Stunt Granny Audio Presents: The Audio Experience #4

You ever wonder what it would be like to date a chick with three boobs? Has Total Recall been a recurring fantasy of yours sine childhood? Same here! Dusty and Jeremy are back folks and this is just one of a few topics covered this time around. Yeah they jump head first in to the story of a girl faking triple breasts.  One o them looks like a water balloon for goodness sake. Who believed this is real? No really, one of the guys totally fell for it but his reasoning is strong. What the hell causes a guy to bust a nut 100 times a day? which host laughs uncontrollably at the story of Dale Decker splooging during his father’s funeral? How do people actually listen to sports radio? More importantly why is it popular? Are the dredges of society the only people who listen and participate in the conversation? Why take calls during a show? Why is there never a dissenting opinion that has reason behind it? And what does Alicia have to do with all of this? There is all that and more, so trust us ok? Get to downloading. Oh yeah, go to our Facebook page for all f the videos we mentioned. We dropped them there while recording.


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