Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 10 – Them

Jeremy:  We better get in to this before the storm of the century this year today hits Charlotte.
Kevin So you’re getting 2-4 inches of snow like us? That was clearly not a problem of the group’s last night on The Walking Dead.
Jeremy:  No man .04 inches of ice and snow possible. Ice sucks with no salt on roads and little plow trucks. Which they could have used last night.
Kevin Pre-treating for ice is the best plan. Columbus can’t figure that out. The moment I’m on Dublin roads though, all is clear because that’s what they do!
Jeremy:  Yeah they have the brine and salt treatment line son road now. So we’ll see. I can walk home if needed. Which was a theme last night. It was like watching a LOTR movie. Walk, walk, small action, walk walk
Kevin I really liked the shot of them walking like the zombies with the zombies in the back ground. Fred Savage brought something a little different as a director of that episode.
Jeremy:  Wait are you being serious? THAT Fred Savage?
 me:  I noticed on the opening credits. That’s weird though, they Julius Ramsay listed as director on iMDB. I was assuming it was that Fred Savage though.
Jeremy:  Ahh, well he didn’t remain the cute little kid so wouldn’t surprise me he got in to directing. I was lost on the directions last night. Were they in GA still or just another stretch of highway that looked exactly like GA?.
Kevin When I travel to and from your place on 77, it all looks the same. I know you’re not in GA but VA, NC & SC all blend together.
Jeremy:  Yeah it looked like the same exact road they have been on since season 3. But that is a nothing observation really. Two lane highways throughout the country probably all look the same after a while. What did you think of this episode? I thought it was necessary and it will be picked apart for being low key,
Kevin People never seem to like the talking episodes but that’s what makes the show so intriguing to me especially as things wear on. Maggie has lost her entire family, except her husband Glenn. Sasha came to the prison with a group and is a sole survivor. Neither of them have been addressed since their most recent losses were the last 2 episodes.
Jeremy:  Right the first episode of this half season kills off a popular character as well as a brother to one of the group. We, the audience, were given no further reaction form Daryl and Maggie, it was needed. In order to get in to the character you have to have these emotional moments. Maggie and Sasha have a common bond now.
Kevin Although Maggie didn’t seem as far out on the ledge as Sasha. Both were having a tough time though. I wasn’t quite sure why Maggie was having a hard time killing walkers. Was it the exhaustion they highlighted the rest of the show or was it something else?
Jeremy:  Got this from Talking Dead. It was mentioned on the show, which i caught, that Daryl and Maggie had talked about her abduction. Maggie mentioned it later how she didn’t think she was alive so that conversation was off screen. So when she opened the trunk and saw the walker bound and gagged it reminded her of Beth.
Kevin:  Okay, she did mention the abduction/thinking Beth was dead earlier in the episode. That does have to be the harshest death. Mourn her once, find out she’s alive, then get whacked with bad news right when you’re ready to get her back.
Jeremy:  With he time frame on this show being so condensed by episode it doesn’t seem long to viewers. But the reality is days go by from week to week and months from season to season.
We missed the conversations and mourning that would have helped out.
Kevin We’ve both had a hard time keeping up with the time line, because at times, an episode seems like days but has only been hours. Then an episode like this one, you’ve got no idea how soon after Tyreese died it took place. They weren’t talking about the lack of water or food in last week’s episode.
Jeremy:  Plus they had transportation. So they ran out of gas after 40 miles?
Kevin I completely forgot they had transit. I know there aren’t gas stations and all, but you’d think they could get a bit closer to DC than they seem to be. It stands to make sense you’d only snag cars with a decent amount of gas, right?
Jeremy:  Easy to reason that other scavengers took gas out of the cars or they had run out on the roads. I was confused in the logic of letting all the walkers herd up instead of taking a small force and then knocking out the small bands as they appear.
Kevin I really liked their solution of letting gravity and a cliff doing the work for them until Sasha went ape shit.
Jeremy:  Yes that helped them out but if taken out one at a time they cold conserve energy and limit danger. Was a strange tactic but successful. Not going to argue with the results. until one of them appears at an inopportune time to bite someone.
Kevin:  I thought that was a little weird. All of the walkers are coming from the road they all traveled then one comes out of the woods.
Jeremy:  right so as they appear, take em out. It isn’t hard.
it made for some decent drama since they had bumped off two cast members in a row. I know it helped to show Sasha is unhinged but still.
KevinI wasn’t too worried that anyone was going to die in that episode. I am never worried about main characters dying except to start the half season or end it.
Jeremy:  They bumped Lori off in episode three of one season. Ever since it has been a crap shoot. But no one seems to go out in a random fashion unless they are a Walking Dead Red Shirt.
KevinThey couldn’t kill her off quick enough. Which reminds me, they’ve finally gotten rid of the uber annoying women characters. Neither Maggie or Sasha seemed out of line with their mourning or doubts. Even Maggie being snippy with the Gabriel made sense to me.
Jeremy:  Well he is annoying as hell unless his back story turns out to be incredibly evil and he is mentally stunted now.
Kevin So he has the Lori/Andrea mantel now?
