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Kevin:  So we had a friend who berated an 8 year old at a wrestling event. I’m not sure his berating came close to what Carol did last night.
Jeremy:  Obviously that was my favorite part of the episode. It is so uncomfortable seeing Carol play house mom. Stupid ass kid deserved it as well.
Kevin One would think a dozen cookies to yourself would do the trick. Kids just push for too much these days. Damn Millenials.
Jeremy:  Kid isnt even at a millenial age yet. Can you imagine the selfishness of the generation after? You say cookie in that situation and the next.thing would have been ” who needs to die?” But lets be clear. these cookies better be made with the actual ingredients not friggin apple sauce.
Kevin Haha. The neighbor gossip between the women was unbearable in a good way. That was one of those moments. It does crack me up though because there are certain tricks the Lady uses with her baked goods she doesn’t want other people to know.
Jeremy:  You would think, especially being in a suburb of the Zombie apocalypse that there wouldn’t be that sort of thing. Recipes especially seem to be something to share to ensure after Sally gets eaten Marge could help cook for the group.
Kevin I would think Woodbury had some similar conversations but they never made it to the screen. They’re exploring Alexandria far more than they did Woodbury though.
Jeremy:  Well Woodbury was clearly run by someone while Alexandria has a figurehead. Deanna is so superficial it makes it hard to take her as anything other than a paper leader.
Kevin She has that smarmy, rich person, I know what to do attitude. She might not be a paper leader but she certainly has something on the rest of these people. The whole town seems differently brain washed than Woodbury. Certainly not as violent but they do have something up their sleeve or else Carol wouldn’t have been caught smuggling away guns.
Jeremy:  Ahh good call on her gettign cuaght. Other than it being obvious she was going to be found out the kid was a logical choice. Kids are pretty much invisible at that age anyway. I todl Elyse, Ricka nd crew are being very arrogant about hwo they are sneaking around. They are nto giving any of the townsfolk any respect. Carol repeatedly saying she was invisible is part of that.
Kevin I was scratching my head with their logic. The gate still opens and closes so someone is going to notice all three of them marching back and forth even if they split off when Carol, Daryl & Rick come back in.
Jeremy:  Yeah they tried to cover that with Rick mentioning that their meetings would get more and more attention. But still, at one point they all walked abcm in together. Also, Daryl is being followed by Aaron.
Kevin The first meeting of Daryl & Aaron was directly after one of the meetings too. I certainly understand wanting to get your plan together but they could be more subtle.
Jeremy:  Well Aaron also seemed shocked when he was found out by Daryl.AS if waslking through the woods and grass crackign sticks along the way isn;t a sure way of getting caught. There is still somethign uneasy about Aaron. he always has the answers to things and always has a plan.
Kevin:  He had a nice plan to make Daryl feel more comfortable. Nothing like bonding over a horse being eaten by a pack a zombies.
Jeremy:  Ok Buttons, Buttons? Who names a hore Buttons? Also, that horse was doomed regardless. In a state of panic the horse couldnt clear that fence? Come on. Just bucking around it would have taken the heads off eventually.
Kevin Buttons needed to die simply because Aaron did name him that. The horse almost takes out Daryl but can’t out a slow moving zombie? I know Cayenne could clear that fence so there’s no reason it can’t clear it.
Jeremy:  My thinking was Bella would hightail it in a heart beat. Mariah is a goner. I did get the feeling that was an allegory, um sure going with that word, for Daryl. He is the wild one and once he gets in a ring (Alexandria) he is a goner. Chumming up with Eric and Aaron didn’t change my stance as much.
Kevin Aaron certainly sold himself as an outsider that needed some taming too. Daryl being okay without a gun because he liked Aaron so much was not completely unexpected but figured he’d be as cautious as Rick.
Jeremy:  OK I know a Gun is more practical but they let him keep his crossbow. He isn’t exactly unarmed. I found it odd that he changed his tune in the course of two days though.
Kevin:  That was interesting but I do think it’s smart on his part to feel things out more. We keep coming back to not knowing what Alexandria is doing so their mentality should too. Carol, Daryl & Rick did find another zombie with a W in their head at one of the meetings.
