Sara Del Rey signs with WWE?

Please please please please.

We didn’t get to this yesterday due to the ever increasing workload bestowed upon me. By workload I mean there was a Hoarding: Buried Alive marathon on Sunday that I needed to catch up on.  The final episode was the first of this new season and it was a doozy. An Elvis impersonator hoarder; It was like a dream come true. Watching some fat, mentally challenged douche sing “Are You Lonesome Tonight” while stepping over piles of garbage and rotted food was a magical experience.

Anyway,  WWE has made a smart decision and signed Sara Del Ray to a developmental contract according to

Sara is a woman the way they are supposed to be built. This clearly means she does not fit the WWE criteria at all but I will try and keep the faith here.  Her work in Shimmer, Ring of Honor and various other spots speaks for itself.  She has some built in opponents but as I told Kevin, she has no penis. It doesn’t matter.

That isn’t a slight on her talent but really. Who is the Divas champ? Layla?  The woman who they routinely book over my boo Beth Phoenix? It is hard to get excited about this signing. The women’s champion is an afterthought in WWE while AJ, yeah she is cute so what, gets all the attention. Makes sense huh?

This also means that the Entire Kings of Wrestling trio has been signed by WWE. Just sayin.  -Jeremy

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