#iMPACTWrestling – For The Hell of It

I know I’m way late on this review but whatever. Ha, forgot they had a pay per view. I haven’t checked for results either for this show or for the pay per view. I suppose I can rate their PPV pimping. They’re starting off with Bobby Roode vs Sting build up. Victory Road is the name of the PPV. James Storm thinks there’s not enough givers. He talks about Lockdown. Ugh, just like ROH, they’re doing their best to mix up the pay per views. Bully Ray tells Storm he’s fired up. Bully Ray reminds him of the correct PPV to promote. Storm isn’t going to make it to Victory Road because of Bully Ray. Gunner gets called out to take on Storm. Orlando knows something because they’re chanting “Gunner sucks”. Madison Rayne & Gail Kim are yelling at each other. They try to talk to Sting. Gail is going to take on Mickie James. Madison takes on Velvet Sky.

Roode is going to embarrass Sting at Victory Road. I’m power watching. No ring entrances. Velvet attacks Madison who tried to get an early jump on her. Madison wins with a pull of the tights. That makes no sense. She doesn’t look strong going into the PPV. Crimson & Matt Morgan are sort of arguing. Crimson is playing up his undefeated streak again. Morgan is mad but won’t say anything.

Crimson is taking on Samoa Joe. Their partners are at ring side. Last time this match happened, Joe got bitched. I’d imagine he’ll get more offense in this match. Joe is definitely doing it. Joe gets distracted by Morgan. Crimson spears Joe and gets the win. That type of a win for Joe & Magnus would have helped when they got their first crack at Crimson & Morgan.

Austin Aries gives us X Division champ stats so that he can inform us that he’s the longest reigning champ. Aries plays a high light reel of himself. I like his character but this isn’t doing much for me. He thanks his opponents for being good but not great. That’s better. Zema Ion spoils the party. I dig his look. Now if Ion would just get the tassles off his wrestling pants. Ion threatens to injure Aries. Ion tosses champagne in Aries face. Aries dumps the rest of the bottle on him. Solid build up.

Joseph Park says hi to Gunner. Parks can’t ask a question before Gunner bails for his match. We get replay of Eric Young & ODB getting engaged. They start planning the wedding. They need to contact Eric Nelson for planning tips. They’re getting married in the ring. I hope Nelson does too. Kurt Angle is worried about Garrett Bischoff. He loves swearing. They’re having a five minute match. Angle is going to match Victory Road Jeff Hardy’s last match. I seriously doubt it.

Sting gets his video package running down Roode. Mickie James comes out with her denim Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Gail Kim doesn’t have wardrobe swings that Mickie does. Christy Hemme was wearing some nice “Fuck me” boots. Kim worked over Mickie’s leg. They should have switched Mickie & Velvet. The match quality is much higher with two good hands in the ring instead of two average ones. The ref has to turn his back for no reason so that Gail can hit Mickie with the title belt. So both women in the title match had to cheat to win. Mr. Anderson acts like he’s drunk. Kazarian & Daniels start talking to him. Why did he choose AJ? No answer is forth coming.

I do like TNA’s habit of doing promos then going into the match after the commercial break. Daniels vs Anderson is up. Taz thinks Mr. Anderson look in good shape. I’m still not impressed. HHH would call him a skinny fat ass. Kazarian tries to interfere, AJ Styles cuts him off. Anderson nails the Mic Check for the win.

Jeff Hardy tells us that it is personal now with Angle. Not much going on. Kurt Angle comes out for his five minute challenge against Garrett Bischoff. If so many people want to pick on Garrett because of his relation to Eric, why have Eric’s friends been the only ones to attack him? Angle punks him out by pulling his shoulders off the mat. Garrett tossed Angle out to ring side with thirty seconds to go. Garrett bought enough time to get past the five minute mark. Angle takes out the official then Ankle Lock’s Garrett. Jeff Hardy finally makes the save.

Robbie E & Robbie T want more merch. Robbie E invitational for Victory Road. I’m drooling with anticipation. Gunner has Bully Ray as back up. James Storm comes out alone. This match should be one sided. Gunner has barely been able to beat Garrett recently. Storm is challenging for the World Title. They do it right. Basically a squash match. Bully Ray didn’t interfere.

We get more Sting vs Bobby Roode build up. This is weird because no one wins. Roode should win in every conceivable way. The contract signing is the main event. Sting should be letting someone take care of that while Roode has the title. Roode nabs the mic from Jeremy Borash. Sting is mad because Roode reminds him of himself. Roode tells him to step away from the spotlight. Roode couldn’t get Sting to answer him. Sting puts on his paint. Sting wipes it on Roode’s face. Sting attacks. Even steven booking for when Sting loses. -Kevin

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