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the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-15-UsJeremy:  So yeah, an empty Train Station growing Sunflowers? Every thing must be ship shape in there.

Kevin:  There’s got to be a catch. I’m not even sure they’ll reveal what it is in the season finale next week. My bet is on a cliff hanger to end the final episode.
Jeremy:  Oh for sure. I mean where are all the people? Chick grilling in the middle of nowhere? Plus Mary came off really creepy.
Kevin:  Yes she did. I was expecting some more hostility in some form as they walked through guns ready to go. Nothing happened though.
Jeremy:  Yeah the high security of an unlocked fence. Nothing screams safe like a chain just wrapped around a chain link fence. I know there is one episode to go this season but they can’t make them this dumb.
Kevin:  I’d have to think they aren’t simply because of all of the vegetables being grown and the fact that zombies weren’t anywhere to be seen.
Jeremy:  I would expect their guard to be high. They have lost both Hershel’s house and the prison. I also remember Woodbury had a similar area where they fought the walkers.
Kevin:  I would expect that they will pull out a new twist on the defense. Everyone seems to have a new bag of tricks.
Jeremy:  Yeah at least someone in the group reached the place. The episode did  a lot even if it didn’t seem like it. Almost felt like a first episode of a season instead of a second to last of the season episode.
Kevin:  They started to tie everything together so I’m not sure how anyone would think that episode didn’t do a lot. 2 of the groups found each other and we found out for sure that the gang Daryl is with are the ones who wondered into the house where Rick, Carl and Michonne were. I know we assumed that.
Jeremy:  I have read complaints already about the episode, which it is why I mentioned that. The new gang Daryl stumbled in to is pretty generic outside of the leader Joe. They killed off the only one with personality. I find these situations interesting on the show. Started with Rick, then The Governor and now Joe. How one person can get an entire group to follow.
Kevin:  Ha. I don’t look much of anywhere for Walking Dead info until after we do this column. The gang is pretty generic but I think that’s part of the problem going the route they did with the story telling. They moved around to all of these different groups so you can’t develop the new people. Tara, Ford, Porter & Rosita didn’t get much either.
Jeremy:  Since you mentioned them, we can get back to Joe and the gang in a bit, I love Eugene. He needs to be kept around for a while. Never mind no one has apparently questioned why he believes to know how to stop the outbreak.
Kevin:  They did get some development last night but it’s limited. Eugene is a riot. They play him off as stupid smart but inept in human relations. I thought directions were going to be a problem but his plan to help Glenn & Tara worked out perfectly.

Jeremy:  Yeah good writing playing with expectations on Eugene. It just seems obvious his knowledge of this outbreak is going to come from video games and role playing. Ford I sort of understand being a soldier he is used to taking orders.  Eugene’s matter of fact speech pattern is what makes me laugh every time. Telling Tara she was a hot piece was perfect. Especially his acknowledgement it would never happen.
Kevin:  Tara: I like girls. Eugene: That was obvious. I about fell over laughing when that happened. Maybe one of the funniest parts of Walking Dead ever.
Jeremy:  Right, Ford figured it out on deduction while Eugene just knew. Eugene just comes off as a total gamer nerd know-it-all. he could be a lot of fun. So of course he will probably die next week.
Kevin:  You brought up a good point though. Glenn knows the virus is in all of us so why didn’t he ask Eugene why he thinks he can stop the outbreak? I understand Glenn is on a mission but you have plenty of time to talk on the road.
Jeremy:  It was made pretty clear Glenn wasn’t talking to them on this trip. he was always a good 30 feet ahead on the walks. So that part is excusable. he was also so focused on finding Maggie I really don’t think it even crossed his mind.
Kevin:  I know they showed it that way but I feel like there would be a time you’d get around to asking that question. You can’t stay focused one on thing for 48-72 straight hours.
Jeremy:  You would think so. After showing the interaction with Ford and Tara you would have expected that to come up sometime. I was actually open to the idea of that group wandering on their own for a while instead of running in to anyone else. the small party of Maggie and Sashabob, as the signs called them, was good though.
Kevin:  I thought some group would end up wandering around on their own but that seems not to be the case. I expected more of the groups to meet up though along the tracks since you have a clear distance in front of you so seeing people ahead of you shouldn’t be too hard.
Jeremy:  That seems to come to a head next week. Timelines are slowly starting to come together. Daryl and the gang seemingly are a  few hours behind Rick and crew. There is no apparent timeline for Tyreese and Carol. Joe mentioning they are looking for Rick and the gang seems so weird. All that space in their world and they are out for revenge. Even though they just killed a guy for telling a fib.
Kevin:  Plus, someone told a fib to Joe by saying that Rick strangled someone. How do they even know what Rick looks like? He snuck away with Carl & Michonne right as the gang realized something happened.

