Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3: Isolation

Every week, Jeremy and Kevin talk about The Walking Dead because they both watch and it’s popular enough to post on our website here. We’re supposed to do this Monday morning the day after the show but Kevin was sick. Then he waited too damn long to contact Jeremy last night so it’s finally getting posted Wednesday morning. If you’re one of those people that let’s your DVR stack up then you binge watch, we’ll put in a Read More button so that you can revisit later.

Kevin:  So, we get an episode titled Isolation. People weren’t too isolated considering the spread of the flu.

Jeremy:  Yes an isolation that can and was broken routinely.

Kevin:  I’m not sure why Carol didn’t get a good scolding for watching and hugging people on the way in. What a dummy.

Jeremy:  See, I am a little lost on who is quarantined and who is not. Also, just why they are or how it was determined. I know if you show signs of sickness but that is about it.
Kevin:  They didn’t have a solid system for that at all. I have no clue what they were doing.
Jeremy:  OK good. I watched it over again and still had no clue. What I did get out of it is that a real doctor is sick and the vet, pretending to be a doctor, is not sick.
Kevin:  Do we want to address the ending already then with that lead in? They made no mention of this doctor either last season or this one until now. Kind of a weird part to skip. Especially by making it part of the ending scene.
Jeremy:  Well, all of this fodder are clearly the citizens of Woodbury so it didn’t bother me that much. Milton was a scientist not  doctor so it stand to reason someone had some sort of experience.
Kevin:  Yeah, the sicknesses and death didn’t matter much at all. Glenn was the only one they dragged into a bad situation.
Jeremy:  Sasha as well, Tyreese’s sister in case you don’t remember. I gather once you cough up blood that is it for you?
Kevin:  Yeah, she was sort of important. Tyreese didn’t spend much time with her really. His focus was more on his girlfriend being burned to death. Tyreese went out on the run not long after visiting his sister.

Jeremy:  Yes I noticed that as well. Sister is sick and it brings up very little concern. It did motivate him to leave with the group. Wait, or was that also his girlfriend?
Kevin:  No, she was burned to death. That’s why him and Rick got into fisticuffs at the top of the show.
Jeremy:  I realize that I meant what or who was his motivation for going with Daryl? Was it the dead girlfriend or did he actually give a damn about his sister?
Kevin:  Oh, I got you. It was motivation for his sister in my opinion. He doesn’t go if he gets to keep sulking over his dead woman.
Jeremy:  I thought this was a pretty strong episode though for Tyreese, outside of that gaffe of course.
Kevin:  He definitely straightened up by the end of the episode. I can understand temporarily going nuts. It was definitely the episode he’s been most visible in.
Jeremy:  Yes and there was a real tension with him getting out of the car and inevitably getting swarmed over. The scariest, if near impossibility, part of it is that he did survive using only a hammer. He immediately becomes the most dangerous person on the show.
Kevin:  Yeah, he needs to come on scene and they start his theme music “American Bad Ass” by Kid Rock. Getting out of that is harder than to break than Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.
Jeremy:  Well at least it would be something interesting out of WWE . They ave broken the streak though of a character having their moment and killing them off int he same episode. Tyreese had so many moments this week it was totally plausible he was a goner.
Kevin:  Ha. Good point. They need someone else in my opinion. They seem to have shed off enough main characters to add one for a while.

Jeremy:  Right, plus gong back to the history of this series there are three black characters. Two too many . Sasha is untapped as a character so it wouldn’t make sense to let her go. What is the other guys name?
Kevin:  The suspect guy who can read medicine names? I remember that more about him than his name. Bob Stookey. Wow, no wonder we didn’t remember it
Jeremy:  In the episode though the anxiety has been ramped up. They used the line about what they fought to keep out has made its way in and it is true. There is a threat on all fronts.  They utilized hat to full effect.
Kevin:  Everyone was on edge. Carol freaking out is the camel breaking it’s back moment to me. She always seems to be the voice of reason and relaxed but no such luck this episode.
Jeremy:  You referring to her knocking the water over?
Kevin:  Yeah, she compounded the problem with a somewhat rational decision after that realizing she had fucked up by knocking over the water.
Jeremy:  Yeah I completely understood her outburst and then subsequent make good attempt. On the topic of Carol and I cannot remember if we brought his up last week, but she is basically what Andrea was supposed to be. They are eve dressing and equipping her the same.
Kevin:  I can see that although I’d have to say I did like the attack zombies edge that Andrea had not Carol’s more timid defense of zombie’s approach.
Jeremy:  I am really enjoying her character growth. The scenes with her nonchalantly fixing the hose and inadvertently putting herself in harms way was a clear example. She ay not ave needed Ricks help as she was doing alright on her own.

Kevin:  She does have a stronger character for sure. They haven’t kept some people around long enough to have this sort of transformation.
Jeremy:  Yes and even though the cast has grown it doesn’t feel like anyone is getting lost so far. But before we move from Carol, how about that ending?
Kevin:  Of the show or her bit fixing the hose? Because she wasn’t in the end from what I remember.
Jeremy:  She had the last line of the show. Rick asking her if she killed Karen and David and she immediately says yes.
Kevin:  Oh fuck, why did I forget that? She was trying to do what was right for the prison. Not quite sure why that was the right choice. Wouldn’t they have had their quarantine area already?
Jeremy:  See, I am thinking she is covering for someone. As strong as her character has become it seems too far off for her.
Kevin:  I could buy that theory too. Not sure I see it happening but she’d only cover for Daryl, right? Rick seems like he’s been absolved of doing it since he’s heading the “investigation.”
Jeremy:  Yeah the Rick idea is out but she also is looking after those two girls. What if one of them , especially the “weaker” one decided to prove herself?
Kevin:  Well the one is sick so it can’t be her. It’d have to be the still healthy one. But there’s no way either kid dragged those bodies by themselves. It would have needed to be a tandem job if the girls did it.
Jeremy:  Unless Carol found them and had to cover it somehow? he only reason it is up for speculation is the quick response. Unless she just knew Rick figured it out so why lie?

Kevin:  I guess I felt like she was in the later camp. There’s not many people to blame the murders on.
Jeremy:  No there is not. It just doesn’t feel like a conclusion. Feels like a red herring.
Kevin:  So is there talk of the ending then? Of course aren’t there two separate endings really? The group out for medicine has their quested derailed and then there’s the vet going into the sick ward to feed everyone elderberries.
Jeremy:  The berries thing cracked me up. How many organic food freaks were cheering that part?
The quest for medicine got derailed in a fantastic way. I did yell out ” oh shit” when they showed the herd.
Kevin:  I’d have to say that they didn’t force it as the Vet has made it part of his character to live off the land.But it was kind of weird still. They have continued to come up with multiple new ways to kill zombies. I certainly didn’t expect that big of a herd even though they had shown some of that scene in previews.
Jeremy:  It did provide the opportunity for Carl and Hershel to get past Carl killing that kid. he was teaching Carl something instead of lecturing.
Kevin:  Carl is certainly in a different place. Carl deserved lectures before. Punk ass kid.
Jeremy:  He is a strong kid though not the whiny thing he was. He is smart as well knowing any confrontation with Hershel was pointless. The herd and medicine storyline is a good way to split characters. If they hadn’t this season was in danger of being th farm part deux. Of course the only similarity is the same location . This season has moved forward much more so than the farm plot-lines ever did.
Kevin:  They have certainly provided more action in this season than that one. It was more of a drama that season. Action drama this one. It’s helped out.

Jeremy:  Yes and way more walker and walker deaths.
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