Stunt Granny Conversation – The Walking Dead – Season 4- Inmates


Jeremy:  OK then let’s do this. Carol’s back and they had a good explanation as well.

Kevin:  A very good explanation really. She was too attached to those kids. The kids like her too.

Jeremy:  Her excuse was a tad flimsy to Tyreese but under the circumstances it is easily believable.

Kevin:  Tyreese didn’t completely seem to be buying it but he figured the benefits of having someone else around outweighed a bad excuse.

Jeremy:  Yeah true I chalked it I’ll to shock and then elation. He has the baby skills of a rock. Psycho girls approach was more effective.

Kevin:  Killing  Judith would be one way to deal with a baby. I do love that the child looked too old when it was first born but now seems to be young for her age.

Jeremy:  Yeah that kid about up on size and has gone stagnant. Maybe that is the future of mankind; a world of Benjamin Buttons? I thought that was a nice moral dilemma. How do you handle that? Tyreese saved Judith but then she is possibly going to be your undoing.

Kevin:  I was a little surprised they had enough sense to grab some formula for the kid. Tyreese had it the worst out of anyone with Judith & the 2 little girls. Yikes. No help until Carol arrived.

Jeremy: On top of that one kid who is a tad , um, off her rocker and the other a blubbering mess. Seems pretty obvious now who killed Sasha and the other guy. Carol was clearly covering for her. Oh and the feeding of zombies.

Kevin: That kid has gone over the edge. At least with Carl, you see that has hasn’t completely lost it.

Jeremy: Carl seems to just be going through puberty in a horrible time. This chick probably had some issues before all of this and circumstances have added to the problem. I don’t feel much sympathy for her for some reason. Her sister seems like a regular child.

Kevin:  They introduced her as crazy so it’s hard to sympathize with her. If your theory is right and she did take out the 2 infected people, even less reason to have sympathy.

Jeremy: Just hoping it doesn’t turn in to Carol doubting herself again over one of the kids she trained or molded turns out to be a list cause. They have dine too good of a job building her up.

Kevin: Carol seems pretty set on being ready to kill. She made a pretty impassioned speech to Rick last year when she said she did it too. I don’t think the kid’s reveal, again if it happens, will change her mind.

Jeremy: True. I had forgotten how she got all over the girl at the fence in the beginning of season. Just glad they didn’t drag out Carols return. Not sure if I had made this point before but as Carol has gotten stronger he demeanor has changed dramatically. She has gotten way sexier as well. Hubba hubba.

Kevin: That has been an interesting transformation. I was telling Daryl not to bang that now I’m starting to wonder why he hasn’t.

Jeremy: No kidding. Time to hop on. He return makes it interesting for their relationship if and when they catch up to each other.

Kevin: The way everyone has talked about looking or meeting up with other parts of the group, you get the feeling it will all come back together.

Jeremy: Yeah and that makes sense. The timeframe is so small. They all just ran from the prison. It has been one day at best. That gets lost sometimes being an episodic series as well as the long break. There was a clear timeframe established for everyone but Maggie and that group. Daryl and Beth had one overnight scene. The shit where.they both collapsed in the field was a little too romantic. Usually those shots are of two young lovers in a field but of them isn’t twice the age of the other.

Kevin: Yeah, that started to get a little creepy even if the young one was the one making the sexy eyes at the older man.

Jeremy: She is probably looking for security now that her dad is gone. Also her boyfriend got offers as well. One of those stress induced relationship types. Let’s not forget the classic Daryl moment if saying something wrong and refusing to apologize.

Kevin: He kept looking like he was going to go for the apology but never pulled the trigger on it. The relationship in some ways reminds me of The Professional except not quite as creepy.

Jeremy:  Yes that was the classic Daryl. He is the current day Fonzie. Good call on The Professional. Still trying to figure out the show she picked up. It looked like one of the weaker girls shoes.

Kevin: That’s the bread crumb of this season so far, lost shoes. Their story was less compelling than the other ones. Glenn still being at the prison completely confused me.

Jeremy: OK yeah. They showed him on bus but he was moving towards the door to follow Maggie. Guess he hopped off and went inside to escape the horde?

Kevin: That seems to be the case although you still don’t quite know what he did during the rest of the battle. It seems he rested up just enough to get out of there. For some reason, I was oddly happy he found fake tough girl during the exit.

Jeremy: He was rather sickly so I imagine he went as far as he could then hid. Really? Why?

Kevin: I have no idea really. Maybe just because someone was still alive. The world is so bleak that even finding someone who was weak was a positive.

Jeremy: I had a totally different reaction. “Her? Ugh.” Then she takes about watching her sister get overwhelmed and was disappointed even more

Kevin: I was a little surprised she turned into an excellent markswoman in the mean time. She bailed Glenn out although that was just barely.

Jeremy: Yeah so was I. Probably the convenient skills development the show likes to incorporate when needed.

Kevin: For all of the evacuation plans put together, one would think Rick or someone else in the group would have suggested a rendezvous spot which is lacking with all of these people being spread in different, yet close locations.

Jeremy: Good call. It seems like an obvious part of any evacuation plan. Especially with their history. How did feel about Glenn’s reaction to Hershel’s death?

Kevin: He took time to be bummed about it, but still didn’t seem really broken up about it.

Jeremy: Yeah it looked like he was going to crack up but then it got buried. Wasn’t sure if that was in editing or if that was how it was supposed to play out. I am thinking a bit of both. He didn’t want to show the annoying girl any weakness. Essentially alpha-maling her.

Kevin: I think part of it was his over riding mission to find Maggie too. Glenn knew there would be casualties in a war.

Jeremy: He has developed that way for sure. Even the marriage was matter of fact and should have been the path I took.

Kevin: Ha. So the last group that they showed was Bob (annoyed by him still breathing), Sasha & Maggie. As much as Maggie wanted to find Glenn, why didn’t Sasha seem to give a care about finding Tyreese?

Jeremy: Exactly. She seemed resigned to getting a move on. Bob was way to smiley for a cut that just got shot and is running through woods full of walkers. Maggie was the only one sticking to character.

Kevin: Bob has always been smiley. Dummy was more worried about booze than keeping himself alive. Now Bob thinks he can get a groove on with Sasha now that big brother isn’t around. She seemed to shot him down though.

Jeremy: Yeah which means he’ll die trying to hit it. Sasha seems very much the clinger.

Kevin: Yes she does. We talked about getting people’s back story last week. I don’t care about hers. I’d be more fascinated by Smiling Bob’s.

Jeremy: Also if they would just start calling him Smiling Bob it would be fantastic. It didn’t help Sasha was stuck in the medical ward though. Her character suffered greatly from that.

Kevin: Sasha needs John Cena to challenge her to be a main event player. Then the directors will know she’s ready to break thru the zombie ceiling.

Jeremy: Oof.

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