Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 7 – Crossed

AMC_TWD_CrossedKevin:  What’s up sweetness?

Jeremy:  Think I am still hung over from Satudrat night. Ugh. But did catch SS and Walkign Dead
Kevin:  Should I start calling you a centaur?
Jeremy:  HA, no
Kevin:  Excellent. At least you’re smarter than Sasha then.
Jeremy:  Yeah let’s start at the end yet again. Who didn’t see that coming? just because Noah says he is “One of the good ones.” it cemented he was going to be a dickbag.
Kevin That is a valid point along with the fact that they just attacked you and you have them tied up now. What incentive do they have to tell you good information?
Jeremy:  I really do believe it hinged on Noahs comment. Did it ever occur to them that they don;t knwo this Noah guy as well? The group was a bit maddening this week all over.
Kevin Both Daryl & Rick seemed entirely too focused on getting Carol & Beth back to consider too many options. Rick was ready to blow off Tyreese’s hostage exchange idea.
Jeremy:  OK so starting with them at the church still. There is nothing around, there are no supplies etc. Why are they stating there? I am confused. They have a truck now.
Kevin Fine, if you insist to screw up our order. I didn’t get why you use organ pipes for defense. They’re not going to stop Walkers and it’ll call the church out as a haven for people.
Jeremy:  OK the organ pipes would stop a walker though. They have been shown to be pretty soft so even the blunt end will hold them back.
I know Rick told the GREATM group they would be there but that is still no excuse.
Kevin Who’s the GREATM group?
Jeremy:  Glen, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara, Maggie, it was the name Tara gave them.
Kevin Ahh, okay. The position of the church does seem pretty hidden. The only people to find them so far are the cannibals, who followed them. Hard to fault them for staying put in some ways. It doesn’t seem like the best defensive position though.
Jeremy:  Just a curious tactical move to leave peopel behind. Why nto go in, take over a bulding in a city where you have room and defensive positions?.
Kevin More people thinking the same thing. They did just fine out in the middle of the country until everyone had a melt down about Hershel’s experiments. They would have continued to be fine.
Jeremy:  Yeah this is very true. Why they havent gone back is another mystery. The heard has to be gone by now?
Kevin There’s a law against re-tracing your steps. I do think that people have gone to the most defensible positions by default. People were in the prison, the hospital is secure. One needs to think out of the box in the zombie apocalypse. I think Carl had the right idea though, you can’t stay anywhere for too long. Every time they get comfy, shit goes down.
Jeremy:  Yeah went a little Abraham on him. he sort of gets overlooked because of his age. So Daryl and Noah show up, tell Rick what;s up and they all leave. I did enjoy they skipped all of that exposition.
Kevin:  Skipping the long talks is a rare thing on the Walking Dead. They didn’t even go back to the scene where Daryl introduced Noah. He’s just in the group and the only thing they haven’t decided is who is going on mission.
Jeremy:  In an exposition heavy episode it was the best solution. So they get to Atlanta unnoticed and then the plan seems pretty basic. Cut and run, literally. I found it weird Daryl thought the other plan was better.
Kevin Maybe he wants to make sure Beth & Carol stay safe? I don’t feel like hostage exchanging goes very well at this point either. Best solution seems to be kill the other living people.
Jeremy:  Just this season not being proactive or just goign the other way has already cost Bob his life. This is the most recent event. It makes sense for Daryl when you put it that way. Even then, he has to know better by now.
Kevin I would have pulled negotiations off my table after The Governor chopped Hershel’s head off. I was just surprised they left with so few people. I know you need to protect Judith but going into combat counting on some kid you don’t know, I would have liked more numbers.
Jeremy:  This after Rick has determined Carl can take care of himself. At the same time Judith won’t shut up so the element of surprise is dead. Who better to watch over them than Michonne? No chance Gabriel can compete head to head if he freaks on them. Well, other than sneaking out to eventually get killed off.
Kevin Gabriel is fascinating to me. The Group hasn’t done him any wrong really, he can’t kill Walkers especially when they’re wearing a cross and yet he still feels the need to sneak away from them? I feel like his story has more to it.
Jeremy:  He did say he locked out his congregation and that is why they died. I figure the lady walker on ground was one of them and he froze. his isolation seemed to be working though.
Kevin He certainly could want the isolation back. Doesn’t seem like the best way to achieve it. He’d been wondering around all day and he decides to leave that route.
Jeremy:  I guess it is safe to assume he run in to Morgan?
Kevin:  Morgan certainly has been an invisible character since his re-introduction. I have assumed Morgan was the one to carve into the church and not the cannibals who were quite direct with their attacks.
Jeremy:  I thought the writing was form the people he shut out. The Morgan reveal seems like more of a throwaway and wasn’t intended to be a big deal. Just letting everyone know he is out there still.
Kevin So far it has been a throw away. If The Walking Dead were anything like the WWE, they would form the Blaxtion with Morgan, Gabriel, Tyreese and Sasha.
