Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 37


Ken & Kevin talked about mortsafes and zombies on the last show so this one they decided to contemplate this (above) video titled “What Is Life? Is Death Real?” Cells aren’t considered alive, but we are all made up of cells so when does something go from dead to living? Is it actually just a bunch of DNA records? But is DNA itself alive? The video wonders into philosophy which is the first subject of the night that takes Kevin back to college. What do the guys think though, are we all alive or all dead? The guys continue talking about death by talking about Sony’s Aibo robot dog. Why are these robot dogs dying? Why does this remind Kevin of his father’s Lionel train? Do people have funerals for them? Are either of your hosts attached to a similar machine? Waiters and Waitresses aren’t machines but do we make them feel more human when we tip them? When did tipping start happening? Why is it common to tip in the England but not in main land Europe? Do we all look down at the people serving us? Do we always give percentage of the bill or do people give extra money for better service? The Lady serves us more baked good as we talk about the Sippy Time Beer of the Week. Click on the link below to figure out which beer to enjoy next St. Patrick’s Day!

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