Kevin’s Blog: #ROH Aired 11 February 2011

Tag team wrestling isn't dead in ROH.

Kyle O’Reilly is going to prove to Eddie Edwards that he’s a bigger man. Eddie says Kyle started this whole ordeal. Eddie is going to knock sense into Kyle. It’s kind of strange that a grudge match they have built up for at least 3 weeks is a curtain jerker. The match has no action until O’Reilly gets in a couple of knees.  Edwards kicks him into a barricade after getting O’Reilly lost running around. Kevin Kelly is trying to sell the Ankle Lock as Davey Richards “move”. Richards shows up at ring side as they go to commercial.

O’Reilly has a pretty slick looking triple butterfly suplexes that he turned into a cross arm breaker. Edwards evidently is the weakest man ever and tumbles over the top rope with O’Reilly while trying to suplex him. Edwards kicks the ring post. Adam Cole comes down to the ring and starts rooting for Eddie. Edwards only gets a two count after  double stomp. They exchange two counts after back and forth action. Edwards turns a Dragin Sleeper into a bridge pin. He only got two. A single leg Boston Crab turns to a pin for O’Reilly. Edwards turns it into another pin and gets the win. Edwards talks about tag team partners. He offers Adam Cole a spot as a tag team partner. I guess tag team wrestling isn’t completely dead.

Steve Corino is going to be the color commentator for some events now. We get a replay of Kevin Steen’s promo. Mike Mondo is wrestling Matt Taven who is debuting in ROH. Corino is still at ring side. After early exchanges, Mondo takes over. They have mirrored each other too much in this match. Kevin Steen interrupts and complains that these guys got a match this week unlike him who has to wait until next week. Steen gives Taven (I originally wrote Maven) an F5. Steen then does the same to Mondo. Steen jaws at Corino as they go to commercial.

They replay the end of last week’s show. Shelton Benjamin was fined $5000 for a chair shot to the head. Charlie Haas is yapping about getting satisfaction. Benjamin says he’ll need to be sued to get the $5000 off of him. Oh & we’re losers if we root for the Briscoes. Jim Cornette says no one in ROH is above the law. I mean, except for everyone who holds the company hostage as we saw last week. Minor detail Jim. Benjamin will not compete until he’s paid the fine. The Briscoes say they’ll whip Benjamin & Haas when they wrestle them again. They said they’re fighting champs. This segment is such a train wreck week in and week out. It’s three terrible promos strung together.

Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin are taking #DemBoys aka the Briscoes. There’s a $5000 side bet. Jim Cornette is at the announce booth again. Jim says that NYC is getting the O’Reilly & Richards vs Edwards & Cole match. Double team action on both sides calms down with the Briscoes taking over. Mark Briscoe didn’t suffer a concussion last week. Kelly tells us the tag belts aren’t on the line. I still am trying to figure out which Briscoe is which. OK< Jay has less of a beard. Strong takes over and tags in Elgin who uses his power. Jay gets in a blind tag. Mark takes over with some help from multiple double teams. Jay gets back in the ring before the commercial break.

The Briscoes are in charge after the break against Elgin. The announcers are doing their best to selling Elgin. I can’t take him seriously because he’s like 5′-4″. I don’t care how solidly he’s built. Elgin turned it around. More double teaming by the House of Truth. Mark gets out of trouble with an enziguri. Jay is taking on Elgin. All four men are in the ring punding on each other. Truth Martini threw something into Jay’s eyes. Jay left to the back. He came back with a bat. He nailed Elgin.. Strong begged off but still got hit. Mark grabbed the checks. I don’t care. -Kevin

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