Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Reviews: The Last Stand (2013)

The-Last-Stand-2013_1920x1080“The Last Stand” may be one of the worst marketed movies ever. If you caught the trailer the movie looked like a screwball action comedy and that couldn’t be further from the finished product. Johnny Knoxville is in the film but his part is so miniscule it boggles the mind why he was such a focus in the advertising. What you get with “The Last Stand” is a throwback to old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies such as Commando, Predator and The Running Man. It is full of violence, goofy tag lines and action. It was fun seeing old Arnold going back to what made him famous. The old man still has it and he knows how to carry an action flick even at his age. This was an absolutely enjoyable flick and well worth catching. -Jeremy

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    RustyBrooks #1 fan 2014-02-22 at 2:18 am #

    Loved it. The secret to fun action flicks is humor, as Burt, Clint, and Charles all knew (but like a great magician, never let us know that they knew we knew!) btw, Johnny Knoxville’s “Bad Grandpa” grossed over $100 million (8 times more than this Arnold thing). This movie has an amazing cast, Harry Dean Stanton with about 2 minutes of screentime but is twice as bad@$$ as any Expendable, Academy Award winner Forrest Whitaker in a very minor supporting role, and Peter Stormare (Fargo, for the indie nuts). Arnold is a very bad@$$ 66 years old. He makes mid-60s look good. Hogan and Flair, your next decade doesn’t have to s*ck like your last decade if you would just watch Sly and Arnold and take a note!

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