Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 40

Ken & Kevin are back for more fun. This time they take flight with Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. What are some of Branson’s failed projects? Branson doesn’t have much involvement in the design aspect so who does? What’s the back ground of the gentleman who created this space craft? How many people can it hold? Is it safe yet? Can you eject yourself while in space and land on Earth safely? Where does “Space” start anyway? How long do the designers think it’ll take to seat the passengers that have already paid for a seat?Would Kevin or Ken pay for a seat even if they had the $250,000 fee handy? The guys move on to a silly story from Branson’s native England. Would you have sex in an ambulance? While the paramedics try to load in a 92 year old? If so, what would your response be? Would your woman beat a hasty retreat or would she enjoy the crime too? What would be your response if Ken & Kevin moved on to talking about World Worm Charming Championships that are held in Willaston England? How do they charm worms? Do they need to fish that much that they need to charm worms? What type of worms does Kevin’s dog Kia like? Ken & Kevin wind down with a previous topic, Twin Peaks. Would it be the same without David Lynch? How many Lynch movies have the guys seen? Click on the link below to go into the weird world of OHPA which is almost as strange as Twin Peaks.

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