Jeremy:  I don’t think he ever did say he knew what he looked like, which makes that situation kind of silly. Didn’t Joe say they were following tracks figuring they would find them? I guess they could figure he got choked out since there were no visible wounds. Plus the bathroom being a wreck would give it away that someone else was int he bathroom. I  get the feeling Daryl saw the candy wrapper, hence why he is still with that group.
Kevin:  I think Daryl played it right with the gang. You can’t be a little bitch but he sat back enough to not come off too aggressive. He figured at some point, he’d find a way to get out of the group.
Jeremy:  I somewhat admire Joe as a leader. You follow the rules and everything is fine. But then we know from the house they are pretty much animals. It is telling there are no women in the group. Going back to the house episode, did the two fighting over the bed use “Claim” at all?
Kevin:  I’m pretty sure they did thinking back on it because the dude that died was laying down but the other guy came in and claimed it. I love how childish the claim idea is though. It’s like my idiot friends fighting over shot gun when I was the only driver in high school.
Jeremy:  Yes it is the apocalyptic version of shotgun. I suppose when life gets simplified so should the rules. It is a way of keeping quick wits as well. When they all claimed a car that is what reminded me of the shotgun rule.
Kevin:  Yes it did. I had thought of it earlier but that moment made the comparison easy. But I’m pretty sure the dude laying down wasn’t heard to have said claim which is why he got killed.
Jeremy:  it seems like a very simple system as well. Don’t lie. Follow the claim rule and everything is fine. The lie you die rule may be a bit mch though. I mean he got no warning slap to the head? When they were kicking him I figured that was all.
Kevin:  Same here. Figured severe beating but nothing worse than that. I wonder how many people have come and gone in that group because of a lie.
Jeremy:  Right. I did like Daryl was going to cover him and after a small amount of time with the sheet you could see his body language change to “Fuck this guy.”
Kevin:  Which is exactly what he should have done since he was the only guy in the gang really riding Daryl.
Jeremy:  It was just a glimmer of empathy he showed and what seemed like a piece of cloth snapping him out of it. If the sheet had been easy to unfold would he have covered him. This was the part that made me laugh. Was that one of Daryl’s arrows in his eye or was that from that guys quiver?

Kevin:  I thought that’s what Daryl was going to do at first, pull the arrow out to use it later down the line. The broken arrow from the other week still hasn’t come in to play.
The arrow looked the same as Daryl’s but that’s a stupid formula to use since arrows had been mass produced.
Jeremy:  I have no idea if a crossbow arrow is different than a standard bow arrow. They both had green fletchings. So to wrap this up for this week at least; we have groups walking towards a peaceful hippie commune. One wants to kill the other group for doing what they probably do to people. We have one group that just witnessed or participated in child murder and the other group is at the hippie commune not questioning how there are ribs on a grill with no animals around. yeah, I am going with cannibals and a really messed up reveal to end the season.
Kevin:  I wouldn’t have a season finale of any show any different. I’m just glad that The Walking Dead actually understands how to build up anticipation then end with a real cliff hanger.
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