#WatchROH – Aired 25 February 2012

I watched An Idiot Abroad earlier.

For some reason, honor makes me think of Japan. Since Karl Pilkington just went to Mount Fuji on An Idiot Abroad, I figured it’d be a good picture to use. ROH has an internet pay per view going on right now but I’m not going to pay for it. We get recap of Charlie Haas taking on Mark Briscoe from the week. The Young Bucks are going to teach someone else to show the Briscoes what they’ll do to them later. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander are the example. They worked their way up the food chain. The one guy ended by singing. I don’t know the difference between them. Caprice was the singer. Both teams are pulling out some fun aerial moves. Their characters stink. Pretty easy win for the Young Bucks. Their finisher is a bit much for me. It’s a Rolling Hill, 450 then a moonsault. Tomasso Ciampa is going to take whatever gold Jay Lethal has come March 4th.

DemBoys comes out to talk about the Lady Boys. They going to make the Young Bucks their bitches. Big man is going to beat $5000 out of Truth Martini if they come back to Baltimore. They’re going to put Charlie Haas or Shelton Benjamin in a body bag. I always think that’s stupid. No one is going to die.

We get more Kevin Steen review. Jimmy Jacobs learned one life lesson, evil wins. Jacobs is going to become more evil than Steen. Kevin Steen thinks Jacobs hope is amusing. He said Jacobs corporate man is going to kill him. He wants Jacobs to be evil. Rhett Titus is recovered from knee surgery. They want to prove they’re better than ever by beating Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas. I forget who Titus’s partner is. Truth Martini talks. Roderick Strong wants Jay Lethal to win because he can beat him easier. Strong has a match against Eddie Edwards to determine the number one contender. They are doing a great job of pimping tonight’s event, internet Pay per view that is.

Veda Scott interviews Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole. Eddie talks. Adam talks. They have each other’s back. That was useless. Jay Lethal comes out first. He’s fighting Davey Richards for the ROH Title. They’re starting this match with 28 minutes left in the broadcast.  Of course they go to commercial. Make that 25 minutes. They’re playing up Richards’s mind set about Eddie Edwards and Lethal being picked by his peers to win this match. They both did some sort of sit down surf board move. They exchanged more chain moves. Solid warm up to the match. They just started going to second gear as they cut to commercial. Tomasso Ciampa sat on a folding chair at ring side. I’ve been more impressed by Richards than the highlights I saw from his match with Edwards. Kyle O’Reilly told Richards to focus on the match after he started jawing with Ciampa. Lethal took over after that. Lethal Combination only got two. The House of Truth showed up. Superplex into a falcon arrow into an arm bar. Nice. Edwards & Cole came to ring side. Lethal worked out of second arm bar into a weird scare crow submission. O’Reilly gets jumped by the House of Truth. Richards kicks out after a top rope elbow. Lethal runs into Cole who got tossed into the ropes. Richards knocks his block off with a head kick and wins. They kneel shake after the match.

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