Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1: 30 Days without an Accident

le-season-premiere-sera-diffuse-dimancheThe long nightmare is over. Finally, The second best drama (Justified being the absolute best obviously.) on television is back. This means the return of Jeremy and Kevin giving their views and insight in to the forthcoming season. So with one episode in the bag let’s get to it shall we? Oh, as a matter of fairness, specific plot points will be discussed. In other words spoilers abound. If you read any further it is your fault stupid. So you have been warned.

Jeremy: So, where to begin with this episode? I liked it. Seemed like a nice set up for the rest of the season without being boring.

Kevin: They left a lot of questions to be answered. So that was good. Always weird to me the time warp that happens between seasons. It leads to its own questions.

Jeremy: Yes they have done that each season so it isn’t as jarring now. It does feel, this time around, that we have missed some big developments. Tyreese has a girlfriend. Beth has become a cold-hearted trollop. They found pigs! I wanted to see that episode

Kevin: I was waiting for that pig to become a zombie pig.

Jeremy: I think the majority of the audience was as well. I know I got giddy and blurted out Zombie Pigs! So let’s start there with the ending, the pig clearly died of an infection. The nerd guy, from Phineas and Ferb, died of an infection. The hook is how it got there. I am guessing tainted food?

Kevin: Salmonella! Stupid people forgot to pick up handiwipes.

Jeremy: It was rather obvious the kid was going to turn. I do like the mystery as to how he became infected.

Kevin: Yeah, that is a big question. As always, you need to wonder how many people he’ll take out before things get really ugly.

Jeremy: From the looks of the preview there are some sever budget cuts coming up. The cast does feel rather bloated right now. In some places really bloated….if you know what I mean.

Kevin: Well, it just makes for a better show when they concentrate on – people. The Woodbury shtick got old. It seems the prison was headed that way until whatever infection it is came along.

Jeremy: Yes that was my initial thought. But a larger cast can allow the coming episodes to be divided between different groups so I don’t mind. It did feel a little overbearing showing how people have developed relationships. This goes back to the progression of time though. It will make characters getting bumped off mean a bit more

Kevin: Seems like Beth keeps having other dumb asses her age dying.

Jeremy: How obvious was that? They made it pretty clear who was getting offed in the episode. Nerd boy and puppy dog boy. They teased Tyreese I suppose. I figure that is more the stigma of only having one black character on the show at a time than anything.

Kevin: I would think they’d keep him around since he got the new woman. Although killing her off would be on par for the show.

Jeremy: Right one of the two for sure. He is such an underdeveloped character they can’t kill him off yet. His waffling about killing is annoying though.

Kevin: I understood the distinction he was making about killing the zombies but you couldn’t sell me on it.

Jeremy: No, what moron wants to go out there where you can get killed? You stand behind a fence and off the dummies with no issue.

Kevin: Yep, you’ve seen how much damage they do. You live in a prison for Pete’s sake. Give me a pike and I’ll off those brainless things until my arms are shot.

Jeremy: Yeah and that coming from a guy who was running in the woods offing walkers like it was nothing. One thing I thought was silly was the Maggie pregnancy scare. It wasn’t necessary.

Kevin: She needs to start taking some in the back door to avoid that problem.

Jeremy: You son of bitch. Totally stole my thunder.

Kevin: Ha ha ha. You put it on a tee for me. I couldn’t resist. No need for that though.

Jeremy: There is always a need…..never mind. So anyway the show focused primarily on “the run” and Rick with the tourist. I loved Rick’s excursion.

Kevin: Why am I blanking on Rick’s excursion? I remember most of the run.

Jeremy: He found the lady in the woods who was looking for food for her husband.

Kevin: Holy cow. Um, yeah fun stuff. She was a great crazy character. I was pretty tired watching so thanks for joggin’ the noggin’.

Jeremy: Yeah man, it also lead to Rick realizing how things could have been. Her guttural scream when she tried to stab him was terrifying. The fact she had only her husband’s head to feed made it even creepier.

Kevin:  They did keep the creep factor up to for her. You have to wonder if she killed him.

Jeremy: I didn’t get that at all. I figured she was totally lost and the hints of psychological and sexual abuse just put her over edge.

Kevin: Not much else to say about that part of the show though. Good one episode character to have.

Jeremy: Yeah I was curious to see if they would have her come back to assimilate. Could have been a different plot line. But the star of the show had to be the roof zombies. Splattering, getting strung up by their own guts and getting peeled like a soggy grape.

Kevin: Yeah, hard to say anything about the budget when that awesome gruesomeness is happening.

Jeremy: My question though is how did they all get up there? Was it a rescue gone badly?

Kevin: That’s what it looked like to me with the crashed helicopter. It had to been somewhat recent because they would have run out of food if it had been a while ago.

Jeremy: Was wondering about that so it makes sense. I guess the sun dried them out a bit.

Kevin: I suppose the helicopter would make that roof cave eventually. Trying to figure out what the dead and live load would be. Kind of funny that the zombies would be considered live load since they move.

Jeremy: Yeah it is the horror movie trap of convenient physics.

Kevin: It resulted in some awesome special effects so I’m fine with funny physics.

Jeremy: Yeah and if that is where someone would nitpick that would rate really weak. Outside of that scene though all we had was Carl being a teenager and Carol pulling a secret society knife combat training.

Kevin: I can handle Carl moving on from bratty child to bratty teen phase. Were they saying Carol & Darryl were finally an item?

Jeremy: I didn’t read it that way, I took it as they are still in denial. They seemed to be making fun of the fat people think they are together.

Kevin: Okay, that sounds better to me too. I wasn’t convinced of them being together.

Jeremy: Yeah didn’t get that at all. Oh, why would Carl be pissed she is teaching knife fighting? What am I missing?

Kevin: I’m not sure what his problem is other than being a moody teenager.

Jeremy: OK that i what I was thinking as well. What a way to grow up.

Kevin: Yeah, it’d suck. No sight of Lil’ Ass Kicker

Jeremy: Yeah Rick was holding her after he got back. When he was talking with Hershel.

Kevin: Oh, I was half in the bag at that point. I’ll plead tired on that front.

Jeremy: Ha, tired.

Kevin: I was tired from drinking alcohol earlier in the day.

Jeremy: So as a first episode I maintain it was a good setup episode. Michonne had more lines as well and they gave her a purpose without it being overbearing.

Kevin: Yeah, good set up episode. They take their time so

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