@PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 6

The opening match up was Benjamin Boone with N8 Mattson taking on Matt Mason. Mason started out by yelling O-H for the crowd to respond I-O. (Ugh. Isn’t this why you went less local with the name?) Boone rolled to the outside after a leg lariat by Mason. They both budged during a shoulder block. Mason talked to the crowd too much.Mason rolled to the outside which confused Boone. Mason went under the ring. He surprised them with a plancha. Mattson had a meeting of the minds with Boone courtesy of Mason. Mattson held Mason’s leg as he got back into the ring. Boone took advantage with some stomps. Mattson strangled Mason as Boone distracted the ref. Mason caught Boone with a back elbow and boot as he charged twice. Boone belly to belly suplex Mason. Someone botched a move. Boone locked in a bear hug. Mason raised the hand during three. Boone clotheslined Mason. Boone gave him a modified reverse chin lock.  Mason reversed the hold. Back cracker only got Mason a two count. Mattson grabbed Mason’s leg as he went to the top rope. Jake Lemon, the referee, did nothing as he watched it happen. Boone guerrilla slammed him from the top rope. Mason went for a back slide then flipped Boone around and gave him a knee to the face. Mason wins.

Analysis: Mason played to the crowd way too much. It’s OK to get them involved but leading a chant, having a talk and clapping numerous times is overboard. Clap once, maybe twice a match. I’m not sure who botched the move but it didn’t help the quality of the match which wasn’t that great. I’m not as high on Boone as I used to be but Mason seemed like the bigger problem. I also have no idea why the ref didn’t disqualified Boone for Mattson’s interference despite the fact that he looked right at it. Score: -1.

Ricky Shane Page was accompanied to the ring by Vic Travagliante. He was taking on an also debuting Jay Flash. Page rubbed his face on the top turn buckle. Page splashed Flash in the corner. Flash ducked the next charge and kicked Page in the face. Flash low drop kicked him. Page went to the outside. Page caught Flash during a suicide dive attempt then slammed him on the apron. Page slammed Flash’s head on the apron. Page chopped and punched him. Flash fought back. Page slammed Flash. Page gut bustered him.Page locked in a clover leaf. Flash reached the ropes. Flash ducked a Roaring Elbow and gave Page a running elbow. Page no sold it and  several moves after it. Page gave Flash a buckle bomb. Page with the Roaring Elbow for the win. Page kneed and elbowed Flash after the match. Page gave him some type of driver. Page went to attack the referees when the cops were called down. They arrested him and took him off.

Analysis: They established Page’s character really well but the finish is a little weird to me. He can’t come back right away, correct? I understand he comes back because he’s favored by the Aaron Maguire side of management. I think he losses a little bit of momentum to start things off unless it was a one off character anyway. Jay Flash is a great name. The kid was ridiculous fast and worked really well. Good big man vs little man match. Score: +2.

Nicki Valentino came to the ring unannounced. He told Chris Van Vliet to sit down. Valentino then told him to leave. Valentino admits to being a goofy guy. He said that he has a serious side. Valentino blamed Van Vliet for making the crowd stupider. Valentino told Van Vliet to punch him. Van Vliet acts like he wants to punch him. The referees separate them. Analysis: That might be the first time in wrestling history that worked so easily. It makes Valentino look stupid doing this. Van Vliet is just doing the announcing and hasn’t interfered in anyone’s match since Wrestlution. He’s not hogging extra time like hosts of Raw in years past. Pedro De Lucca took up the same amount of time so why didn’t Valentino attack him years ago? His promo rambled at times to boot. Score: -1.

Corey was on his way to talk to the Sons of Michigan when he rolled footage that was given to him by them. N8 Mattson was explaining the situation with Gregory Iron & Zack Gowen. He told the camera he was taking out Gowen tonight. Gowen came around the corner and asked Boone what he was doing there. Mattson attacked him from behind. Mattson whacked his whole leg with his cane. Corey came back sitting on the stairs with the Sons of Michigan. Boone complained about Gowen turning on them at Wrestlelution. What happened to Gowen was payment for that turn. Mattson said they were returning to championship glory. Corey wrapped it by telling us “It doesn’t get any clearer than that.” Analysis: Nicki Valentino should be kicking Corey’s ass if he wants useless people taking up camera time that are “famous”. What a way to wreck a promo at the end along with mugging to the camera too much. The setting was odd. Combine that with Mattson wearing the winter cap and it made it feel like they were grade school kids. We’re cool, we hang out in the hall during class. I liked the close but not one of Mattson’s better promos either. Score: -1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came out first along with Jeremy Madrox & Vic Travagliante. Fontaine was wearing a ridiculous black sequin jacket and hat. Jason Bane was his opponent. Fontaine stalled to start the match. Bane pushed down Fontaine who stalled more. Bane clotheslined Fontaine to the outside. Bane brought Fontaine in the hard way twice. Bane chopped him. A high back body drop made Fontaine roll out of the ring. Fontaine finally removed his jacket. Bane shoulder blocked Fontaine down. Bane slammed him. Bane splashed Fontaine in the corner. Fontaine dodged a charge. Bane ran his shoulder into the ring post. Fontaine hammered away on Bane. Fontaine worked on the arm. Fontaine went for “Old School” a second time when Bane crotched him. Fontaine caught Bane with a kick to the shoulder when they came back into the ring. Fontaine locked in an arm bar. Fontaine raked Bane’s eyes. Bane punched back. Fontaine super kicked Bane. Fontaine pulled down his trunks down to his ankles to reveal his underlying pants (he always dressed this way) had a “Simply Ravishing” air brushed on the crotch. Bane recovered and pile drove Fontaine. Vic put Fontaine’s leg on the rope. Bane kicked Fontaine to the outside. Madrox gave Bane a cheap shot but got clubbed for his actions. Bane kicked Fontaine in the face. Bane spine bustered Fontaine. Vic distracted the ref. Madrox came in and helped to pummel Bane. Jason Bane choked slammed both of them. Matt Cross chased of Vic. Bane nailed the Bane Line for the win.

Analysis: Good match. These two seem to do well against each other. Fontaine can get his heat back and it doesn’t make any sense to have Fontaine win without this circus on the outside. The physical mismatch is remarkable which is why it’s impressive that this was another fun match with the two. Score: +1.

Final Score: 0/5. Final Analysis: This show was different because they had less segments than normal. They spent a lot of time on two big matches which really paid off for both of those matches. It was unfortunate because the other three segments were really bad. I’m not sure if this was because it was the end of the taping or it was just not working when these ideas were bounced around. It would have left a bad taste in my mouth if I had waited until the new episode which was a month and a half later. Good thing that new episode aired two days before Christmas. Ugh. I’ll wait to bitch about that until I get to that episode. -Kevin

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