Jeremy:  Yes and that doesn’t raise up some flags? Shouldn’t Rick be asking Deanna about that? it is pretty clear there are other forces out there now. Rick freaking out about not having a sniper at all times was good as well. It is also why I have no hope this lasts past the season finale.
Kevin Rick might be too distrustful of Deanna to let her in on the whole W thing. Why tip your hand to a person that could be in charge of a zombie factory?
Jeremy:  I am still going back to the three people she exiled. Nothing gets tossed out on this show for no reason. Also the one girl that easily scaled the wall and took off. Rick correctly pointed out that problem as well as no security on wall.
Kevin I think it was more than a little suspect that Deanna didn’t want to do some of that stuff. She certainly had her hands full trying to figure out how bad Sasha and her PTSD were and whether to allow her to be a sniper.
Jeremy:  Poor Sasha I totally understand her peril. Being at a party with inane blather going on. At least she had the temerity to lash out at this empty vessels.
Kevin It would be really strange for her and Maggie considering they went through the most trauma most recently. It is strange that Alexandria doesn’t have the same awareness of the zombies that Woodbury did. They make it seem like the zombies are gone. You had the ass hat kid trying to show up Glenn last week. People want to throw a party this week. It’d be a surreal experience.
Jeremy:  After two years of being on the run and now pretty much forced to assimilate would be maddening. Sasha still sleeping on the floor. Daryl clearly hasn’t showered yet. At least it makes sense. Unlike Jessie’s husband seemingly changing character this week. he was a surly dude on the porch and now all nice, neat and conveniently missing at the party after introductions.
Kevin:  Rick is trying to get himself into some hot water. I was ready for him to kiss Jessie. Was it just me or was Abraham hitting on Michonne? This show was trying to go soap opera on us.
Jeremy:  Abraham is an alpha so why not try and bag someone else? Being drunk we have all had out share of questionable decisions…….fat girls, girls that look like Beaker. His would be hitting on Michonne with his spark plug in the house behind him. I don’t mind it at all because they have been o the run and sex or intimate relationships have been so few between. Rick seems to be getting more and more in to Shane territory. he leans in and fakes Jessie out. Then sees her walking with her husband and goes for his gun.
Take out the competition and she will come running? Um, not the best plan.
Kevin Those were my thoughts last night exactly. He pulls out the gun. Rick did follow it up with his love affair with a zombie thru the wall.
Jeremy:  It is the wild animal thing. They were out and about for so long now they are circled in. Literally. He heard the walker and went to kill it and can’t due to the fence. Like taking in a feral animal and now it has to chose to be different. Michonne giving up the sword so to speak. was a subtle move but it was still within reach.
Kevin She still seems to be fairly enamored with finally settling down. I think she’s the only one.
Jeremy:  So far yes but then Tara, Rosita, Gabriel, if he is even alive, and Eugene haven’t been heard from mostly. Rosita looking smokin’ last night though
Kevin It certainly looks like Gabriel gets a shot at the show next week. Tara, Rosita & Eugene have been on the pay no mind list for a while. I don’t expect that to change. Rosita only gets time when Abraham is around.
Jeremy:  yeah the cast is a bit bloated so I expect some major cutting by season finale.
Kevin:  The show does tend to yo-yo like that. Large cast, small cast, large cast, small cast. I wonder which large cast they’re on.
Jeremy:  the biggest one since the camp/rv days at the beginning and that ended bad for a lot of people
Kevin Those three are certainly on the short list for people to end up dead. Any big names getting whacked?
Jeremy:  This will probably prove to be wrong but after last night I can see Daryl getting offed.
KevinMy mind was wondering there too. That would be a show changer. Even though there have been some emotional send offs, Hershel’s is the last one that really got me.
Jeremy:  Tyreese wasn’t easy because it was so unexpected. Abraham getting the axe would be annoying because he seems like a really great character given little time but we are getting a bit ahead huh?
Kevin For sure but the line of questioning led us there. Time to shut off the video camera on this chat so good old Reg can crow about how great our reviews are.
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