@PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 5

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire open the show running down the matches tonight. The main event is Matt Cross versus Gory. Jeremy Madrox (whoops I thought it was Madlocks) is fighting Edric Everhart, both of who are debuting. “Amazing” N8 Mattson is kicking off the show against Bobby Beverly. Benjamin Boone accompanies Mattson. The match starts with stalling. Beverly takes over with some basic moves. Dombrowski admits the obvious and mentions Mattson’s weight loss, but says he’s in better shape than he was the last time he was in the ring. Maguire backed him up. (They’re both nuts if by losing muscle mass, you get in better shape.) An enziguri takes Mattson to the outside. Beverly nails a running forearm off the apron. Boone distracts Beverly. Mattson assaulted him from behind. Mattson chokes Beverly when they got back to the ring. A high knee by Mattson got a two count. Beverly fought out of a neck vice. Mattson gave him a neck breaker. Mattson gave Beverly a fisherman’s buster. Beverly kicked out after a middle rope leg drop. Beverly stopped the tide with a Downward Spiral. Beverly clothes lined MAttson twice. Beverly with a back breaker. Boone distracted the ref and Beverly. Nicki Valentino pulled Boone off the apron. Mattson got slammed into Boone & Valentino who both got back up on the apron. Beverly rolled him up for the win. Beverly goes to shake Valentino’s hand but Nicki brushed it off and went back stage.

Analysis: Not exactly the way I’d like to see it finish. I’d wish for a clean Beverly victory. The stories fit together though. Boone would want to help Mattson, Valentino is still undecided so he helps his boy out. I get it. Well wrestled match that has more potential if they gave it more time. Score: +1.

Kirst felt like a junky after he power bombed Gregory Iron. He needed to get that high again. He did it to Daniel Arkham. Kirst finished by saying that he’ll send him to hell but Iron will like it better than what he puts him through. Analysis: I’m just not a fan of the rhetoric and he didn’t take advantage of the filming like Kirst does. He hasn’t had much promo time on here so I’ll see if he can improve. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino talks about the black cloud coming over Prime Wrestling. He doesn’t like the celebrities who have nothing to do with wrestling. He points out Corey and Chris Van Vliet. He thinks we may think he’s crazy but he thinks there’s only one way, old school. Valentino said that he has a plan to rid the celebrities of Prime Wrestling when they least expect it. Analysis: His character is going somewhere but they need to go all in with the serious Valentino. I feel like they’re half assing it. I like his delivery better than Kirst. Score: 0.

Jeremy Madrox was accompanied to the ring by “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. They said Madrox is from the west side of Columbus. That’s a lot of territory dude. I live on the Northwest side. I need a direction. Edric Everhart came out second. Madrox knocked him down with a shoulder block. He trash talked the crowd. Everhart clothes lined him. Everhart shoulder blocked Madrox down. Everhart flying shoulder blocked him. Everhart slammed Madrox. Everhart nailed a running forearm. Madrox caught him coming in the second time. Madrox slammed Everhart into another corner’s turnbuckle. Madrox jump kicked Everhart, similar to a Broski Boot. Madrox locked in a nerve hold. Fontaine grabbed Everhart’s leg. Madrox gave him a back suplex. Madrox locked in the camel clutch for the submission win.

Analysis: They made Madrox look pretty good. Both of them acquitted themselves well in the ring. Everhart is definitely green but he’ll be good if he keeps it up. Madrox made himself look good too. Score: +1.

Matt Mason was being interviewed by Corey. He wanted to know what was next. He babbled some none sense about Corey’s hair, I think. Mason said that he respects Ben Boone because he knows he’s a big tough guy, but he doesn’t like him. Mason is going to beat him and prove to Krimson that he isn’t finished with him. Mason said he’ll always be the HC. Analysis: He started and ended with nonsense. Does he mean head coach? Look at the possible meanings in the link above. Why would Krimson care about that? I liked the delivery of the end because he had conviction. He should want some revenge on Krimson. Score: 0.

Corey was talking to Gregory Iron. Corey asked him how he felt about RBI being taken out by Kirst. Iron said that RBI may never wrestle again. He thinks that Kirst is trying to send him a message. (Duh. Stupid babyface.) He has a lot of stuff going on with the Sons of Michigan, Zack Gowen’s injury and personal problems. Iron said that if his career is going down, he’s going to do it on his terms. He wants to take his anger out Kirst before he’s done. Analysis: I like the message at the end to Kirst. Good conviction too. Obviously didn’t like the start but the end made up for it. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante came down to the ring wearing MMA gloves. Dombroski groused about how ridiculous the gloves were. Justin LaBar came out wearing the trade mark leather jacket and a baseball hat for dramatic David Caruso with his sun glasses like effect. He was wearing a “Need A…Reality…(Check)” shirt. He’s making this too easy for me. What a douche. Dombrowski said it was ridiculous to have a mouth guard. Maguire went to ring side and got kicked in the balls for it. LaBar chased Vic. A “fan” choked out LaBar. Maguire kept security away from the “fan”. He is Ricky Shane Page. Analysis: I’m glad they didn’t make that last long. I’ve seen this guy before because of his work with Maguire in other promotions. I’m not overly familiar though. The segment achieved it’s goal, we have a long road ahead of us though. Score: +1.

Corey gave us an update on Justin LaBar. He is in rough shape. He told him that Jason Bane will wrestle Marion Fontaine next week. Bane said that he’s been stewing for two months about his loss to Rhino. He said it was good news for him, bad news for Fontaine. Bane said he planned on reasserting his dominance next week. He laughed and walked off. Analysis: He didn’t scream and it worked. He seemed so natural. He was cocky about fighting Fontaine, as he should be. Score: +1.

Gory came out for the main event first. Matt Cross started by backing him into a corner then clean broke. Dombrowski said that Ricky Shane Page is a menace. Maguire said that he signed Page. He signed him without checking with anyone else. Gory reversed an arm lock so Cross let go. Gory shoulder blocked Cross down. They traded kicks. Cross gave him a couple of arm drags. Gory rolled outside after being sentoned. Cross nailed an Arabian Moonsault. Gory jumped on Cross’s back and bit him in the forehead. Gory jaw jacked Cross. Gory pounded away on Cross. Gory clothes lined Cross thru the ropes a la The Miz. Gory cross body blocked Cross who was hung up on the second rope. Gory slammed him then dropped a few leg drops. Cross chopped Gory. Cross clothes lined him. Gory got reverse atomic dropped. Cross got two from a standing shooting star press. Cross gave Gory a fireman’s carry into a neck breaker on his knee. They traded some pinfalls and finished with a Gory sunset flip power bomb. Cross pushed Gory off the top ropes. Cross nailed the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Analysis: The win seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s the right outcome though. Gory is a step lower and can recover. Gory wrestled as well as I’ve seen from him. Cross is a pro. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/9. Final Analysis: Nothing ventured into the negative territory but the promos are what brought the show down. I could have gone with a worse score for the Vic/LaBar/Ricky Shane Page just because it wasn’t the best introduction for a new wrestler. They didn’t get many good shots of him. Wrestling was good in every match and everything made sense. I like the new talent initiative. They could use some more pieces. -Kevin

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