Stunt Granny Conversation: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye, Leo Fitz, Agent Coulson, Melinda May

Skye, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Agent Coulson, Melinda May and Grant Ward

Jeremy:  So caught up in agents of shield. Um it better improve. Having a hard time giving a shit about it.

Kevin:  Yeah, watched episode 3 last night. They’ve got 3 episodes to hook me or else it’s getting the axe. Just terrible.

Jeremy:  Was that the rookie spy one? Everything is too neat and clean. The two scientist kids are worthless.

Kevin: Hacker girl got sent into the party in Malta in that episode. Only positive part of the show was her running after her dress had gotten wet.
Jeremy:  Yeah. Best part was her tits bouncing all over in her wet dress.
Kevin:  Ha ha ha
Jeremy:  Ha. This should have been our convo! But her subplot makes no sense. Of course there is a romance blah blah. I was expecting it to be straight forward at first then get in to things. This weeks makes no sense so far. But only ten minutes in.
Kevin:  We can still make it a convo. Now I feel the need to look up her name. Her name is Skye just so we can keep things straight.
Jeremy: I am giving this week a chance. I don’t count the pilot episode. The show did receive a full season order so maybe they can start writing for longer arcs. At the least clean up the logic.
Kevin: They need to clean up the characters first. They’re all so one dimensional. Fighting guy, hacker girl, wacky scientists, woman “dragged” back into the fight and head guy who was last dead in the Avengers movie.
Jeremy: Coulson is the only interesting character. Mainly because he is the only sheet of paper with writing on it.

I know his name and Fitz and Simmons. Get it? It sounds like one name. I have no idea which one is which.
Kevin: Oh my lord, I didn’t get it. That is so stupid. They don’t understand that the wacky scientist needs to be partially human rather than just super smart.
Jeremy: Yes it is poor writing. One dimension. Well wait; they have accents. My bad.
Kevin: Accents make it all better! We’re an international team now. Look, we’ve got an Asian woman who flies the plane. Get it because Asian people don’t know how to drive.
Jeremy: The stoic Asian. Good call. The hunky loner struggling with a team but is so dreamy the outsider falls for him.
Kevin:  Always need to have a woman hard ass these days so, oh my lord, her name is Melinda May? Could you make it sound any more white?
May as well make her name Yu Wang so that they can make door jokes.
Jeremy: So should we expect there to be the sassy black chick or angry black guy? Or do we get a comedic relief black person? Seemed to be one of the only stereotypes left . “Damn that science is whack yo.”
Kevin: Maybe they’re letting that stereotype slide since we’re going to get the once every blue moon sightings of Nick Fury.
Jeremy: There have been two black people so far as the antagonists. So there is that.
Kevin: At least they’re getting their quota on there.
Jeremy: That is what it seems like. If they just had characters instead of one note faces it wouldn’t be an issue at all.
Kevin:  Yeah that is the main problem, bad writing.

Even though the idea of Skye turning on the team has been planted, the writing has made it so obvious that she won’t screw them over.
Jeremy:  As well as Coulson knowing she is up to something. Why else would he allow her on the team? Also, isn’t it a rather large security issue for her to be texting all the time?
Kevin: But she thinks differently than the rest of us so it’s okay. Even if she takes down the whole agency.
Jeremy: Yeah the high security highly technological agency. This is another issue. In the Avengers it made sense the Hellicarier got attacked since it was gods and magic. I hate then fact that a simple Peruvian police team can infiltrate and cause havoc on the big bad plane.

It makes Shield look weak and it undermines the uniqueness of the group.
Kevin: Just seemed like a way to shoe horn in Samuel L. Jackson at the end of the first show. But it did cause more damage to the group than it helped because we all know Sam isn’t making a regular appearance.
Jeremy: See I totally missed his cameo. Where was it?
Kevin: At the end of the pilot, he comes in and bitches out Coulson for coming back to work and wrecking multimillion dollars of equipment.

Jeremy: Ahh OK. DVR must have cut off that part. So it was meaningless.
Kevin: Exactly.
Jeremy: It is an overall show problem. It was as if they didn’t expect but to get picked up
Kevin: Are we out of gas? A good time to stop?
Jeremy: What else is there to say? Generic characters and convenient plot devices. They wrap everything up too nicely. It needs to be more of an open concept. I would be fine with the series being constructed just to lead in to the next Avenges movie. Use it as a marketing device.

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    awwwww yeah 2013-10-17 at 1:51 am #

    This is why i love this site. i’m glad two intelligent and unbiased people feel the same way about this show as i do. i’m a fanboy, and i still think this show sucks. This show isn’t good at all.

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    Joe 2013-10-17 at 1:10 pm #

    Heh what a wonderfull thing. Two moronic nerds crying on the internet cause they don’t like a TV Show. It’s so great to see the swarm of comments of your devoted readers arguing all points of view. Except there aren’t any, because nobody cares about you, everybody is too busy watching a good Whedon show from Marvel. The only reason I got here is that Google felt like making a joke on me when I said I wanted a review of AoS.

    But let’s recap.
    Ep. 1: Fun, action, lot’s of laughs when Joss Whedon does his thing and does mood Whiplash in every other scene – from heroic to funny (truth serum yay), cool flying car, Coulson is back, good combo of characters, memorable scenes and quotes.

    Ep.2 Some twists and turns in a typical spy-genre style fashion, more character development, character showing weaknesses apart from strengths. Still a lot of fun. Bad-asses are bad-ass, Coulson manages to be both tough and adorable and tech kids are not super-powered soldiers but nerdy kids.

    Ep.3 Who expected the good doctor’s plot-twist? You are bickering about minor details in characters that have 45 minutes to tell a story with a twist AND make you care about characters AND give those characters some personality.

    Also one note about Skye. You are just so sure that she won’t turn on the team because… why? The writing has made what obvious now? You do remember this is a Joss Whedon series, right?

    • stuntgranny
      stuntgranny 2013-10-17 at 3:28 pm #

      We ran a website about wrestling and felt like branching out. Since Google brought us up in a search, it appears as if branching out has helped us get some extra views. We get most of our responses to our posts now on our Facebook page so we have people agreeing with us there and on the site proper as you may have noticed below. My girlfriend stopped watching after one episode because it was so bad even though she looked forward to it. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me so if you enjoyed the first 3 episodes, good for you. I give all shows I like a 6 episode test before continuing to watch them or shrugging my shoulders and ceasing to watch them at which point I won’t watch or complain about them online. I feel like by the end of the 6th episode, the writers have had sufficient time to develop characters so even though I feel like they’re paper thin so far, maybe the next 3 episodes will flesh them out.

      I’m sure Skye isn’t going to turn on them because she’s falling for Ward. At worst, she’s going to betray them then help them recover from her mistake because she does love the team now and realizes she was fighting the wrong fight with whatever her hacker organization is. – Kevin (If you even take the time to read this response)

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