#PWOwrestling – Season 5 – Episode 9

"Amazing" N8 Mattson has a story to start the show.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire kick the show off by telling us that Johnny Gargano will respond to Sex Appeal tonight. The main event is the Dead Wrestling Society (with a graphic showing Kirst & Krimson) against Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick) for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Ben Fruith will also take on Brian Bender. The opener will be “Amazing” N8 Mattson with Benjamin Boone against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Mattson comes out with a broken thumb. He blamed Aeroform for breaking it during the title match. Mattson said they’d get what is coming for them. He then said his in ring career is indefinitely on hold. Mattson said he’s going to unleash the “Big Bear” on PWO. He said that Boone will meet all of his in ring requirements. Maguire harped on Facade not being able to win the big match. Boone kept his distance while Facade threw some kicks. Boone showed off his power in collar and elbow tie ups. Satellite head scissors by Facade started his offense. Facade tried to leap frog Boone but he was still standing up. (I’m thinking that botch was on Boone. I have no idea though.) Facade Pele Kicked Boone to the outside. Facade sling shotted over the ropes but fell short. Boone picked him up and slammed him into the post. (They’ve recovered nice from each miss.) Boone slammed him into the the ring apron. Boone rolled him back inside. A leg drop only got a two count. Boone locked in a Bear Hug. A running shoulder block by Boone got another two count. Mattson tried to get involved so Facade chased him. Boone attacked from behind. Boone missed a charge into a corner. An inverted atomic drop was followed by a heel kick. Boone went outside to recover. Facade climbed onto the entrance curtains with a cross body. He took off the gui and got Boone back into the ring. Boone kicked out of a missile drop kick. Mattson distracted the ref, Jason Gorey came out and clocked Facade with the belt. Boone splashed Facade for the three count.

Analysis: Two botches doesn’t help the quality of the match. It was wrestled well aside from the noted mistakes and booked nicely with Gorey helping out Boone who couldn’t really lose just getting back into the singles ranks. Facade looked like he was going to win so it worked out in the end. Score: 0.

Kirst was outside for his promo while it was snowing. He told Greg (Iron) that their mother’s both were drug addicts. Kirst said that both of their father’s were bad. Kirst said that he was at the same show that CM Punk lauded Greg. He said he’s going to give him a real disability, broken legs. Analysis: That was pretty solid. It gave him a good reason outside of just being “evil” to hate Iron. Score: +1.

“Sassy” Stephie said she is excited to make her long awaited return to PWO & STO. She said she’ll make Veda Scott kiss her “Sass”. Analysis: I would have bought it if she had more gusto. I was quite surprised by her red hair. Score: 0.

Brian Bender came to the ring with Bryan Castle. Bender wrangles Castle into a seat outside the ring and tells him to stay put. Ben Fruith was second out with Corey Winters in tow. Bender didn’t accept Castle’s lucky head band. Bender took Fruith over with a head lock hip toss. Bender ground away with a head lock. Fruith rolled up Bender who ejected him out of the ring. Castle checked on Fruith but Bender called him off. Castle looked for a high five. Fruith pushed Bender who got back dropped by Castle. Fruith rolled him back into the ring. Bender clotheslined Fruith after an attempted hip toss. Fruith Roll Up got a two count. Bender slammed Fruith. A charging knee by Fruith evened things out. Bender with a urinogi for the victory. Castle acted concerned for Fruith. Castle hugged Fruith after he recovered.

Analysis: Bender won fairly easily which is what it should have been. It splits the wins for the “feuding” tag teams. It’s more of a friendly rivalry. Bender isn’t going full heel just trying to give Castle a killer instinct. Score: +1.

Johnny Gargano admitted that he wasn’t perfect. He said he gets too obsessive. Gargano said he’s obsessed with being the best wrestler in the world. He said he’s obsessed with a loose end, the man in the ski mask. He knows that Sex Appeal has a piece of the puzzle but isn’t sure it was them that attacked him. He gave Bobby Shields credit for beating him even if it was with Bobby Beverly’s help. Gargano closed by saying they’d rue the day they screwed with him. Analysis: He does a great job on the mic. He’s got a good obsession with being the best. Get healthy man. Score: +1.

Krimson & Kirst came out first. Aeroform came out after a commercial break. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Kirst started the match with the black hood around his head with Louis Lynden pacing around him. Lynden took off the hood. A headlock hip toss by Lynden started things off. A botched head scissors take over. Krimson wisely stepped on Lynden’s head. Kirst missed a charge into a corner. Kendrick got tagged in. Krimson tagged in and clubbed away on Kendrick. A drop kick, a sweep of the leg and a standing moonsault got Kendrick a two count. Lynden came in. They double drop kicked Krimson. Kendrick gave Krimson a boot to the face. Krimson tossed him off of a tornado DDT attempt. Krimson got Kendrick in a modified Tree of Woe and dropped a pair of knees on him. Kirst gave him a back splash from the top rope for a two. Krimson pounded away on Kendrick with punches, kicks & headbutts. Kendrick fought out of a double team for a double Pele kick. Lynden got the hot tag with a two legged drop kick to catch Kirst & Krimson. Lynden kicked away at Kirst. A monsault on Krimson got a two count before Kirst saved him. Krimson went to the outside. Kirst got back tossed to the outside. Kendrick tagged back in. Stereo spring board asai moonsaults. Kendrick rolled Kirst back into the ring but only got a two count. A spring board DDT only got Kendrick a two count. Krimson stopped Lynden from going for a Doomsday Device (assumption on my part). Krimson clotheslined Kendrick into a German Suplex by Kirst for the victory and new tag team champions. Gorey came out and attacked Aeroform. Flip Kendrick got clotheslined head first into a chair by Krimson. They sandwiched Kendrick’s leg with the chair then Kirst jumped on it. Kirst went back to the top rope. Gregory Iron finally made the save. Michael Facade tries to make the save. Jason Bane made the real save. Someone in a purple shirt, a black vest and slacks came out an confronted Krimson. Kirst & Gorey tried to attack him but Krimson held them back. The Dead Wrestling Society left with the mystery man still hanging out.

Analysis: The match itself could have been better. It wasn’t terrible but something felt off about it. It almost seemed rushed even though it had plenty of time. The ending was very interesting. The mystery man had a good look to him. Score: +1.

Final Score: 4/6. Final Analysis: It was a bummer to start the show with “Amazing” N8 Mattson announcing his retirement even if I knew and have mentioned it before. It’ll be great if he sticks around as a manager as he can be annoying and help Benjamin Boone get heat by helping him win matches. Boone is impressive on his own and could mix it up with Krimson or Jason Bane because of his size. It was good for Kirst to get some mic time. It’s about time that him & Gorey flesh out their characters if the Dead Wrestling Society is going to stick around and be important. Bender & Castle against Fruith & Winters is nice undercard work. I hope Gargano gets healthy for Wrestlelution or else the ski mask angle is going to get killed. It’ll be interesting to see how they recover if they have to write the story off.

The tag team titles changing hands is interesting. I’m not a big fan of Aeroform losing the titles so quickly. They worked hard to get those things but then had them for all of two weeks or so. (I’m not going to look up what the real life time frame was. It was two or three episodes.) Krimson could have won the title last year at Wrestlelution but instead he gets the third place prize of the tag titles. It helps the Dead Wrestling Society’s “grip” on Pro Wrestling Ohio. The leader of a faction should have a singles title with his lackies holding the tag titles. I’m not going to crap on the angle yet but I’m taking down the trousers just in case. -Kevin

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