#WatchROH – Aired 11 March 2012

We get review of the main event from the previous week of Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong and the post match announcement that they will both take on Davey Richards at Showdown in the Sun. Jim Cornette explains how they’ll have a title match on both days at Showdown. Six men are fighting to determine who randomly gets a title match on the second day after the winner of the three way match on Friday. They went to commercial. Wow, what a terrible way to start a show.

Kenny King is excited about being part of Blind Destiny. He only has to beat Jay Lethal. Lethal ends up saying he failed. King pops back on. Lethal says it’s his destiny to get the title match. Not a fan of flipping back and forth between the promos. Kenny King came down with Rhett Titus. Jay Lethal hit the ring second. This shows how much I care about ROH, but is Baltimore like their Orlando? I’m too lazy to check on my own. The match had barely started. Just some early offense when Roderick Strong & Truth Martini came to ring side. Lethal took over after a strong beginning for King. Lethal tried for a top rope power bomb but King fought out. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection but had to switch to the Lethal Combination. He only got two. Kng went for a roll up, Lethal turned it into a bridge pin for the win. That doesn’t make sense. There was no offense by Lethal before King got pinned.

Adam Cole is dressed in a suit. He is pumped about teaming with Eddie Edwards. He’s not going to back down to anyone. Kevin Steen is going to make Adam Cole a casualty. Still amusing in a bad way with the announcers talking down about Steen yet the vast majority of the crowd is cheering for him. Cole tried to use power at first but moved to speed and capitalized. Steen breaks the refs count when he tosses Cole against a post. Cole turned around things using his speed. He executed a nice tornado DDT.  Steen gave Cole an Orton middle rope DDT. Steen got two after a senton in the corner. Cole got in some kicks and a back cracker but only got two. Cole nailed a pair of super kicks. Cole charged at Steen and he turned it into a power bomb. Steen F5ed Cole for the win. Steen went for the package pile driver but Edwards made the save.

Roderick Strong didn’t like the triple threat stipulations. Eddie Edwards doesn’t like it either. He just wants one winner. Strong thinks it sucks that he has two opponent. It was the second time he said sucks. Oh, it wouldn’t suck if Edwards & Richards beat the hell out of each other. Not a good theme. Mike Bennett is going to beat Lance Storm so fast, he can still get the early bird special. Ha. Solid one. We get replay of the Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin feud with the Briscoes. Someone is getting carried out of Fort Lauderdale according to the Briscoes. That was so short it was pointless. The Young Bucks will see the dorks in Fort Lauderdale. You can tell this company thinks promos are useless.

Michael Elgin is taking on Kyle O’Reilly. Davey Richards is on commentary. Kyle O’Reilly is ready to fight Davey Richards with honor, unlike Eddie Edwards. Truth Martini says that there’s no way O’Reilly will have to face his idol. Strong says that Elgin is his back up plan. Elgin looks strong but ROH’s power guy is 5′-10″. A mere pimp squeek. Elgin kept using his power. O’Reilly kept using his speed. Strong distracts O’Reilly right before the commercial break. O’Reilly locked in a dragon sleeper but Elgin tossed him off. Elgin nailed an enziguri. Nigel trying to point out the bad spots in Richards thinking. Richards doing a good job of parrying.  O’Reilly got a two count from a top rope back suplex. Elgin missed O’reilly with a charge. O’Reilly back suplexed Elgin to the floor. O’Reilly drop kicked Elgin in a chair against the guard rail. A top rope drop kick wouldn’t keep Elgin down. O’Reilly couldn’t lock in the submission. O’Reilly kicked out after a suplex into a side slam. O’Reilly got a two from a Regal-plex. Strong interfered again when O’Reilly locked in a dragon sleeper. Elgin spinning power bombed O’Reilly for the win. -Kevin

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