Jeremy:  For me yes. Just get a yapping or quit whining. There will zero fucks given when he bites it. Which is funny because when Eugene trued to drink the water Abraham stopped him. Figured he would have let it happen.
Kevin:  I was a little surprised Abraham knocked the water out of his hand. I was a bit confused by that situation too. If someone set it up as a trap, don’t you need someone looking in on the water almost constantly? The walkers aren’t going to take a swig.
Jeremy:  Rick mentioned poisoning which was my first thought but if there was a member of the crew to say ” oh well” wouldn’t it be Eugene?
Kevin:  Or Gabriel. They both seem not how to use weapons and are just mopey emo chicks at this point. But what’s the point of poisoning someone? More food for you? Are you going to cook up someone you just poisoned? Couldn’t you think that about bottled water anywhere? Hasn’t every place imaginable been picked over by the still living?
Jeremy:  I see your point but after all of the mistrust and scenarios they got put in to would you trust an anonymous bundle of water? This is the part where my survival skills will be questioned. Can you boil out the poison?
Kevin I think so. It may depend on what the poison is. I do understand the mistrust but when you’re raiding your next local, don’t take water. Just pray that it rains or the crick you’re drinking out of doesn’t have zombie in it.
Jeremy:  Which brings us to the zany part of the show. It starts raining and brings some needed relief. The girls laying on the street and laughing and all that was a tad much. At least Rick had the brains to start bossing out directions.
Kevin Zany is the right word. I understand taking a mini-break but that wouldn’t solve all of your woes. They did just have some dog so maybe that was all of their woes. I’ve heard dog is tasty.
Jeremy:  The way mine keep misbehaving I may be letting you know soon. The whole sequence starting with the dogs was so random. It makes sense but it was the first time seeing something like that.
Kevin I figured the dogs were someone’s and that they were attack dogs. Makes sense though that more dogs would be feral considering the conditions. People can’t feed themselves, why feed a dog? Had a friend who was stationed in Korea who passed along the word.
Jeremy:  I’ll take your word for it. 12 year old Corgi probably will be too fatty. One path we havent gone through though is Daryl’s constant breaks form the group and the tease of Carol and him kissing. The forehead smooch is the wost.
Kevin I’m not sure if it was a tease with Carol & Daryl. He seemed a little cold to her. Maybe he was hoping Beth would stick around long enough to become legal. His aside did lead to the biggest zany part of the show. He wonders off and finds a barn right before the rain fall.
Jeremy:  Chalk the barn up to Walking Dead logic and convenience. But before that finally Daryl breaks down after barely being able to feel apparently. This is always a hard spot on this show. You knew it was coming sooner or later but even then it was tough watching.
Kevin Was Daryl the last one to crack? Rick did back at the prison but he bounced back. Daryl has had a lot on his plate himself as second in command. Losing Beth had to be a big blow. It’ll be interesting to see how Daryl bounces back.
Jeremy:  Yeah Maggie talked to Glenn, Glenn tried to hand him the bottle but he went off in to woods. When he came back it started to rain. The barn , while convenient, broke up the monotony of the scenes. It also provided the hope for the characters even if it was pretty ridiculous
Kevin Completely ridiculous is the best way to describe it. The barn doors were stronger than anything that’s ever been on the show. Then they made me doubt that ever happened when they all woke up sleeping on the floor of the barn with the zombies wiped out.
Jeremy:  I understand they ran to barn for shelter so that was OK. I also understand that tornadoes are an erratic force of nature so the barn being in one piece is probable. What I didn’t get was why the heard suddenly attacked the barn.
Kevin No one was injured, save a minor scratch Abraham got during the zombie tossing scene. The zombies couldn’t have heard the noise of a barn over trees falling everywhere. So from the evidence they give us on the show, I’ve got no idea why the walkers attacked.
Jeremy:  I suppose just for some drama but it had a great visual afterwards so it is forgiven. But again, and I should really give up on this point. Walkers trapped in mud, in trees, under trees, kill the mother fuckers. Enough of this stuff already.
Kevin:  Enough of this stuff is perfect. We’ll let you Wonder what happened this Day.
Jeremy:  Yeah man, at first it hurt the scene with Maggie and Sasha. I kept waiting for a walker as if it was going to end the episode with one getting bitten. So, am I just wrapped int he show or is that a legit distraction?
Kevin I wasn’t thinking that much about killing the zombies. It was nice to have the ladies end the show. I can certainly understand why they are wary of the guy who just showed up at the end. They love giving a hook for the following show.
Jeremy:  Of all the surprises on this show a J Crew model showing up was the last thing I ever expected.
Kevin We haven’t seen anyone that cleaned up since the Governor. Me thinks he’s as evil as the Governor too.
Jeremy:  No knowledge of this guy at all so will finally be something fresh. Trying to figure out if he has been following them and he left the water or of Morgan found the camp? The latter doesn’t make sense because they got in cars and took off.
Kevin I’m just laughing that Morgan was brought up since I forgot he was maybe around. A tease that has last nearly a full season. It’s going to have a pay off eventually, right?
Jeremy:  It certainly doesn’t seem so now.
KevinMorgan saves them all after J Crew’s evil plan comes into being.
Jeremy:  But only as a scene after the credits of the final episode this season.
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