Jeremy:  You forgot Everybody Hates Noah! Inside the hospital though we got a rather small glimpse of what is going on and that the cops/orderlies are dopes.
Kevin When strawberries can be made into an easy distraction, you have a bunch of dopes on your hand. Plus, it was a rather haphazard attack on Rick & The Crew. Sure the one guy got the upper hand on Daryl but the rest of his comrades ran off so he was sitting there with his dick flapping in the wind when Rick showed up.
Jeremy:  The old man was choking right? As soon as Beth walks by he is totally fine and no one is torturing this old coot? I do like that you have no idea who to trust in the hospital. It felt very out of character for the key to be given to Beth and then the doctor immediately knows she has the key.
Kevin It was hard to tell if Dawn got attracted to strong females who she felt like she could mold and the doctor saw that in Beth or if Dawn hands out the key to see if someone can be trusted with it. I was waiting for the doctor to give Beth bad advice and for Carol to die.
Jeremy:  This was another thought as well. I am not sure how much trust you can place in the guy but his breakdown about wanting to survive was genuine. I am thinking it is a set up by Dawn. This has to play out next week.
Kevin Trust is in short supply everywhere. Not sure why Beth took what could be bait. As an over all whole though, people on the show tend to want to solve the problem without worrying about the consequences. It makes sense with people fighting to stay alive.
Jeremy:  Yeah especially when it concerns a friend of hers. it was good to see some of the hospital but that was the only key part for them. It wasn’t nearly as much as the GREATM got for exposure. I am confused of the time frame. how long has Abraham been kneeling there.
Kevin I swear they put the GREATM scenes in there for comic relief. I would say at least a day went by considering that Maggie felt the need to cover Eugene so he didn’t get sun burnt. Everyone in the group was pretty cool about Eugene’s lies except for the crushed Abraham who can’t even snap out of it when Latina hotness tries to talk to him.
Jeremy:  Well, when your entire existence was built around that lie it would be rather difficult to reconcile. They did provide the lightheartedness the show needed. it also provided Maggie with a bad ass moment drawing on Abraham.
Kevin Her & Glenn have really taken a back seat to the other characters who have come along. They both needed something to help make their characters more noticeable. Maggie did a much better job of being a bad ass while Glenn went and clucked with the other hens to get water.
Jeremy:  Yeah I thought that was a weird difference. She got left to play the heavy while they gallivanted getting fish. how far away are they from the herd? It doesn’t seem the safest place to keep steady.
KevinHow is the middle of the road near a herd not a good spot? They did acknowledge that they had stayed put mostly because they didn’t want to move Eugene. I was expecting Maggie to use the ladder as a make shift gurney to move Eugene to a more suitable location.
Jeremy:  I was thinking the same thing but she said he has to wake up in order to move him. On the Eugene front, um, he sure sounded like a walker when he finally made noise. It seemed too happy for it to be other than that.
Kevin Why would Maggie be happy Eugene is a walker? And considering she has a gun, why not just kill him? Everyone seemed like the only reason they didn’t go back to the church was waiting for Eugene to wake up. Doesn’t that make your trip back to the church easier?
Jeremy:  I meant the scene was too happy and rounded out. She smiled but then nothing else. I beleive they cut to Abraham without the payoff.  By this point my attention was being split with Survivor Series. It will not he a surprise if he is a walker though.
Kevin I got you. It was too happy of an ending for them. I don’t expect him to be a walker. Eugene did prove somewhat useful since the clucking hens did use his water filtration method. I did Walking Dead after SS so no such problems on my front.
Jeremy:  All that’s left though is Rick and the gang. Someone or someones are going to die. I am figuring Beth and/or Carol. I can accept Beth.
Kevin:  One would think that even with the officer getting away, that he wouldn’t be able to warn The Hospital before anything goes down. Someone inevitably dies in these show downs. Beth & Carol are the best bets. If they get rid of Carol, the writers need to do some serious work on developing other characters.
Jeremy:  Have we reached that point where we say “If Carol dies we riot?” If not then I am starting it now. Sasha and Beth. Tyrese hasn’t done too much and his passive approach may do him in.
Kevin I think you’ve been on the “If Carol dies, we riot” bandwagon for a while now. Even before she got booted from the group. Tyreese & Sasha are excellent choices for death because they’ve been non-factors for almost their entire run on the show. Tyreese being passive & Sasha being gutted by Bob’s death are perfect excuses to get them knocked off.
Jeremy:  Especially if the cop, Bob right?, is the one to do Sasha in. Trying to reason if this is their most dangerous mission or not.
Kevin:  They certainly have the least info about this group that they’ve had with anyone except Terminus. That wasn’t a straight on assault though so I’d wager a guess that this is their most dangerous mission.
Jeremy:  Especially with the downtown setting and not having a strategic strong point. Going blind, unless Noah can be trusted, up flights of stairs and having to be quiet the entire way is not fun.
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