Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 25

Silver LiningKen & Kevin are back at it and they’re talking about silver linings. Kevin’s ex-wife cheating on him was a silver lining. But is there now scientific reasons for why people cheat? What can be learned from a situation of infidelity? Is Kevin using that with The Lady these days? What is other fall out from cheating? Do they end with the obvious quote from Friedrich Nietzsche? The guys move on to something that they are excited about, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How did they like the trailer? Was there much to talk about with the trailer? How long can Ken talk about cross guards? The guys move onto a spoof trailer for this very same movie by “George Lucas.” How many special effects can be added to one trailer? How quickly can one edit a video like this one? That is a big name movie, Sotheby’s is a big name auction house. But Ken & Kevin aren’t talking about that Sotheby’s, they’re talking about the one auctioning off your chance to star in a porn movie with adult film actress Dillion Harper. How attractive is Miss Harper? Would either one of your hosts want to bid on this chance? How much paper work do you have to fill out to be in porn? Naturally, Ken & Kevin end by talking about a satellite that is about to start taking pictures of the now dwarf planet Pluto. How long ago was this satellite launched? How pissed were there scientists when Pluto got demoted? What do they expect the satellite to encounter? How do Ken & Kevin tie in Star Wars talk to this converstion? Find out when you click the link below!

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