Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 27

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Ken & Kevin are back to jam one more OHPA into 2014. They just went to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Which armies were they counting exactly? Why does that question lead to a nerdfest about Lord of the Rings? Legolas does straddle both sets of movies. What was his most memorable contribution to this movie? What of his father, Thranduil? Was he always a dick in the book? How about Galadriel and her clan in Lothlorien? How much power did she have with the Elvish Ring? How old was she? Of course the guys talk about Smaug and his love of gold. What is a dragon’s main purpose in life? Do they hibernate like bears after eating villages full of people? What type of dragon labeldo they put on Smaug? Why did Ken feel the need to talk about Alfrid? Does this guy have any redeeming qualities? Did Alfrid’s comical scenes balance out the madness of Thorin? How good of an actor is Richard Armitage? What did the guys think about the end of the movie? Why did they have to cut themselves off during this show? Because these guys almost know as much about Lord of the Rings as Stephen Colbert. So click on the link below to go down the Hobbit hole.

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