The Walking Dead Season Four Final Moment Unedited

If you watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and thought Rick’s final line to the group was a tad neutered, well you would be correct. Finally the original or alternate take of the scene has surfaced and it basically proves why swearing gets your point across. This is so much better and AMC needs to realize the show is for a mature audience and they need to let things fly from time to time. It also proves if you say fuck all the time it loses its vigor. Carefully dropping one off is an attention grabber and one my mother dropped twice in my lifetime. both of those times I was in deep, deep trouble and probably ran knowing a well deserved ass beating was a comin.

I say this is the original take because it is edited in to a final product. So unless this is just a Blue-ray  feature or for the poor a DVD bonus it wouldn’t make much sense to finish the scene if it was never going used. So enjoy and feel the goosebumps.

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