Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2: Infected


Jeremy:  You wanna talk Walking Dead? Get it posted sooner.

Kevin:  Sure. Where do you want to start?
Jeremy:  Could this week have been anymore bleak?
Kevin:  Not really. It was the most depressing episode in a while. The Jail fighting with Woodbury made you somewhat forget about the zombie problems last season.
Jeremy:  Right. The worst has to be Carl. He finally goes and tries to make friends and the kid turns zombie and causes the death of a bunch of people. But then he did get his gun back so maybe I am wrong.
Kevin:  Beth had the rough week last one. This week was Carl’s turn. How you don’t turn a gun on yourself is a mystery to me. The zombies are bullying the youngsters
Jeremy:  That is actually one question I had rattling around. What is the point? They touched on it with Maggie last week. They have protection but outside if walkers people are dicks as well. Imagine being those two girls. Dad is turning and the woman who agreed to care for them just stabbed him in the head.
Kevin:  Yeah, those two girls have got to be beyond freaked out. Of course they didn’t make it better for themselves when the one asked to stab her own dad in the head.
Just not something pretty much anyone would have to deal with right now.
Jeremy:  It did lead to my favorite part of the episode. It made me laugh even though it was not intended to do so. Carol admonishing the girl for not killing her father with a knife and calling her weak. Beyond funny it really shows how far Carol has come and put her in my favorite characters.

Kevin:  She is the one woman on the show that hasn’t been turned into a complete ninny. Maggie is barely being spared at this point. I do kind of like Carol leading the Krav Maga training since she seems right for it.
Jeremy:  Yes it makes sense as well. A victim of abuse finally standing her ground. Although she did revert to that timid piece with Carl and being scared of Rick finding out. Her friendship with Daryl has added a dynamic to her character as well. His stoic demeanor has made her more assertive. Her physical presence has changed. It has been so subtle I haven’t even seen it mentioned.
Kevin:  Which is kind of weird because everyone gets a little more haggard but generally look the same. She’s gone through phases and morphed to where she is today.
Jeremy:  Yes. It is interesting when pulling photos for the posts to see season one or season two photos compared to the characters now. Carol is a stand out. It will be interesting to see how it plays out if she loses those two girls.
Kevin:  Now, I missed some of the first season and haven’t re-watched. But wasn’t she the one that lost the little girl? If the new girls die, I could see her completely losing her shit.
Jeremy:  Yup, Sophia. Didn’t intend to speak in Carol so long hut she has just stood out for two episodes. The big reveal though is the fact there is a killer virus gong around now. If you caught Talking Dead it was mentioned it is based off a real influenza breakout. It just gets worse.
Kevin:  Sometimes you stumble onto other good topics that one wouldn’t plan for. Without medical care and people generally not sleeping much, you would think sickness would be pretty easy to spread.
Jeremy:  Yes and it is also an outside disease. The walkers have the distinct eye bleed as well. So how do you keep healthy or prevent disease. You stop the physical beings out but germs you never can. Hell the pig got it. So now there is physical threat as well as a paranoia. In two episodes they have made their world all that much Kore dangerous. Oh and the Governor is out there somewhere.

Kevin:  Oh, I forgot he lived but that could be who is letting all the zombies feed on mice & rats. Or even gave us the big conclusion to the show, two burned bodies. The later could be an inside job since they were both sick already. And of course Tyreese’s woman only lasted 2 episodes.
Jeremy:  Yeah they gave him hope. Should have known better. I expected him to find her turned not burned up. I do not think The Governor will be the reveal though. The obvious seems like the new black dude. They have made a point of Rick always being around gas cans.
Kevin:  Yes they have had Rick around fire an awful lot in two episodes. I had forgotten about the Governor but I agree he’s an unlikely reveal. I think he’s gone for good. The new guy is always a prime suspect on the show.
Jeremy:  Well David Morrissey is confirmed for this season so The Governor will be back in some capacity. It is likely one of the faceless Woodbury people. If they want more tension they could make it a regular. No solid evidence for anyone right now. There was a nice character moment with Michonne. Hoping this leads to some of her back story finally.
Kevin:  Good deal. Didn’t know he’d be back for sure. Michonne has been pretty faceless since Andrea stumbled upon her so any development would be nice. I like how tough she is on herself. Working out while she’s injured. She’s a focused individual.
Jeremy:  Yeah it also goes to her reluctance to stay put anywhere. So even in a position to stay down she has to do something.

Kevin:  I’ve been waiting for more out of her almost from the start too. So does she die if they finally fill in her character?
Jeremy:  As much as that has been the norm, I doubt it. She is too popular to off quite yet. Tyreese’s sister better watch it though.
Kevin:  She’s so dead. Turned into a minor player in a hurry. I can’t believe her high water mark might have been her sharp shooting in Woodbury.
Jeremy:  When I mentioned that this was a bleak episode it may have been a little lighter without Rick having to embrace his guns again. The slaughter of the pigs was hard to watch especially coupled with the absolute acknowledgment in his face that things are right back to the way they have been. He protected Carl from himself basically but then had to trust him. Was that his Sheriff uniform shirt he burned?
Kevin:  I don’t think it was because even though his sheriff uniform was minimally decorated, it looked like a plain button down shirt.
Rick did have priceless faces during the show. When things finally got so bad you could almost see him thinking “Fuck, it’s back to this craziness.”
Jeremy:  Which goes back to the “Why bother?” comments from earlier. No matter what he has done it is the same old same old. I do like that they are growing a relationship with him and Carl without losing the characters. It can be tricky. Carl is his son but at same time a unique person. They have stayed away from making him a mini Rick. I may have failed to mention this but I really liked this episode. It was all character in between the chaos.
Kevin:  That kid is so big. I’m glad they’ve given him an age appropriate character. He’s gone from little kid to grim teenager who gets the situation without being overwhelmed by it. The episode was really awesome. Favorite visual part for me was the zombie head getting squeezed and sliced through the fence. Awesome special effects.
Jeremy:  Is there any doubt that was the best one? How gross. Definite zombie kill of week and humans had nothing to do with it

Kevin:  They did in a minor way with the mouse bait but otherwise the killings were pretty bland. Carl’s save on Michonne might have been the other significant kill. I liked that he told Rick what he had done since he wasn’t supposed to use a gun.
Jeremy:  In didn’t catch that at first. But survival is survival. Need to realize it even if the kid decides to off other people.
Kevin:  That’s why Carol is teaching the Krav Maga class. Gotta be able to knock some bitches off in the zombie apocalypse.
Jeremy:  At the very least have the capability to go down swinging or stabbing

Kevin:  Trying to think of anything else from the episode but Glenn & Maggie didn’t really have much. Pretty sure we’ve got the blood stained prison and grounds covered.
Jeremy:  One thing and this nay be nitpicking. They have the spikes around the entrance eight now. Why not continue it around the fence? Also, use the truck to run the walkers down. Let’s get some Mad Max style alterations going already. I want to see a cow kkver in the front of a bus already.
Kevin:  We need a good A Team montage when they show sparks and welding masks. Daryl can add side cars to his motorcycle with pikes on them.
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