Stunt Granny Audio – #PrimeWrestling Wrestlelution 6: The Art of War Preview

Wrestleution 6 PosterOver the previous four years, I have invited Aaron Maguire on the podcast to help me give a run down of the entire Wrestlelution card. Since he jumped on the show with Ricky Shane Page, Dan & Kevin are here to preview the entire card. How much can be made of an event that hasn’t had any TV exposure? Dan & Kevin are so good they don’t need it though. The Sons of Michigan & Bobby Shields are taking on Bryan Castle, Jay Flash and Aiden Veil. Who haven’t they interviewed from this group? Who is in need of improvement? Who is in need of a win? Nicki Valentino is taking on a mystery opponent. Can Dan & Kevin squeeze any blood out of this stone? There is a four man match involving Gory, Michael Facade, Louis Lyndon and Jimmy Jacobs. How are all of the gentlemen connected? Have Gory & Facade improved from their beginnings in Prime Wrestling? Why did TNA take Flip Kendrick over Lyndon? Will Jimmy Jacobs win this match because he’s the big name? Dan & Kevin moved on to the best of three series to determine the Commissioner of Prime Wrestling. Will the Megalomaniacs & Vic Travgliante or Prime Foundation & Justin LaBar succeed? Will Jimmy Korderas sell any additional tickets for them since he is presiding over these three matches? The three matches are Ricky Shane Page against Bobby Beverly, Matthew Justice defending the TV Title against Matt Cross and Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox defending the Tag Team Titles against Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen. Will it go to the third match to determine the series? What are the odds that would actually happen? Do Dan & Kevin agree who will win the matches? Do they agree on which match is underrated? Is Marti Belle an enhancement to Justice? Prime Wrestling always have a special attraction match and this year’s happens to be Johnny Gargano taking on Paul London. Has London done anything of note in Ring of Honor? Is there any reason for Gargano to lose this match? The main event will involve Prime Heavyweight Champion Krimson taking on ECW, TNA & WWE Alumni Rhino. Why are these two being matched up against each other? How many times can Dan & Kevin tell you to watch the promo from Krimson below? Find out when you click on the link below!

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