Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Live Bait

The GovernorJeremy:  Do you went ti start the convo now?

Kevin:  Sure. How about those Lions?

Jeremy:  Calvin has no catches in the second half. Receivers dropping Easy passes. The Steelers announcers were entertaining in the second quarter. Then watched rest on TV.
Kevin:  I didn’t hear them at all. Barely heard the TV announcers since I taped almost the whole thing. Slow ass game lasted after 4:25.
Jeremy:  Yes when the Lions kept dropping passes clock stopping all over. Defensive line had no push and their secondary is garbage. No d line no wins.
Kevin:  The Steelers have gotten lucky the last couple of weeks with their opponents helping them. Although the Steelers had their own fair share of drops including what should have been a Heath Miller TD that turned into a really short FG. Speaking of FGs, no one has any idea what Schwartz was thinking on the fake.
Jeremy:  I didn’t mind the call. Then the defense shits the bed and let’s em go 98 yards?
Kevin:  Yeah, it’s designed to pin the opposing teams offense but it didn’t work. Big Ben didn’t forget to look to his best receiver like Stafford. First down to Brown and that was about it.
Jeremy:  Exactly. Then Lions really need Burleson back.
Kevin:  Somehow the Steelers are still alive in what is a truly horrific AFC. Had to fit that harassment in though. Were you expecting a whole episode on the Governor?
Jeremy:  Yes I was. So that did not surprise me at all and it was very good idea.
Kevin:  I was surprised but agree it was a good idea. The part that I’m interested in is how it fits in time wise with his appearance at the prison. He was cleaned up so it was definitely after his wondering aimlessly phase.
Jeremy:  Right. The entire episode was well crafted. It dealt immediately with the aftermath of  him murdering the Woodbury army. Martinez and Woodbury black guy bolting cracked me up. It was clear it had been a few weeks by the beard Martinez had.

Kevin:  It’d be hard to trust someone after they gunned down that many people even if you were their right hand. I was more amazed by the Governor’s scruff than Martinez.
Jeremy:  It looks like they have been running the road though. So watching this guy fall apart and endanger you yet again. Time to go. The Governors beard was disgusting.
Kevin:  I do find it a bit hard that they’d end up running into each other again. If you want to get away from someone, don’t you just head in the opposite direction in a zombie apocalypse?
Jeremy:  Not really. He hasn’t really traveled anywhere.  Even Rick and that gang are not far from the farm. You put camp where you can create a safe environment. They seems to have done that with that trench. I liked it and was very surprising. Think they have done a fairly good job of showing that travel is not easy. Herds abound.
Kevin:  That is true. They stopped to have that argument and stumbled into the prison a while ago. I was trying to figure out if the family the Governor ran into was in the same town as Rick’s black neighbor.
Jeremy:  In this small section of their universe it wouldn’t be a surprise. Think it is safe to say the environment has been created that anything is a possibility. Going back to your timeline though. It had to be at least two months before he found those people?
Kevin:  He had some serious growth on his face so it had to have been two months. I’m trying to think of how long Michonne said she had been hunting him. You at least know why his trail went cold.
Jeremy:  Apparently she just knew Woodbury is burned down. This is where I think they actually jumped around in time then settled down. If not it would explain why the prison gang didn’t simply pack up and head to Woodbury.
Kevin:  See, I didn’t feel like I recognized the building that was burning so I wasn’t sure if it was Woodbury or not. But as you point out, it’d make sense not to go back there if it was burnt down by that crazy person.
Jeremy:  His road rage got a laugh as well. Looked fun as well. Of course it was short lived as the next frame was him standing in front of a burning building. What a dick. Guess he was cleansing the past yet again.
Kevin:  Well, I’d call his burning the picture was cleansing the past again. Burning the buildings was the first time he cleaned up the past.

Jeremy:  Right. Instead seeing him shave the beard we got a burning of the picture. I still question why you wouldn’t stab a weakened or prone walker in the head if it meant a smoother return trip. Less chance of being snuck up on.
Kevin:  Which one are you talking about? The bathtub neighbor or the walker in wheelchair?
Jeremy:  Cloris Leechman in the old age home specifically but any Walker in general.
Kevin:  Yeah, I had no idea why he didn’t off her. Just a pain in the ass. Stab it in the head and keep moving. He spent more than enough time slowly walking around her.
Jeremy:  Right and it wasn’t as if it would make a bunch if noise. Unlike his idiotic plan of rolling out the cart of clanging metal tubes. He would have been more subtle walking in there smashing cymbals.
Kevin:  On top of that, the broad he didn’t kill is in the way if he can somehow make the cart move smoother. He needed some WD-40 before he went in there.
Jeremy:  Yes. Wheel her ass in to one of the rooms if you aren’t going to off it. WD-40 and some balance. Clumsy ass. I wanted the sister who clearly wasn’t a cop to die terribly. Was very disappointed her dad didn’t do the job.
Kevin:  She was just a cunty bitch. Of course, I say that then realize that everyone pretty much slashes throats and kill people over Spaghetti O’s. Cracked me up to no end they had to use a generic name for them.
Jeremy:  It was also perfect he poured that slop out a window and ate what appeared to be dog or cat food.
Kevin:  Oh, see I thought he had saved the meatballs since those are the only half edible things.
Jeremy:  Ha ewww. Meatballs in those things are disgusting as well. He didn’t start indulging in their food and drink until after he grabbed the board and killed ole stumps walker. Suppose he felt worthy again. He helped instead if destroyed.
Kevin:  Got to love a psycho who needs to feel loved. I can’t believe even old men like backgammon still.

Jeremy:  I have heard of it. No clue what you do. Other than send someone in to perilous situations to just die a day later. It lead to The Governor being given some of if not the greatest kills in show history.
Kevin:  Getting the backgammon table or do you mean the kills at the end of the show? Because those were bad ass. They make him likable in certain situations.
Jeremy:  I don’t think there has ever been a concern over how much of a survivor or bad ass. He bit Merle’s fingers off. Seeing him brutalize the ditch walkers was fantastic but didn’t make him any more likeable. As the viewer there is too much history to consider him likeable.
Kevin:  Even though he saved the innocent little girl who is quickly seeing the worst of her terrible situation?
Jeremy:  He sees in that girl a chance of redeeming himself. He is getting his Penny back. It is a good gesture but on a totally selfish tip.
Kevin:  Yeah, they really played the getting a family back card. The Governor is good with ladies
Jeremy:  Best pimp move in TV history. He banges that chick out next to her sister and daughter. I liked the episode even if it didn’t change my opinion at all of The Governor. Next week will go a long way towards cementing the direction if thus half season. Still believe he shows up for trouble at prison with a new army behind him.
Kevin:  Yeah, very cool episode. From the previews and the end of the show, I’d say Martinez helps him out with an army.
Jeremy:  Yes. In no way does he take a backseat to Martinez. The man will regain power as he slowly comes back to being himself.
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