn’t do without you, Aaron.” RBI knocked down Arkham with a pair of shoulder blocks. Arkham back elbowed Bonds then clotheslined him. An atomic drop put Arkham on a roll. RBI reversed an Irish whip and sent Arkham into a corner. Bonds clubbed down Arkham. RBI got reversed then tried to leap over Arkham with the aid of the ropes.Arkham gave Bonds a Side Effect for the win.

Analysis: At least they kept that short. The match had no flow. It didn’t help when Arkham almost caused Bonds to land on him by not running under him quick enough. Bonds looked like he might have tweaked his ankle. It just wasn’t pretty. Score: -1.

Johnny Gargano said that it’s his first match back in PWO since Wrestlelution. He gave Matt Cross credit for beating him. Gargano said he is waiting for Josh Prohibition and the man in the ski mask to come back. He has not forgotten because it took months off of his career. Gargano then said that he held back against Gregory Iron when they wrestled last year. He warned Iron that he was going to get the best next week. Analysis: Great promo. Still not excited about Bee’s Knees, Cat’s Pajamas and the Whole Shebang but he delivers everything so much better I don’t mind as much. Score: +1.

They recap last week’s main event. Vic Travgliante talked about the chaotic ending to the show last week. He introduced Justin LaBar. He got a call after he had left the company. LaBar said that because he beat Marion Fontaine at his own game, the PWO board appointed him commissioner. He said that he wants to bring great action to PWO. Analysis: He was pretty vague about what he wanted to do. There’s been great action for a while. Maybe check out the season you didn’t watch. The PWO board shouldn’t need to appoint any authority figure if they have one problem in Fontaine either. Score: 0.

The Sons of Michigan come out. (Wow, that was some serious death metal playing. Never noticed their music this much before.) They went to commercial. Aeroform came out doing flips. Pedro DeLucca did formal introductions (as he had for the opening TV title match.) N8 Mattson started against Flip Kendrick. Mattson congratulated himself after a one count roll up. A shoulder block led to more trash talk by Mattson. He threw down Kendrick three times with a wrist lock on but he kipped up all three times. Kendrick reversed the wrist lock and tagged in Lynden. Kendrick Irish whipped Mattson into Lynden who had his knees up. Lynden took Mattson over with an arm drag. Kendrick & Lynden thrust kicked him in the stomach. Kendrick basement drop kicked Mattson in the face. A scoop slam was followed by a standing shooting star press. It only got two. A double drop kick on Mattson brought Boone into the match. Boone got low bridged. Flip Kendrick did a twisting plancha to the floor. Lynden applied a cross arm to Mattson. Boone broke it up and drug Lynden into their corner. Boone got tagged in. Boone suplexed then got a two count. Mattson & Boone tagged in and out assaulting Lynden. Lynden stopped himself from crashing into the corner and caught Boone charging in with a back elbow. Lynden rolled up Mattson but couldn’t make the tag. Boone distracted the ref to prevent another time. The Sons double teamed Lynden. Boone locked in a Boston Crab. Kendrick broke it up. Mattson locked in the reverse chin. Mattson missed a Stinger splash. Kendrick got the hot tag. He spring board cross bodied Mattson. Boone tried to splash Kendrick but he moved so Boone caught Mattson. Boone speared Kendrick. Lynden crane kicked Boone out of the ring. Mattson and Lynden fought on the ring apron. Lynden then used Mattson as a spring board to moonsault Boone on the floor. Mattson missed the top rope leg drop. Kendrick gave Mattson a spring board cork screw for the victory. Aeroform celebrated in the ring. Boone screamed into the head sets.

Analysis: Great match. Dombrowski really sold the change in style for Aeroform. They did tone down their offense so they looked much better in the ring. Boone & Mattson have been good for a while so it made for a great match. The only big surprise is that Flip used an alternative finisher (I feel like the 450 is his usual. I don’t want to look thru the archives to confirm that.) but I wouldn’t have tagged it as an alternative if I hadn’t seen it before. Score: +2.

Final Score: 4/6. Final Analysis: The title matches delivered in a big way. It wasn’t a big surprise to me that the worst match of the night was wrestled by two of the least experienced people in the league. LaBar isn’t exactly a seasoned hand either. They hyped the return speech of Matthew Justice which was good since it was a surprise return. He attacked the people he was fighting with when he left so that works out well. I’m glad they make a big deal out of Johnny Gargano coming back. He’s a much smaller version of the Rock returning to the WWE. They should use him that way. I love ending a show after a match like that. I’m still feeling good about it. Congrats to Aeroform & the Sons of Michigan for putting on a show. –Kevin

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    zourah 2011-12-08 at 12:41 am #

    Good review Kevin… Gargano’s promos used to annoy the hell out of me but that one was really good.

    The tag match was very good also.

    I agree that the LeBar promo was rather uneventful but I did think they did a pretty good job of having him come across as likeable. If they are going to put him on TV as much as they did last year (not saying I recommend that) at least they have a reason that makes a little more sense. I mean the way they drug out “Justin LeBar’s reaction to Fontaine” last season was beyond overkill.

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